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Siemens C250 Phone

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With a Gigaset C250 life at home can become even more enjoyable. Say you’re relaxing on the sofa with a book. You just want some peace and quiet – but then the phone rings. You really don’t feel like talking to anyone after a stressful week. So why not just send an SMS from your fixed-line network (dependent on country). With easy text input, even Comfort SMS of up to 640 characters are no big deal. Moreover, three PIN-protected SMS inboxes will store incoming messages if you or your family are not at home. Or let the Gigaset C250 ’s integrated answering machine take the call? Either way, the Gigaset C250 will help you enjoy your well-earned rest. With its abundance of functions and exclusive design in different exciting colours, the Gigaset C250 offers unparalleled ease of use and convenience. A phone can as well be a part of the whole picture. The Gigaset C250 quickly becomes a hard-working member of the household. If you’re having a dinner party, it’s a babysitter – just use the Babyphone function and you’ll realise your baby crying. Next morning, it’s a secretary, with its calendar and VIP phone directory. Furthermore you can use two Gigaset handsets to make chargefree internal calls, independent of the basestation. In addition, the Gigaset C250 comes with an integrated answering machine.

Type Cordless Phone
Features Answering System