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Sierra Lords of the Realm 3



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Combining castle building, estate management, courtly diplomacy, real-time battling, siege and conquest, Lords of the Realm III is a historical game of warfare and politics in a 3D-rendered historic medieval world. Leading a noble house and ruling over one or more regions the player will secure his lands and then expand in different kinds of campaigns and scenarios. Lords of the Realm III is a computer strategy game of medieval conquest. As one of the great lords of the age, you raise companies of knights and commoners, found towns and cities, hire mercenaries, build castles to protect your lands and lead armies to victory over your foes. Your goal is to protect your territories and take over your neighbors, rising from petty noble to a great lord or even king. Your playing field isn't just some abstract map, it is the real world. Invade England, conquer Scotland, sack Paris, or build a castle in Flanders. You must manage an empire in real-time – assign vassals to fiefs, sponsor cathedrals, curry favor with the Church, stockpile supplies, hire artisans, and most important of all build castles to defend your estates. Your land is the backbone of your resources, the source of the men and money you need to win. Neglect them at your peril

Type Game Strategy