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  1. The St Tropez Classic Bronzing Mist is guaranteed to deliver gorgeous, streak-free results every time. Give your customers perfect, even colour that dries in sixty seconds, give them a smile and keep them coming back for more. Developed with aloe vera and various other hydrating formulas, the St. Tropez Classic Bronzing Mist nourishes and hydrates the skin, while melanin technology tailors colour to suit any skin type. The innovative St Tropez fragrance technology helps to take away the tell-tale tanning aroma to make way for a beautiful subtle, yet refreshing fragrance. Great no matter what the skin type, it's easy to use and gives an incredibly natural looking, ultimate tan. Your clients know and trust the quality of St Tropez. Size: 950ml Use: 15-20 Full Body Applications Average Length of a tan: 5 Days + Development Time: 4 Hours + Directions: Advise clients to avoid water contact and perspiration for at least 4 hours after application.
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  2. Antarctilyne Plump3 contains the breakthrough skin plumper, TrylagenTM. This scientifically verified tri-functional ingredient, made up of a combination of active peptides and proteins target the appearance of collagen in both young and mature skin. The has been shown to almost triple the appearance of collagen in just 7 days. TrylagenTM has 3 major functions which help to ensure the skin appears healthy and youthful: 1. Collagen boosting 2. Collagen organisation 3. Collagen protection The result? Firmer, smoother looking skin, plus a dramatic reduction on the appearance of wrinkle depth as wrinkles appear to 'fill out' becoming less and less visible! Size - 50ml How to use -After cleansing, gently massage evenly over face and neck. Follow with daily or nightly moisturiser. For best results use twice daily, morning and evening. Ingredients - This cosmetic contains TrylagenTM, a revolutionary tri-functional ingredient made up of a combination of active peptides and proteins which target the appearance of collagen in both young and mature skin. Collagen boosting: In vitro studies of TrylagenTM showed astonishing results on the different types of collagen found in the skin. In one in vitro study collagen III was seen to almost triple (thatandrsquo;s 300%!) in just 7 days. Collagen organisation: TrylagenTM was seen in in-vitro studies to promote uniformity in the dimensions of collagen bundles by regulating their diameter and spacing. This provides for better cohesion and stabilization of collagen fibres. Collagen Protection: In vitro investigation revealed that TrylagenTM was able to influence the activity of the enzymes responsible for collagen breakdown. Always patch test on a small area near the intended area and wait for 24 hours prior to first use. Avoid getting in eyes, mouth, sun burnt or broken skin. Keep out of reach of children. In case of contact inside eyes, reach well with water. Store below 30 degrees Celsius. Skin Doctors is Australia's premium cosmeceut
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  3. An innovative brightening & clarifying treatment Features a brush applicator that offers a precise & targeted effect with just a click Formulated with Zinc DNA to brighten & soothe skin Blended with Niacinamide to inhibit melanin transfer Loaded with Glycolic Acid to reduce pigmentation & refine skin texture Unveils a smoother, clearer & even-toned complexion To use: Day & night, apply locally using the tip of applicator brush. For a precise & targeted effect, wait until completely absorbed. After each use, rinse brush & dry with a tissue
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  4. An anti-stretch mark body treatment Features an ultra-light consistency that goes on effortlessly & dries quickly Contains a unique peptide compound to prevent & reduce stretch marks Blended with ultra-rich cocoa butter & avocado oil to soften & hydrate skin Leaves skin smooth & conditioned 100% safe for use during pregnancy Clinically-tested for sensitive skin & hypoallergenic
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  5. A lightly lathering cleansing gel Formulated with botanical actives of Tangerine, Ylang Ylang & Lavender Helps invigorate & balance skin Thoroughly eliminates grease & environmental dirt Leaves skin purified & refreshed Ideal for greasy or open pored skin types To use: Morning & evening, apply a small amount on face & neck. Rinse off with cool water
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  6. Indispensable hand and nail treatment cream Protects hands against chapping and irritation Moisturizes hands Strengthens nails Minimizes existing age spots Helps prevent the appearance of new spots
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  7. Clinique Clarifying Lotion 3 for Skin Type 3: Combination Oily. Helps clear away pollution, excess oil, dulling flakes for clear, glowing skin. Helps block a blemish. Purifies pores to look cleaner, smaller. Skin grows stronger, stays clearer, healthier. Dermatologist-reformulated to be comfortable, non-drying.
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  8. 3 little travel soaps and dish; perfect for travel.
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  9. Pharmacy Pack - 100% Cotton - Cotton Buds 100 Pack *3 Quality Stem and Secure tip Safe for socmetic use adn baby care
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  10. Cc Ns-3 Actv Lip Comp 12G
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  11. Pevaryl Foaming Solution 3 x 10g Sachets are for fungal skin infections and tinea. Pevaryl Foaming Solution 3 x 10g Sachets are for use with wet skin. Other Benefits: - Pevaryl is for the treatment of fungal skin infections such as Pityriasis versicolor of the whole body, ‘athlete’s foot’ and ‘ringworm’ as well as other tinea or candida complaints. Active Ingredients: Econazole 1% w/w and benzyl alcohol, methylisothiazolinone and methychloroisothiazolinone as preservatives. Directions: 1. In the evening, shower and wash your hair in the normal way. 2. When finished, turn off the shower and apply Pevaryl Foaming Solution to the skin and scalp. Rub in well for 3 – 5 minutes. 3. Dry your hair, but DO NOT rinse the solution off your body. 4. Next morning, take a shower if desired. 5. Repeat the process the next 2 evenings. 6. Repeat the course 1 month and 3 months after the initial treatment to prevent relapse. 7. If no relief is obtained after 1 week, consult your doctor or pharmacist. Precautions: Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Store below 25°C.
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  12. This makeup gives intense colour to lips for a luxurious look Also acts as a primer to build a smooth lip surface Color stays true with a velvety finish Keeps the lips moist & comfortable for up to 8 hours Feather light formula & effortlessly glides on Allergy tested, 100% fragrance free
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  13. This makeup gives intense colour to lips for a luxurious look Also acts as a primer to build a smooth lip surface Color stays true with a velvety finish Keeps the lips moist & comfortable for up to 8 hours Feather light formula & effortlessly glides on Allergy tested, 100% fragrance free
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  14. Set contains: 1 x Liquid Facial Soap Mild 50ml1 x Clarifying Lotion 2 100ml1 x Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ 30ml
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  15. Retinol has been shown in several clinical trials to combat common skin-ageing concerns such as facial wrinkles, lines, folds and a loss of firmness by stimulating collagen and hyaluronic acid production. Retinol has also been proven to improve skin clarity and texture, promote anti-pigmentation plus demonstrate anti-acne and pore-minimizing effects, all leading to a more youthful skin appearance. Retinol 3 TR has a unique time-release technology ensuring the anti-ageing benefits of pure retinol without the irritation of peeling associated with regular retinol products. Retinol 3 TR is an optimized serum containing 0.3% encapsulated all-trans retinol in its purest and most active over-the counter form. Retinol 3 TR is designed to conveniently apply directly to the face without mixing.
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  16. Designed for use with the Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System.
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  17. Versace Crystal Noir Eau de Toilette Giftset.1x Versace Crystal Noir 90ml Eau de Toilette spray1x Versace Crystal Noir 10ml Eau de Toilette travel spray1x Versace Crystal Noir 100ml Body Lotion
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  18. 15-20 Full Body Applications Average Length of a tan: 5 Days + Development Time: 4 Hours + Our innovative fragrance technology helps to take away the tell-tale tanning aroma to make way for a beautiful subtle, yet refreshing fragrance. Created by ST.TROPEZ the tanning experts you trust to get it right. So whatever skin type, it's easy to use for the most natural looking, ultimate tan.
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  19. The Glammar facial steamer with ozone, brush & mag lamp combo is fantastic value. With a built in timer, 180 degrees rotating arm adjusting up and down, and turns on automatically after 5 minutes of pouring the water, it is an essential item for any salon. Easy to assemble This 3 in 1 machine saves space in the salon. All three systems can operate together or separately and comes with a built in timer. The machine will automatically turn on 5 minutes after you pour the water. The facial steamer arm rotates 180 degrees and adjusts up and down. The ozone in this machine kills bacteria off the surface of the skin. Comes with 2 switches one for activating the power and the other activates the ozone. The Massage brush function includes 5 different attachments. The Brushes promote better blood circulation and expedite its metabolism so that the sediment deposited in sweat pores can be easily discharged and the skin conditions can be improved. The brushes Turn Clockwise, Counter Clockwise, and moves up and down with an auto shut-off when water level is low. This comes with separate ozone switch Rotating and twistable arm. The Glass Magnifying Lamp rotates left to right 180degrees and upper and down adjustable tube. Magnifying up to five times. Power: 650W + 30W Voltage: 240V Item Dimensions: Height of base machine: 94cm-105cm Arm Length of magnifying lamp: 127cm Arm Length of facial steamer: 58cm Width of the machine: 38cm Length of the machine: 25cm All dimensions listed are approximations. Some assembly required. Glammar electrical's come with a 12 month back to base warranty. PLEASE NOTE: SIZE & WEIGHT DICTATE FURNITURE FREIGHT CHARGES & SOME ITEMS MAY NEED TO BE SENT PALLETISED, ONCE WE RECEIVE YOUR ORDER OUR STAFF CAN QUOTE YOU THE EXACT FREIGHT CHARGES.
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  20. Practical 3 in 1 cleansing milk which gently removes dirt and make-up from face and eyes and at the same time provides hydration by leaving skin soft and rejuvenated. Organic olive oil and almond oil remove dirt and make-up while providing skin with vitamins and lipids. Organic honey hydrates and nourishes. Organic chamomile and organic lavender soothe skin and protect from irritations. Propolis offers mild antiseptic and antioxidant protection. Suitable for all skin types. APIVITA has replaced water with organic green tea infusion for its potent antioxidant action. DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED OPHTHALMOLOGICALLY TESTED
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    Oztrail Aluminium Stock Pot and deep BasketHere’s a great buy for the campers that have a passion for catching and cooking crabs and crays of all sorts. The Oztrail Aluminium Stock Pot and deep Basket has a huge 40 litre capacity and an internal strainer purpose built for better managing the cooking of crabs. Ideal for cooking on a larger gas ring or perfect on the fire the Oztrail Aluminium Stock Pot and deep Basket is a must have for the cray catching and consuming connoisseur. Its huge capacity means that no one will miss out on the first batch of cooked crays, and it’s big enough to handle some pretty big specimens. Mud crabs in particular can grow huge. Your OZ trail stock pot is up to the challenge.Of course, it not necessarily all about cooking crabs. There is an endless menu of stunning meals you can prepare in this generous cooker. What’s more it is ideal for the huge family and perfect for cooking for larger groups. While for many, the cast iron camp oven is the first choice, it does have the significant drawback of weighing the proverbial tonne. Particularly a camp oven that has a capacity of 40 litres. The Oztrail Aluminium Stock Pot and deep Basket is a fantastic alternative for preparing large meals when carrying the huge weight of a camp oven is just not practical.For the crabbers among us the Oztrail Aluminium Stock Pot and deep Basket is a hands down must have. It’s designed and built with you in mind and, for an added bonus, its very kind on your wallet. Put one in your shopping basket now and get your crab traps ready.
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    Oztrail Tasman 3V Tent (3 Person)Finding a good tent that gives you camping confidence and flexibility can be tricky. Let’s face it, there are no shortage of options. One of the best ways to ensure you have all of your needs covered is to put trusted brands at the top of your list and one of Australias most enduring and trusted brand is Oztrail. This Tasman 3V Camping tent 3 Person model is an affordable path to great camping experiences. The light weight, super sturdy will sleep 3 in total comfort but is also ideal for the couple or lone journeyman. Bugs and water ingress, two of a camper’s great concerns, are dealt with via heat quality seams and No-See-Um bug proof mesh. The mesh is also constructed in a way as to allow excellent ventilation, a critical feature in any tent.A just under 4kg, the tent is very easy to carry and collapses into a compact bag for easy storage and transport. The Oztrail Tasman 3V Tent model is a breeze to assemble and equally as easy to disassemble come time to bug out. Time and again, customer’s front up with this very question first; how easy is it to set up, how long does it take? You can rest assured your Oztrail 3V tent will be up and habitable in no time at all. This is great after travelling many hours to reach your destination. The last thing you want is a complicated set up to encroach on valuable relaxation time.The Oztrail Tasman 3V model is a very solid choice for comfort and reliability. For the thrift conscious, this tent also represents excellent value for money. Well looked after, your 3V Tasman tent will see you through many wonderful camping experiences and outdoor adventures. For sale now and seeling fast.
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    Oztrail Bass Twin Pack Sleeping bags +5 degree cKit up and head out into the Australian wilderness with your partner, knowing you will sleep easy with the Oztrail Bass Twin Pack Sleeping bags. Rated to 5 degrees and a minimum of minus 5 degrees, you can head to some pretty chilly locations confident that come bed time you’ll be snug as a bug in a rug.The 200 gsm ExoTherm X filling will be the core source of your warmth and comfort. The hoods with accompanying draw cords give you further options for temperature regulation should the temps drop. The Airweave polycotton liner provides a very comfortable feel against the skin, and with each bag measuring in at 75 x 230 cm there is plenty of room to move while tucked up, even for very tall people.The bags way only 1.2kg, and fold down to a packed size of around 19 x 37 cm, so they are excellent for the hiker, those who prefer to travel light, and for those travellers who have limited storage space. The outer is 170T Polyester fabric which provides strength & durability, essential for the rigors of sleeping out on the ground. A #5 coil zip with auto-lock zipper with Eziglide zip guard, keeps the warmth in and the cold out, the Auto-lock zipper ensures it stays in place while sleeping and won’t be unfastened by excessive movement.This is a great option for decking out you and your partner, or kitting up the kids. For extra togetherness and warmth the bags can joined together at the side creating a double sleeping bag or you can keep them simply as two single sleeping bags if you prefer. The Oztrail Bass Twin Pack Sleeping bags for sale now are an affordable way to kit up for two, with quality, durability and perfect sleeping comfort while camping and trekking.Features and SpecificationsColour: (Image for illustration only – Depending on what is available from the supplier there may be varying colours)  We suggest if you are particular about colour you contact us first to find out colour availability.Design: 200gsm of Non-allergenic ExoTherm X Rated to 5°C. Minimum -5°CStandard hood with draw cord includiedFabrics 170T Polyester fabric offering light weight properties and ultra strength as well as airweave polycotton liner inner fabric coupled with 200 gsm Exo Therm syntethic filling.Zipper: #5 Coil zip with auto-lock zipper with Eziglide zip guardDimensions: 75cm wide x 230 cm longWeight: approx 1.2 kgPacked up size: approx 19cm x 37cmCarry Bag suppliedTwin Pack (2 adult sleeping bags)BenefitsThe lightweight, compact design makes these bags ideal for the trekker, hiker and the car camper with limited space.The twin bags can be joined for extra warmth and togetherness while sleeping.The snag free zip removes the annoying tendency of long zippers snagging on fabric.Auto-lock zipper prevents the Zip from opening due to movement while sleeping.The dimensions of each bag are quite generous, ensuring that even the tallest people can sleep in total comfort without feeling restricted.The Oztrail Bass Twin Pack Sleeping bags are well designed, durable sleeping kit for the avid camper. The twin pack is ideal for the couple or for fitting out the kids. Head off the beaten track and sleep in style with Oztrail.
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    Darche Designed The Worlds First Dome Swag Over 20 Years Ago And Revolutionised The Swag Market. The New Super Dome Is The Culmination Of 20 Years Refinement In Swags And Has All The Quality You Would Expect. A King Single In Size At 880Mm Wide And 2130 Long And Made From The Best 16Oz Max-Treme 100% Cotton Canvas On The Market. Maxtreme Maxtreme Is A Specifically Designed And Constructed Swags Canvas Used Exclusively By Darche In Our Core Range Of Swags. Darche Are Of Very Few That Still Use A 100% Cotton Canvas Composition In Its Core Range Of Swags. Super Strong And Durable With Its 52 X 48 Ripstop Weave Maxtreme Is Constructed Using 100% Cotton Ring Spun Yarn, Allowing Maximum Breathability Aiding In Reducing Condensation Proofed Weight Is An Impressive 550Gsm Making It One Of The Heaviest Swag Canvas Weights On The Market Today Proofing Is Conducted Using A Double Pass Dip And Dry Method, Unlike Many Inferior Imported Poly/Cotton Canvases Which Use A Synthetic Blade Coat Pu Method Which Eliminates All Cloth Breathability Characteristics.
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