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Smeg Refrigerators

  • Smeg FAB50 Refrigerator

    Treat your kitchen with Electrolux, a leading brand in refrigeration. The top freezer enables storing all of your frozen food at eye-level. The Smeg FAB50 Refrigerator has 2 crisper drawers and an ice maker, which allows for making icy refreshments whenever you feel like it. Encompassing 473…

  • Smeg FAB28 Refrigerator

    The Smeg FAB28 Refrigerator has a top freezer. Totaling at 271 litres, this refrigerator features a 247-litre fridge section and a 24-litre freezer compartment, which enables storing loads of refrigerated produce. This fridge measures 1456mm tall, 600mm wide, 726mm deep.

    $2119 - $2119
  • Smeg FAB10 Bar Fridge

    50s Retro style Smeg bar fridge combines a classic, vintage look with cutting edge technology. It dominates its surroundings and the Italian design blends art and functionality. Enjoy all the luxuries of a normal fridge in a smaller version. Automatic defrost technology ensures…

    $1579 - $1579
  • Smeg FAB32 Refrigerator

    The Smeg FAB32 Refrigerator features a bottom freezer, made for lowered and easy access. It has a 3.5 star energy rating, making it great for energy-efficient use. Totaling at 326 litres, this refrigerator features a 228-litre fridge section and a 98-litre freezer compartment, which enable…

    $2584 - $2999
  • Smeg FAB10HRP Refrigerator

    Cream finish135 litre Capacity6 Shelf heightsAutomatic defrostAdjustable thermostatClimatic selector switchTropical ratingR600a — 0.0350kg Refrigerant37 dBA Noise raiting1 x Interior light1 x Bottle shelf (4 bottle capacity)2 x Adjustable can holders (10 can capacity)1 x Dairy shelf2 x…

    $1579 - $1590
  • Smeg SF640S Refrigerator

    The Smeg SF640S Refrigerator has 3 doors, enabling you to organise all of your condiments, and it also features side by side doors, made for optimal organisation of all of your frozen and fresh food. It features an ice maker, which enables preparing cold drinks whenever you want and with a water…

  • Smeg FAB10HLNE Bar Fridge

    AestheticsMaterial: Heat-moulded,Door colour: Black,Side material: Steel,Alternative colours available: White, Black, Cream, Decorated ,Special,Accessories not included accessory per bottiglie,Refrigerator compartment features,Bottle shelf,Internal light in fridge,Type of internal light…

    $1579 - $1579
  • Smeg FAB32LPGNA1 Refrigerator

    Smeg FAB32LPGNA1 Refrigerator on the two separate cooling systems help to maintain optimal humidity and freshness and ensures there are no transfer of odours between the fridge and freezer. The antibacterial door seal prevents bacteria from forming and entering the fridge. There is…

  • Gasmate GMF229G Bar Fridge

    If you are looking for the perfect partner in refrigeration for your alfresco area look no further than the 2 doors premium 228L bar fridge from Gasmate. Finished with an attractive 304 grade stainless steel and featuring two triple glazed glass doors the premium fridge also has front vents…

    $1899 - $1999
  • Smeg FAB32LBLNA1 Refridgerators

    The Smeg FAB32LBLNA1 Refridgerators's bottom freezer will be ideal for families who have children, placing frozen food within their reach. It contains 326 litres, which will be excellent for any home.

    $2999 - $2999
  • Smeg FAB32LRDNA1 Refrigerators

    The Smeg FAB32LRDNA1 Refrigerators features a 3.5 star energy rating, which is great for energy-efficient use. Encompassing 326 litres, it comfortably stores a good amount of refrigerated goods. 1926H x 600W x 720D.

    $2999 - $2999
  • Smeg FAB28LV1 Refrigerator

    Fan assisted cooling,Glass shelf to cover fruit and vegetable container,Balcony storage with metal supports,3 adjustable glass shelves,2 adjustable balconies,1 balcony shelf with transparent cover.Adjustable balcony storage with metal supports,2 adjustable balconies,1 balcony shelf with transparent…

    $2499 - $2499
  • Smeg FAB32RPBNA1 Refrigerator

    Right Hand Door1926Mmh X 600Mmw X 720Mmd (Includes Handle)Energy Rating 3.5Refrigerator Capacity: 228 Litrefreezer Capacity: 98 Litre326 Litre Totalrefrigerator: Automatic Defrostfreezer: Frost Freetwo Thermostatstropical RatingStandard InclusionsRefrigerator4 X Bottle Chromed Wine Rack3 X Crystal…

    $2999 - $2999
  • Smeg FAB10HR Refrigerator

    The Smeg FAB10HR Refrigerator is compact, making it ideal for easy transport. With a 135-litre total volume, it will hold small amounts of drinks and refrigerated food. This fridge measures 960mm tall, 543mm wide, 680mm deep.

  • Smeg FAB32LCRNA1 Refridgerators

    The Smeg FAB32LCRNA1 Refridgerators has a 3.5 star energy rating, designed for energy efficiency and saving on annual expenses. With a 326-litre total volume, you can organise lots of refrigerated food items. Dimensions (mm): 600W x 720D x 1926H.

  • Smeg FAB28RBV3 Refrigerator

    Fan assisted cooling. Storage volume fresh food compartment: 222L. Interior light. 3 adjustable glass shelves. Glass shelf to cover fruit and vegetable container. Bottle shelf. Balcony storage with metal supports. 2 adjustable balconies. 1 balcony shelf with…

  • Smeg FAB28RVE1 Refrigerator

    Refrigerator capacity (net): 222 litre. Freezer capacity (net): 26 litre. Total capacity (net):256 litre. Automatic refrigerator defrost. Manual freezer defrost using retractable drip funnel. Adjustable thermostat. 2 Stars Energy Rating. 5 x bottle chromed wine rack. 4 x crystal glass quick-chill…

  • Smeg FAB32LLINA1 Refrigerator

    Adjustable thermostat,Interior light,Tropicalized compressor.Door hinges left,Adjustable thermostat,2 thermostat Interior light,Tropicalized compressor,Automatic defrost,Frost free,Ice Cube Tray,3 x freezer drawers (1 quick freezer),Dozen Egg Tra,7 shelves 6 are adjustable,Adjustable door…

  • Smeg FAB32RLINA1 Refrigerator

    Smeg FAB32RLINA1 Refrigerator With Smart Diagnosis the Refrigerator can  talk for itself using either Smartphone app or by calling the Customer Information Centre to find a solutions that may save time and money on unnecessary callouts. Door seals on LG refrigerators…

  • Smeg FAB32LBENA1 Refrigerator

    Smeg FAB32LBENA1 Refrigerator With Smart Diagnosis the Refrigerator can  talk for itself using either Smartphone app or by calling the Customer Information Centre to find a solutions that may save time and money on unnecessary callouts. Door seals on LG refrigerators…


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What to consider when buying a refrigerator The refrigerator, or the fridge, has become such an important part of our lives that we can't to do without one in every household. In a bid to keep our food fresh for longer, manufacturers like Samsung and LG are racing to bring us the smartest refrigerators with the coolest looks. Cheap bar and mini fridges are slowly fading away from the average home, being replaced by the latest French door or side-by-side refrigerator. Stainless steel finishes gain in popularity as iceboxes and freezers fade away. And fridges get bigger as they get smarter, too, with the largest capacity being a whopping 600L.