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SNK King Of Fighters Neowave



SNK King Of Fighters Neowave PS2 Playstation 2 Game

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SNK’s KING OF FIGHTERS series is one of the most popular fighting series out there, and now they’ve revamped the series for the PlayStation2. KING OF FIGHTERS NEOWAVE features updated graphics and special effects, but at its heart, it’s pure KING OF FIGHTERS fun. KING OF FIGHTERS has players squaring off in three on three matches, unlike most fighting games where each player is on their own. While players can only fight with one character at a time, they have two others waiting in case that character falls. KING OF FIGHTERS NEOWAVE contains 43 of the best fighters from the series, although some of them must be unlocked before players can use them. These characters have been redrawn and graphically updated, making them look much better than they ever have before. Perhaps the biggest addition to KING OF FIGHTERS NEOWAVE is the new control scheme. While characters still have weak and strong punches and kicks to rely upon, they now also have a special heat mode. Heat mode sends the character into a frenzy, making their attacks cause incredible amounts of damage. The drawback, however, is that as long as a character is in heat mode, his or her life bar slowly drains away. Sometimes, this tradeoff is worth it, and its up to players to learn how to use heat mode to their advantage. This new mode is just one of the many reasons why KING OF FIGHTERS fans won’t be disappointed by KING OF FIGHTERS NEOWAVE.

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