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  • REUS is a god-game in which you control four giants. Each giant has its own unique powers that enable you to shape and evolve the planet.Control four mighty giants, each with their unique abilities.Terra-form the planet to your will, experiment with different terrain types.A complex…

  • Become a neophyte sorcerer, and get ready for your rite of passage Enter the labyrinth and face dangerous challenges to prove your worth and become a powerful wizard. The game focuses on fast paced first person shooting, with an old school vibe, and updated handling and game mechanics. Dungeon…

  • Grow your way to success in Real Farm Sim, the most immersive agricultural sim around. Explore the 4K countryside and make it yours. Start from nothing or take on a working farm. Manage the land, crops, animals and staff, and reap the riches you sow. Dive into a huge, open world presented in…

  • AereA is a music themed Action RPG in which the player explores Aezir, a floating island that was broken into pieces. To really tap into the music theme of the game, SOEDESCO cooperates with Broforce composer Deon van Heerden for the soundtrack. To add more music to the release, the boxed version…


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