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The apes are back in Sony's APE ESCAPE 3 for the PS2. Featuring the same great monkey-catching setup as the previous two games, APE ESCAPE 3 focuses more on the humor of the series and adds tons of extras, mini-games, and monkeys. The evil monkey Specter is back, and this time, he's teamed up with a human scientist, Doctor Tomoko, to create a series of crazy TV shows that will turn all of humanity into mush-brained couch potatoes. Even Jimmy, Spike, and the professor, the heroes of the previous games, are mesmerized by the silly shows, leaving only young Kei and his sister Yumi to deal with Specter and his band of monkeys. Players can choose to play as either Kei or Yumi, although both have the same equipment and basic moves. Once again, the goal of the game is to enter a level, track down the monkeys, and capture them in a net. There are 400 monkeys to catch, a record number, and they are spread across levels reminiscent of the wild west, the Arabian desert, and a frozen wasteland. Fortunately, the duo has a number of powerful, though goofy, gadgets to use to catch the monkeys. As with the previous games, what really makes APE ESCAPE 3 stand out is the monkey's personalities. Each has his or her own unique personality, and the game is full of humorous cut scenes and setups. APE ESCAPE 3 brings more of that great monkey action gamers love.

Type Game Action Adventure