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Sony Z555



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Whether at work or at play, you have a personal style that�s all your own � a style and look that the Z555 sets off perfectly. With a unique diamond reflective finish on the front, and sophisticated details, it truly reflects your personality. Choose between Diamond Black and Dusted Rose and you will soon get noticed. Just wave the interruptions away The Z555 incorporates Sony Ericsson�s handy Gesture Control, letting you easily mute the phone or snooze its alarm without having to interrupt what you�re doing. When a call comes in, a simple movement of your hand back and forth over the phone mutes the ringtone. Similarly, sweep your hand over the phone when using it as your alarm clock to put it into �snooze� mode. Works like magic! Stay informed � discreetly The Z555�s outside display shows you who is calling even without opening the clamshell. When it�s in idle mode, the outside display remains discretely invisible�with no compromise to the design. The latest look Just like you, the Z555 changes its look to fit the suit the season. The colours and designs that appear within the phone�s themes, effectively the look of the menu system and home screen, can update automatically as the year goes by. Linked to the phone�s calendar, the Z555 knows when it�s time for that summer look to give way to the fall. It even saves something special for big events like News Year�s Eve! Indulge your passions on the go The Z555 allows you to grab that spare moment in a taxi to catch up with your favourite band or even book. Store your favourite music tracks or audio books on the phone and sort them by chapters, albums or artists. Tune in to FM Radio for the weather, traffic or the latest celebrity news.

Data Capabilities Bluetooth
Features Camera, MP3 Player
Colour Speakerphone