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  1. Bose 161 Speakers

    Bose® 161™ speakers are a versatile option for both music and movie listening. These small bookshelf stereo speakers provide balanced stereo sound in a streamlined design that works with both stereo and home theatre components. These small bookshelf stereo speakers provide balanced stereo sound that rivals much larger home stereo speakers. Articulated Array® speaker design and Stereo Everywhere® speaker performance deliver quality listening almost anywhere in the room.

  2. Bose SoundTouch 30 Speakers

    Press a preset … and listen. You’ll hear why this is our best Wi-Fi music system before you reach the bridge of the very first song. A high-power woofer reproduces the soul of bass notes with depth and clarity. Two precisely positioned drivers tackle the midhigh range notes with crisp, vibrant definition. Exclusive waveguide technology is also key to delivering the stout performance that pours from the SoundTouch 30 system. Make it your main audio system, and let the power of your music shine through.

    $665 - $685
  3. Bose 251 Speakers

    Bose 251 environmental speakers - Wall-mount outdoor speakers - Extremely wide sound field for larger outdoor areas - Outside speaker cabinet designed to reproduce low frequencies with minimal audio distortion - Tested to withstand snow, rain, salt and extreme temperatures - Five-year limited warranty Bose's wall-mount outdoor stereo speakers deliver balanced stereo sound over a much wider area than most conventional outdoor speakers. And these award-winning exterior speakers are guaranteed to withstand harsh weather.

    $617 - $625
  4. Bose SoundTouch 20 Speakers

    Yes, it's compact. But rest assured, the SoundTouch 20 system delivers sound way beyond its size. Custom-designed transducers produce surprisingly clean mid and high frequencies so vocals and instruments sound lifelike, while an advanced ported enclosure gives the sound sufficient punch to easily fill a room. Meanwhile, proprietary digital signal processing keeps the performance evenly balanced, whether you crank the volume or play it at late-night bedside levels. Go ahead and compare it to any other Wi-Fi speaker this size. We think you'll find there's no comparison.

  5. Bose 301 Direct Reflecting Speakers

    Bose 301 Direct/Reflecting speaker system - Designed to deliver much of the impact of a live performance - A suitable choice for stereo or home theatre sound - Small enough to fit on a bookshelf - Optional accessories available for additional placement options Bose 301 Series V Direct/Reflecting bookshelf stereo speakers bring clear, spacious sound to your music and movies. These versatile bookshelf speakers are small enough to fit comfortably on a shelf or in an entertainment centre, yet use advanced Bose technologies to convey much of the power of a live performance.

    $535 - $545
  6. Bose 151 SE Speakers

    Bose 151 SE environmental speakers - Step up to Bose sound outdoors - Full stereo sound over a wide listening area - Suitable for use as boat speakers - Tested to withstand snow, rain, salt and extreme temperatures - Five-year limited warranty Bose 151 SE environmental speakers feature enhanced performance and durability for full stereo sound in a wide listening area. Sleek styling and rugged construction make these our most popular outdoor stereo speakers for music around the pool, on a porch, or even on a boat. Adjustable mounting brackets allow you to hang these outside speakers vertically or horizontally, so they blend easily into your environment.

    $429 - $443
  7. Bose 201 Direct Reflecting Speakers

    Bose 201 Direct/Reflecting speaker system - Realistic, spacious sound similar to a live performance - Use with stereo or home theatre components for balanced audio in smaller rooms - Trim bookshelf speaker design blends into most décors - Optional accessories available for additional placement options Room-filling performance from a trim, versatile design. The Bose 201 Series V Direct/Reflecting® speaker system is designed for use as home stereo speakers in smaller rooms, or as home theatre speakers with your component surround sound system.

  8. Bose Free Space 51 Speakers

    bOSE Free Space 51 environmental speakers - 360-degree sound coverage for our widest outdoor speaker coverage - In- or on-ground installation for landscape speaker or patio speaker placement - Engineered to withstand snow, sun, rain, ice and saltwater spray - Five-year limited warranty Bring the subtle nuances of your favorite music to life in outdoor environments where wall mounting is not an option. Bose Free Space 51 landscape speakers are our best performing outdoor speakers for placement in the garden, on the deck or on the patio. Connect these outside speakers to your existing audio equipment and enjoy natural sound throughout a broad listening area.

  9. Bose Soundtouch 300 Speaker

    You want the best sound. So we made our best soundbar. Many people view soundbars as a common solution to space-saving home theater. But we don't aim for common.The SoundTouch 300 soundbar offers the best performance. The SoundTouch 300 soundbar offers the best performance, spaciousness and bass of any one-piece soundbar its size. Every cubic inch of it is packed with technologies that bring out the best in everything you listen to or watch. Custom drivers, proprietary QuietPort and PhaseGuide technology and the feeling of hearing sounds where there are no speakers. It all adds up to a premium audio experience for all your entertainment.

    $885 - $889
  10. Bose Companion 20  Speakers

    Lifelike performance Experience lifelike performance at almost any volume level and a wide two-channel soundstage—due to proprietary integrated signal processing and TrueSpace® stereo digital processing circuitry. Easy controls A unique control pod makes it easy to adjust or mute the volume and connect other devices. Features rotational volume control, single-touch mute, headphone jack, and audio input. Dual inputs Dual inputs on the control pod let you connect your headphones or a second audio source, such as an MP3 player or tablet. Powerful low-note performance. The advanced port design and driver deliver powerful low-note performance and full, natural sound. Balanced low, mid, and high frequencies through active electronic equalization also result in more natural tone and clarity.

    $360 - $389
  11. Bose Companion 2 Series III Speakers

    Boost your sound with the Companion® 2 Series III speaker system from Bose. Designed to provide a wider and more natural soundscape – these speakers give your Mac a new voice. Experience a spacious, dramatic soundstage that seems to extend beyond the desktop speakers – whether you've set them next to your monitor or placed them farther apart. You'll also appreciate the clear, robust response for those challenging low musical notes and sound effects. These sleek and compact speakers fit easily in their surroundings to save valuable desktop space. Dual inputs make it a snap to connect your computer and portable audio sources at the same time. Both volume control and the headphone jack sit on the front of one speaker to provide easy control over your listening experience.

  12. Wharfedale Diamond 10MX Speaker

    Bass Driver 1 x 250mm SUB USB 5V Output yes Amplifier Power 150W Line Input Sensitivity 200mv for 75W Avg. Max Output at 1 meter 110dB Boundary Response 35-110Hz Crossover Range 35-85Hz (6x10dB steps) Dimensions (mm)(HxWxD) 330x330x370 Height on spikes/feet(mm) 360

  13. Wharfedale Diamond 10CC Speaker

    Bass/Mid Driver 2 X 100mm Tweeter 25mm Suitable Amplifier Power 15 - 120w Nominal Impedance 6 Ω A/V Shielded yes Sensitivity (1W @ 1M) 88 dB Nominal Frequency Range 75-24kHz HF Limit (-10dB) 44kHz Freq. Fb 70Hz Crossover Frequency 2.5kHz

  14. Wharfedale Diamond 10CS Speaker

    Bass/Mid Driver 2 X 125mm Tweeter 25mm Suitable Amplifier Power 20 - 150 w Nominal Impedance 6 Ω A/V Shielded yes Sensitivity (1W @ 1M) 89 dB Nominal Frequency Range 70-24kHz HF Limit (-10dB) 44kHz Freq. Fb 55Hz Crossover Frequency 2.8kHz

  15. Wharfedale Diamond 10DFS Speaker

    Bass/Mid Driver 2 X 100mm Tweeter 2 X 25mm Suitable Amplifier Power 15 - 120W Nominal Impedance 6 Ω A/V Shielded no Sensitivity (1W @ 1M) 86 dB Nominal Frequency Range 70-24kHz HF Limit (-10dB) 44kHz Freq. Fb 80Hz Crossover Frequency 3.5kHz

  16. Sunfire HRS10 Speaker

    HRS Series is a bass lover's reason to celebrate. In addition to possessing many of Sunfire's patented and celebrated technologies the High Resolution Series takes its cues from Sunfire's flagship XT-Series SubRosa? subwoofer. Like Subrosa all three HRS models feature an obsessive attention to component selection High Back-emf woofer design and share its innovative acoustic tailoring we call Frequency Filtration Design. Exclusive to Sunfire FFD greatly improves accuracy and gives HRS subs a remarkable 'sonic intelligence' that you'll hear and feel every time you listen to your favorite music or movies. All this technology is wrapped in a gorgeous Piano-like gloss finish so it looks as good as it sounds. 1000 Watt TDC amplifier Gloss black lacquer finish Output: 105 dB SPL (inc. room gain) Frequency response: 20Hz - 100Hz

  17. Wharfedale Diamond 10.2 Speakers

    Format Stand Mount Bass/Mid Driver 165mm Tweeter 25mm Suitable Amplifier Power 20 - 100 w Nominal Impedance 6 Ω A/V Shielded yes Sensitivity (1W @ 1M) 86 dB Nominal Frequency Range 40-24kHz HF Limit (-10dB) 44kHz Freq. Fb 42Hz Crossover Frequency 1.8kHz

  18. Velodyne DD10BL Speaker

    The Digital Drive Series features Velodynes revolutionary Digital Drive room management technology that takes subwoofer room equalization to a new level. This latest Velodyne innovation allows the subwoofers frequency response in any room to be measured and digitally corrected in real-time using a supplied microphone, and stored in the units memory to assure ideal performance in the consumers listening area.

  19. Sunfire XTEQ10 Speaker

    The launch of Sunfire XTEQ brings more than just spectacular sound. The cool, compact design of this premium subwoofer sets it apart from the paunchy pack and brings class to any space so that the listener can focus on the authoritative audio. Sunfire XTEQ is proud to deliver accurate, powerful bass that elevates the entertainment value in your home or home theater. Room specific calibration accurately integrates an XTEQ subwoofer into your living space and existing audio system and creates even mimics a professional cinema experience.

  20. Yamaha SW10 Speakers

    The choice of top recording and production engineers who demand unmatched accuracy and resolution that reveals critical sonic details. An unbeatable choice for production environments handling any combination of digital and analog sources in stereo or surround formats. Features: - 10" bass-reflex powered subwoofer delivers solid - 25Hz- 150Hz frequency response.. - 180 watts dynamic power. - XLR balanced inputs (L/R/SUBWOOFER) . - XLR balanced outputs(L/R/SUBWOOFER) parallel connection with input signals. - Level control facilitates precise system level controls. - 40-120 Hz, 80 Hz at Center Click LPF controls. - Phase switch simplifies phase allignment. - Full magnetic shielding.

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