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  1. DALI Loudspeakers Zensor 3 Speaker

    DALI ZENSOR 3 is the latest member of the award winning ZENSOR series. The ZENSOR 3 is developed and built to sound much larger than it actually is. Using a 7inch woofer based on the technology from the ZENSOR 7 and the tweeter module from the ZENSOR 1, the ZENSOR 3 is able to recreate the high frequencies, the mid range and the low bass in the best possible way. The soft dome tweeter module has over and over again proved its ability to deliver a rich and detailed sound.

  2. Audioengine HD3 Speaker

    The HD3 speaker its way you like wirelessly or wired, digital or analog. Stream your music library, TIDAL, Spotify, Pandora to HD3 from just about anywhere in your house without dropouts. Wireless setup is a breeze and only takes about a minute. And if you’re using HD3 on your desktop, connect up with a USB cable. The USB input bypasses your computer’s built in low quality headphone jack for a high and end listening experience. Easy setup, simple and useful features, and wide stereo sound make HD3 your go to music system. HD3 is expandable, so if you want deeper bass just connect up your subwoofer.

    $598 - $599
  3. Cambridge Audio AERO3 Speaker

    The Aero 3 speakers are also more versatile than traditional rear speakers, not just in terms of placement options. The speakers can run in "bipole" setting, with the two 4" BMR drivers outputting the same audio in opposite directions for an immersive wash of rear surround sound, ideal for a traditional 5.1 surround system. But for stunning 7.1 surround, without the hassle of placing more speakers in your living room, the Aero 3 speakers can also be ran in "dual monopole" mode with one driver running surround and one running "surround back".These surround sound speakers fit a wide variety of room layouts, offer subtle, classic looks and are configurable for multiple setups. Aero 3 rear speakers offer versatility combined with stunning audio detail and serious, room-filling sound.

    $499 - $632
  4. Pioneer MRX3 Speaker

    Pioneer The compact MRX3 with its two 77mm bass midrange speakers and the full-fledged 28mm tweeter easily fills the room with music. There is no need to be concerned whether your favourites come from a streaming service like Spotify or Tidal, are stored on a local server or on your mobile phone or tablet regardless of the origins, format and storage location, your sound always finds the best way to the MRX3 that supports all relevant streaming standards with Chromecast built-in and PlayFi. In short: The MRX3 adapts to the preferences of its user instead of forcing the application of certain methods or standards.

  5. Mission MX3 Speakers

    Enclosure type 2-way reflex Driver units bass -- bass/mid 2.5"(130mm) tweeter 25mm Dome Magnetic shielding NO Crossover frequency 2kHz Frequency response +/-3dB 48Hz - 20kHz Sensitivity SPL/M @ 2.83V 89dB Volume litres 32.9 Nominal impedance 8 ohms Recommended amplifier 25 - 150W

  6. Mackie CR3 speaker

    Mackie CR3 speaker The Mackie CR3 is a 3 studio-standard design using premium, high-performance components. Designed with an active and a passive studio monitor, requiring only one speaker to be plugged into power. There is a left/right speaker placement switch that lets you decide which side of your workspace has the volume control for convenience. The front panel has a volume control double as a power control aswell. There is a front AUX for headphones and rear inputs include TRS and RCA.

  7. Jamo S628 HCS3 Speaker System

    The Jamo S 628 HCS is the flagship speaker system in the Studio S 620 Series, with the power to reproduce every subtle detail in your movies and music and the ability to fill a large area with maximum acoustic impact. Two S 628 3-way floorstanding

  8. Wharfedale Diamond 11.3 Speaker

    Wharfedale Diamond 11.3 The Diamond 11 Series speakers also feature massive magnet designs to both raise sensitivity and ensure absolute control of cone movement over lower bass frequencies. In addition, the use of a specially shaped single-forged pole piece with copper cap controls the magnetic flux and ensures low distortion through the critical midrange area.

  9. The Marine speaker is designed to withstand the tough environmental conditions of life on the water. Enjoy hearty maritime audio performance with the 6.5 inch 2-way marine speakers. Youll enjoy excellent full-range sound.The 6.5 inch 2-way Marine Speakers are bonded to weather- and water-resistant rubber surrounds. With a low-end frequency response down to 120Hz theyre masters at providing full deep lows. The tweeters will give you bright highs that will command your attention even when fighting against the sound of the waves wind and engine noise.

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  10. No looking further if you want to update your speaker system. These 6 inch speakers will turn your home into a theatre in no time delivering all the performance you have ever dreamed of. Producing sound through low to high frequencies the speakers create ambient sound that you would feel like being in the movie. They are perfect for the moment when ambient sound would complete the scene. Sitting flush with the ceiling or wall this pair of speakers can blend into your home decor seamlessly. Additionally you can avoid the mess from the hazardous cables lying on the floor that someone might trip over or family pet might chew on. It frees up the space in your home. Its unbeatable performance and peace-in-mind design make it the perfect choice in a first class home theatre solution.

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  11. The 150w Outdoor Speakers will cover your backyard with the high-performance sound quality that you have never expected. The speakers are designed to deliver balanced stereo sound over a wider area. Built to withstand the harsh weather condition, the 150w Outdoor Speakers allows you to extend the enjoyment of your sound system from indoor to outdoor. Features 4” Professional speaker system Paper cone foam edge 2.5” dome tweeter 0.76” KPT. voice coil Magnet: 8 oz Rated power: 45w Maximum power: 150w Impedance: 80hm Dimension: 17.5 (L) x 16 (W) x 24 (H) cm Product Content 2 x Outdoor Speakers

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  12. Get more power per square inch with the XS-FB1630 3-way coaxial speakers. Experience tight, responsive bass through the MRC cone woofer and clear, dynamic sound at louder volumes with High Power Handling. Connect to our matching head unit for thumping Mega Bass capabilities. Connect directly to Sony's perfect matching head unit with Mega Bass circuitry. Your system will sound like nothing else with deep roaring bass!

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  13. Intel Core i7-6820HK | 1TB HDD + 256GB SSD | 16GB DDR4 RAM | 8GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M | Nvidia G-Sync | Windows 10

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  14. These stylish high power music speakers is not only ideal for outdoor entertaining area but also great for schools bars lecture theatres boardrooms cafes functions area pubs boutiques wherever you can think of. They feature exceptional sound quality for professional sound reinforcement and a contoured profile together with a quick mounting bracket which make it virtually disappears once mounted.With these 2-way speakers you are ensured to enjoy a superbly realistic surround sound in your very own home theatre.

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  15. Samsung HW-M550 3.1Ch 340W Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer features 6 speakers with dedicated amp, Bluetooth, HDMI In/Out, Optical(1) and TV wireless Sound. It has a dedicated center channel which provides crystal clear dialogue.

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  16. * Built-in woofer * 9 Speakers with dedicated amps* Distortion Cancelling* Multi-speaker Control

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  17. 200W PowerWireless SubwooferDolby Digital and Pro Logic IIOne-touch with NFCVirtual Surround SoundUSB PlaybackAudio-inBluetoothDedicated Center-channel SpeakerEasyLink to control all HDMI CEC DevicesLow-rise ProfileSound Enhancement: Night Mode, Treble and Bass Control, Virtual Surround Sound, Audio sync, Music, VoiceSound System: Dolby Digital, Dolby pro-logic 2Speaker output power: 32W x 3Subwoofer output power: 105WTotal Power RMS @ 10% THD: 200 W

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  18. 300W Total PowerBluetooth® Wireless TechnologyVirtual SurroundSound ModeWall MountableCompact & Stylish DesignTotal Power: 300WChannels: 3.1chWireless Subwoofer Power: 120WVirtual Surround: YesSound Mode: (Standard/ Music/ Cinema/ Voice/ News)Bluetooth® Wireless Technology: YesMusic Streaming App (Bluetooth): YesWall Mountable

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