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  1. Carl Paoli delivers a fresh philosophy on training by connecting movement styles to fit your specific purpose. Benefits: Framework for mastering the basics of any human movement Interactive way to learn how the body is designed to move through space and how to interact with our constantly changing surroundings Maximize your efforts in sport and life, regardless of specialty Develop your awareness and tailor any training regimen to meet your unique goals. Learn how to: Turn on and trust your intuition about movement Use tools that help optimize imperfect movement Tap into the universal movement patterns and progressions underlying all disciplines Use Carl Paoli's movement framework to create roadmaps for your physical success Learn what being strong really means Check out our Books & Media Collection HERE!
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  2. If you’re looking for a guide to strength training that addresses your needs - not your boyfriend's or husband's - then look no further. A Woman’s Guide to Muscle and Strength is created for women, by a woman. Designed to target the unique ways your body works and reacts to exercises, this resource will produce the lean and well-toned physique that you seek. What are the advantages to a Functional Fitness Athlete: Nationally recognised and sought-after personal trainer Irene Lewis-McCormick has packed over 100 of the top exercises for women into this single resource. As a featured writer for popular publications such as Shape and More magazines, Lewis-McCormick makes it easy for women of all ages and abilities to transform their bodies, and she does so by providing progressive training programs while putting common training myths to rest. From free weights and TRX suspension training to foam rollers and exercise balls, this book has the workouts to fit your plan. Whether you’re looking for a complete body transformation or simply looking for an easy way to gain strength and definition, A Woman’s Guide to Muscle and Strength is your guide to the strong, sexy, and toned body you want. Specifications: Released 2012 224 Pages About The Author: Irene Lewis-McCormick, MS, is a personal trainer, international presenter, author, and 25-year fitness veteran. She holds a master of science degree in exercise and sport science with an emphasis in physiology from Iowa State University. She holds professional certifications from NSCA-CSCS, ACE, AFAA, YogaFit, Pilates, and AEA.
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  3. Secrets of the Scenic Rim (978-0-9874938-5-9) Covers Tamborine, Springbrook, Lamington, Border Ranges, Mount Barney, Main Range, Flinders Peak, the Great Walk and the full Scenic Rim Traverse. South East Queensland is endowed with an immense variety of natural bushland. No other region of Australia has such a diverse range of wilderness scenery in such close proximity, from the vast sandy regions of Fraser and Moreton Islands to the rainforests of Springbrook and Lamington, the rocky peaks of Mount Barney and the granite outcrops of Girraween. Nearly every major Australian wilderness type is represented here. The jewel in the crown as far as mountain scenery goes is the Scenic Rim and that is what this book is about. The Scenic Rim is a long chain of mountains beginning at Point Danger on the Gold Coast and then leading westwards to encompass Springbrook, Lamington, the Border Ranges, Lever's Plateau and the high rocky peaks of Mount Lindesay and Mount Barney before joining the Great Dividing Range at Wilsons Peak. Here the Rim turns northwards, following the Main Range through Cunningham's Gap and then the ridge crest further northwards to the Mistake Mountains and the Little Liverpool Range near Laidley. This guide describes bushwalks and climbs in these superb ranges as well as the nearby areas of Tamborine and Flinders Peak. South East Queensland Wilderness Landscapes (DVD) Featuraing a collection of short documentaries on the wilderness landscapes of South East Queensland. Includes the most spectacular coastal scenery from Fraser Island to the gold coast, as well as the Glasshouse Mountains, the Scenic Rim, Tamborine, Mount Barney, Mount Maroon and much more.
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  4. The Breakout Plan for Your Fastest Freestyle In Swim Speed Workouts , 4-time Olympian, gold medalist, and triathlon world champion Sheila Taormina provides the essential swimming instruction, workouts, drills, and training plan to build all-new levels of freestyle swimming speed. Swim Speed Workouts applies the principles of Taorminau2019s influential swim technique book Swim Speed Secrets so swimmers and triathletes can get in the pool and get fast. Drawing from her 30-year racing and coaching career, Taorminau2019s Swim Speed program is carefully designed to build freestyle swimming speed one crucial step at a time. Over 16 weeks, swimmers and triathletes will swim high-impact workouts to build the critical elements of the worldu2019s fastest swimming technique. Each waterproof workout card incorporates the Olympic swimming drills, kick sets, and drylands that develop speed in the worldu2019s fastest swimmers. Swimmers will refine their freestyle with the most effective hand entry, high-elbow catch, underwater pull, stroke finish, core drive, and propulsive kick. Swim Speed Workouts unlocks the secrets to swimming performance, building up swimmers and triathletes to breakthrough swim speed. Try the first two weeks of Swim Speed Workouts and watch swimming drill videos at . Swim Speed Workouts for Swimmers and Triathletes Sheila Taormina 5u2033 x 7u2033, 92 pp., Sheila Taormina, 9781937715014 Includes 75 waterproof workout and drill cards, waterproof instruction booklet, and carrying case. Full-color interior and photographs.
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  5. Ribbon embroidery is a simple, beautiful and versatile technique that dates back to the seventeeth century. This book brings it up to date with fresh instruction on floral classics, as well as stunning contemporary designs. With over 400 colour step-by-step photographs to guide the reader through each stitch, Ribbonwork Embroidery demonstrates the speed and simplicity of ribbonwork, and explains how it can be combined with other techniques to add detail and depth to a piece of embroidery.
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  6. A well-illustrated comprehensive guide to both English and Western horseback riding that stresses an understanding of the horse and developing a solid relationship between horse and rider, and organized to follow the natural progression of a new rider.
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  7. Complete Guide to Tracking: Concealment, Night Movement, and All Forms of Pursuit Following Tracks, Trails and Signs, Using 22 SAS Techniques by Bob Carss Only from Mighty Ape
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  8. Nissan Patrol and Ford Maverick Australian Automotive Repair Manual by Tim Imhoff Only from Mighty Ape
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  9. The idea of sending a soccer team into a major war zone might be regarded as the height of lunacy, but in mid-1967 the Australian government approved an invitation to the Australian Soccer Federation to take part in the National Day football...
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  10. This is not your parents� Art and Science of Sails, written by Tom Whidden and Michael Levitt and published in 1990 by St. Martin�s Press. Today there are one-piece sails made over a 3D mold in the shape they will assume in the wind. Sail plans...
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  11. Despite the howling protests from his peers, no one's ever been more willing to spill the beans on what it's really like inside the pro cycling peloton than the sarcastic scribe Phil Gaimon. Building on the outrageous success of his hilarious 2014 debut, Pro Cycling on $10 a Day: From Fat Kid to Euro Pro, Gaimon gathers the absolute gems from his monthly Q&A feature column in VeloNews magazine into his new book, adding a dose of fresh commentary and even more acerbic and sharp-eyed insights. With six years of material to work with - including his incredible rise into the pro ranks, the devastating loss of his contract for 2015, and his bold return to the Big League - Gaimon covers every possible topic from the team dinner table to the toilet with plenty of stops along the way. Gaimon offers wise-ass (and sometimes earnest) answers to fan questions like: * How much chamois cream should I use? * I've started shaving my legs. How can I be accepted by my friends? * What do you do to protect yourself when you know you're about to crash? * How many bikes does my husband really need? * What's the best victory celebration? Do you practice yours? * In women's cycling, what is the proper definition of a pro? * What do you say to someone if they honk or almost hit you? * Do you name your bikes? * What do pros think when they see a recreational cyclist in a full pro kit or riding a pro-level bike? * Can you take your bike apart and put it back together? * How bad does the weather have to be to call off a training ride? * How do you know when it's time to change a tire? * When you're in a breakaway all day, do riders form a future friendship? * Riders keep complaining about 'unsafe' weather at races. When did pro cyclists turn into such wussies? * How do the pros define a 'crash'? Gaimon wields his outsider's wit to cast a cock-eyed gaze at the peculiar manners, mores, and traditions that make the medieval sport of cycling so irresistible to watch. Ask a Pro includes new res
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  12. Beloved by cycling fans for his madcap one-man breakaways as much as his sense of humour and quotable catchphrases, Jens is one of the most popular personalities in cycling. Jens was born near Hamburg, and came up through the East German system before the Wall came down. He got into the national team through the German army, before signing for his first big team. In many ways he is cycling's anti-star; despite arguably spending more time at the front of the Tour de France than any other rider he has only worn the yellow jersey twice as his efforts have always been in the service of others. Jens embodies the best of cycling's qualities - loyalty to his team, sacrifice, and devotion to the sport. He says, "I'm not a head person, I'm more of a heart and guts guy. That's how I race." Shut Up Legs will be a funny, insightful and entertaining look at the tough realities of professional cycling, told in Jens's trademark irreverent and inimitable style.
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  13. Do you know the difference between a Hollywood Backlot Brawl and a Brooklyn Street Fight? Does a No-Disqualification match even have rules? Is Stone Cold Steve Austin legally permitted to drive heavy machinery to the ring? With The Official WWE Book of Rules, you’ll no longer need to ask. Less a formal rule book (because very few things in WWE are formal…) and more a celebration of all things pro wrestling, this complete guide to every aspect of sports-entertainment lays out all of WWE’s rules (many published for the first time) on various documents, including scribbled-on scrap paper, company memos, repurposed reciepts and even decrees from Vince McMahon himself all compiled in a makeshift-seeming folder with exposed binding. With a foreword by Daniel Bryan as well as commentary, revisions, illustrations and diagrams from WWE’s boldest Superstars and authority figures, it’s the ultimate companion to anyone who believes rules were made to be broken.
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  14. The War on the Shore, the Battle of Brookline, the Miracle of Medinah: the Ryder Cup is golf's - and arguably one of international sport's - most intense, high-profile tournaments. Two teams tussle through 28 matches over three days for no prize...
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  15. Karl Ove Knausgaard is sitting at home in SkOne with his wife, four small children and a dog. He is watching football on TV and falls asleep in front of the set. He likes 0-0 draws, cigarettes, coffee and Argentina. Fredrik Ekelund is away, in...
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  16. ?Inoki can use his bare fists. He can use karate. This is serious. There�s $10 million involved. I wouldn�t pull a fraud on the public. This is real. There�s no plan. The blood. The holds. The pain. Everything is going to be real. I�m not here...
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  17. A hands-on, practical survival guide from retired Navy SEAL Clint Emerson�adapted for civilians from actual special forces operations�to eluding pursuers, evading capture, and surviving any dangerous situation. In today�s increasingly dangerous...
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  18. Learn How To Cultivate And Hone That Winning Edge Have you ever dreamed of taking your horsemanship to the next level; have you ever left the arena thinking you could have done better � or wondering why you didn�t? International...
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  19. In eleven short years Australia�s A-League has become one of the most competitive and enertaining sports in this country. It is producing great games, great goals, great players and the most committed fans of any sport. In 2016 any one of five...
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  20. Olympic and World Records is a collection of the finest achievements on sport's greatest platform. Fully updated with special features on the the records set during the London 2012 Games and the new sports - Rugby Sevens and Golf - coming to the...
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