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  1. Carl Paoli delivers a fresh philosophy on training by connecting movement styles to fit your specific purpose. Benefits: Framework for mastering the basics of any human movement Interactive way to learn how the body is designed to move through space and how to interact with our constantly changing surroundings Maximize your efforts in sport and life, regardless of specialty Develop your awareness and tailor any training regimen to meet your unique goals. Learn how to: Turn on and trust your intuition about movement Use tools that help optimize imperfect movement Tap into the universal movement patterns and progressions underlying all disciplines Use Carl Paoli's movement framework to create roadmaps for your physical success Learn what being strong really means Check out our Books & Media Collection HERE!
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  2. “The Complete Equine Emergency Bible” offers comprehensive advice on exactly what to do should you, your horse or a friend become injured when out riding or at the stable yard. Many different topics are covered from minor horse injuries such as surface wounds to more serious accidents such as broken bones or eye injuries. Rider accidents discussed include sprains, concussion and shock. Accident prevention, both in the stable yard and on your horse is also discussed in detail, including safety at home and when out hacking, what to wear and how to avoid problems.
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  3. Fully revised and updated guide with a new bait section and even more Australian fish species detailed!The Australian Fish Guide is an invaluable reference for any angler, freshwater or saltwater, wanting to identify their catch. It contains detailed descriptions and accurate illustrations of each fish, as well as diagrams of the best rigs to catch them. This spiral bound edition features a hardcover and water resistant pages for added strength, making it tough enough to keep in your boat or car.
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  4. It was the story that shocked the world: Russian athletics was revealed to be corrupt from top to bottom, with institutionalised doping used to help the nation's athletes win medals they did not truly deserve. There had always been suspicions, but...
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  5. What if there were a secret ingredient that could make every one of your martial arts techniques better? Not only faster and more powerful, but more likely to slam home to exactly the right target every time? Maybe there is. Timing is the art and...
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  6. Cricket with Kane Williamson by Kane Williamson Only from Mighty Ape
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  7. The Functional Fascial Training With Blackroll is the ultimate guide that explores functional training and fascial fitness methods. Three fascial experts help guide your use of Blackroll rollers, balls and blocks for maximum results and effectiveness. Each writer has a background in sports medicine, exercise physiology and pain therapy. Learn how to take your workout to the next level and to enhance your strength, stability, mobility and balance by performing with the Blackroll rollers. This must-have guide is loaded with training regimes and 42 fully illustrated exercises for an active, pain-free lifestyle and increased flexibility. It’s an ideal way to ensure your body is prepared, stays healthy and fit in the long term. This essential reading explores everything from therapy to sports and teaches you about Blackroll, self-massage, fascia training or functioning training with Blackroll. It’s also an excellent go-to manual for people in a position to guide others to better health, like personal fitness trainers, movement specialists, physiotherapists or bodyworkers. Enhanced performance and reduced injury risk is in your grasp with Blackroll! Practical Use: Includes instructions for 'Self Myofascial Treatment' (SMT) - learning from 3 years of Blackroll Education, as well as functional training exercises and training schedules. 143 Pages Released 2016 About The Authors Marcel Andra is a qualified sports scientist with extensive practical experience as a coach and fascial expert. The former elite athlete was introduced to “foam rolling” through American fitness pros just under ten years ago. Coaching and training people, and working with them to achieve their individual goals, are his greatest passions. Dr. Lutz Graumann is a qualified physician in sports medicine, nutritional medicine, and chiropractic medicine, specialising in promoting and increasing individual performance. Having participated in many different research programs in the USA, Canada, and Europe, he
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  8. This is the most comprehensive and far-reaching guide to surviving in the woods. Forget reality TV stunts like eating bugs, the “Ultimate Guide to Wilderness Living” provides in-depth instructions and step-by-step photos of real survival skills – exactly what one needs to stay alive in the woods. The book first covers immediate needs like starting a fire, erecting temporary shelter, and finding edible plants. Then it goes beyond other survival books by explaining advanced techniques for long-term living in the wild – using only those things found in nature. The authors show how to make tools by chipping stones, fashion a bow-and-arrow out of tree branches, weave baskets, fire primitive pots, build a semi-permanent shelter, and even tan hides. Finally, the authors explain how to bring all these skills together to live in the wilderness for days, weeks, months, or even years.
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  9. No one in Britain knows more about crafting a spoon from greenwood than Barn The Spoon.’ Guardian’London’s most famous and charismatic spoon whittler … King of the whittlers.’ Sunday Telegraph The perfect Christmas present for your aspiring designer/maker.Barn The Spoon, as he’s affectionately known is a rare master craftsman in the art of spoon carving. In this book he generously shares his extraordinary skill, gentle philosophy and his life’s work – designing and carving beautiful spoons that are both a joy to use and hold.The simple, ordinary spoon is part of our everyday lives, intimately entwined with the acts of eating and socialising, from stirring our first cup of coffee to scraping the last bit of pudding from the bowl. And who doesn’t like to spoon in bed? Barn’s spoons will take you on a journey into the new wood culture, from understanding the relationship between wood, the raw material and its majestic origins in our trees and woodland, to the workshop and the axe block, and into your own kitchen. Barn will show you how to use the axe and knife, from how they should feel in your hand to honing the perfect edge when carving your own spoons. Featuring sixteen unique designs in the four main categories of spoon – eating, serving, cooking and measuring spoons, Barn takes you through the nuances of their making, how each design is informed by its function at the table or in the kitchen, and the key skills you will learn – such as creating octagonal handles, manipulating grain patterns and mastering bent branches. Beautiful photography will inspire and act as a blue-print to help perfect your technique.
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  10. With 50 percent updated content, this new edition makes a tantalizing promise: readers can get better results by training less. Includes more sections for novice runners and marathon plans tailored for new qualifying times.
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  11. Fast-Track Triathlete offers busy triathletes a plan of attack for high performance in long-distance triathlon without sacrificing work, life, and relationships. While long-distance triathlon races like the Ironman, Ironman 70.3, Rev 3, and Challenge series carry incredible prestige for triathletes, training for these all-day race events can require 15 or more hours per week—on top of work, family, travel and other time commitments. For many, the Ironman, Ironman 70.3, and long-course triathlon dream has been impossible because of the time commitment. Now in Fast-Track Triathlete, elite triathlon coach and workout-life balance expert Matt Dixon unveils a comprehensive 14-week race prep program that is scalable to fit the training needs of any long-distance triathlete. While coaching his many CEO and high-level executive athletes, Dixon has considered the challenge of long-distance triathlon from every angle. The approach and training plans offered in Fast-Track Triathlete mean that busy triathletes can realize their long-distance triathlon dreams without sacrificing so much to achieve them.
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  12. The long-departed Steve McQueen is still the coolest man on two wheels.Even thirty years after his death, Steve McQueen remains a cultural icon. His image continues to appear in advertising and pop culture and his fan base spans from car lovers to racing enthusiasts to motorcycle obsessives. In his movies, McQueen’s character always had an envy-inducing motorcycle or car, but in his personal life, motorcycles were always McQueen’s first true love. McQueen’s Motorcycles focuses on the bikes that the King of Cool raced and collected.From the first Harley McQueen bought when he was an acting student in New York to the Triumph ‘desert sleds’ and Huskys he desert raced all over California, Mexico, and Nevada, McQueen was never without a stable of two wheelers. His need for speed propelled him from Hollywood into a number of top off-road motorcycle races, including the Baja 1000, Mint 400, Elsinore Grand Prix, and even as a member of the 1964 ISDT team in Europe. Determined to be ahead of the pack, McQueen maintained his body like it was a machine itself. He trained vigorously, weight lifting, running, and studying martial arts. Later in his life, as he backed away from Hollywood, his interests turned to antique bikes and he accumulated an extensive collection, including Harley-Davidson, Indian, Triumph, Brough Superior, Cyclone, BSA, and Ace motorcycles.Today, McQueen still has the Midas touch; anything that was in the man’s possession is a hot commodity. McQueen’s classic motorcycles sell for top dollar at auctions, always at a multiple of what the same bike is worth without the McQueen pedigree. McQueen’s Motorcycles reveals these highly sought-after machines in gorgeous photography and full historical context.
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  13. Lionel Messi, Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo have risen from humble beginnings in Argentina, Brazil and Portugal to rank among the most exciting talents football has ever seen.Now Luca Caioli, author of biographies Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar, asks: ‘Who is the greatest of them all?’ Comparing their contrasting styles, stories, records and awards, he gives you everything you need to decide who comes out on top. With exclusive insights from their friends, families, teammates and managers – including interviews with managers Luiz Felipe Scolari and Vicente del Bosque – Caioli presents a unique insight into what makes a modern player not just successful, but truly great.
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  14. ‘Most of the serious thinking I have done over the past twenty years has been done while running.‘Mark Rowlands has run for most of his life. He has also been a professional philosopher. And for him the two – running and philosophising – are inextricably connected. In Running with the Pack he tells us about the most significant runs of his life – from the entire day he spent running as a boy in Wales, to the runs along French beaches and up Irish mountains with his beloved wolf Brenin, and through Florida swamps more recently with his dog Nina. Woven throughout the book are profound meditations on mortality, middle age and the meaning of life.This is a highly original and moving book that will make the philosophically inclined want to run, and those who love running become intoxicated by philosophical ideas.
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  15. AFL legends Adam Goodes and Michael O’Loughlin are blood brothers and great mates. They are also two of the best footballers ever to play for the Sydney Swans. Between them, they played over 650 games and kicked over 900 goals. But what were Goodesy and Magic like when they were kids? What kind of scrapes did they get into at school? And what was it like to go from being normal teenagers to AFL superstars? Find out all this and much more in Kicking Goals, the story of Adam and Michael’s friendship in their own words, as told to Anita Heiss.
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  16. So you want to be an Avenger? This ultimate mission handbook contains everything you will need to become the newest member of S.H.I.E.L.D.s elite team of superheroes and super spies. This book will equip you with vital facts about each of the...
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  17. Missy Franklin is one of the most talented swimmers in the world. Swimming with Faith: The Missy Franklin Story tells of her rise in fame in the swimming world and humbleness in the sport and her personal life. Missy Franklin is one of the most...
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  18. This gorgeous book celebrates not just an illustrious swimming club on one of the most beautiful spots on Sydney Harbour but also the joy to be found in swimming itself. And while there can be few sensations...
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  19. With more than one million books sold, the author who taught the world to quilt is back again! Internet and television personality Alex Anderson s all-in-one big book includes essential quilting tools, binding basics, and a visual guide to...
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  1. Hyper Extension Multi Sport Helmet - Matte Black Only $19.99 from Catch
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  2. Feber 4x1 Sports Cube Enjoy this Feber Sports Cube 4in1 for your little one who loves sports! Features: -All sports can be implemented by reversing the comfortable cube elements, no further installation required..-Perfect for indoor and outdoor games!.-Distressed: No.Dimensions: -Overall Product Weight: 4.
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  3. Crewsaver Crewfit Life Jackets 165N Sport Inflatable PFD - ManualAny water spot should be fun first. So long as you have covered safety, it invariably will be. There a far too many tragedies on Australian waters because anglers forget or refuse to wear life jackets. Often the reason is not about bravado, or being ‘too cool’ to wear a life jacket. The overriding reason is that so many PFD’s are downright uncomfortable, chafe, inhibit movement, many significantly, and are generally cumbersome.The Crewsaver Crewfit Inflatable PFD 165N Sport now provides no excuse. These high-tech PFD’s are loaded with added safety features, but most importantly, it may just save your life in in a mishap, because you were happy to wear it in the first place. The Crewfit 165N is comfortable, easy to put on and has the flexibility to cater for other sporting apparel and kit such as harnesses.You will see these types of jackets on people such as professional sailors and those that require the full spectrum of movement to complete tasks. Therefore, this model is ideal for the serious and recreational angler, always busy on the boat fishing, or always busy on the rocks.The Crewfit PFD 165N Sport is a no-brainer for the rock hopper and should not only be considered essential kit, it should be and in some parts of Australia is becoming a legal requirement. There is no obstruction, you can carry about your hefty casting and battling large fish in the edge of a watery cliff, with virtually no impediment. For the boatie, it’s kind of obvious, as it is for the kayak angler. It’s not just about crossing the bar. If you’re on board a tightly packed and busy boat. You should wear your PDF all the time.Kite surfers, paddle boarders and jet ski riders will also love the safety, comfort and convenience of the Crewfit 165N for sale now. Deck your boat out with now, or grab one for your own personal fishing kit.Features and SpecificationsISO 12402-3 (150N) approved However with superior buoyancy (165N) this assists you to float higher in the water.Peninsular Chin support – better protection with keeping your airway better protected against waterAdult Fit - for adults 40kgs and overSuits chest size 70-155cmDurable and robust outer coverHalkny Roberts 840 Manual operating headAdjustableOral Tube for inflationWhistle includedLifting becket includedReflective tapeManual OperationBenefitsAdjustable belts and buckles allow you to refine for a perfect comfortable fit.Comfort factor ensures you will be happy to wear the PDF at all times.A whistle and reflective tape, plus attachments for accessories such as lights provides and even greater level of safety.The protective cover makes the PDF suitable for working in tough environments such as a fishing boat or on the ocean rocks.Keeps you floating high in the water. Essential for when there is a swell or a lot of chop and you need to be seen.Comfortable in all situations where a full range of movement is required to perform tasks and duties that require dexterityThe Crewsaver Crewfit Sport Life Jacket 165N inflatable PFD is the perfect PDF selection for the angler. Whether you fish the ocean rocks, paddle a kayak, paddle a paddle board or fishing from a boat, you must have a Crewsaver Crewfit Sport Inflatable PFD 165N for safety and comfort.
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  4. Fuel Storm Sports Water Drink Bottle – BPA FREE – 500ml . New environmentally safe product for children. Great for travel, school or camping.Fuel Storm Sports Water Drink Bottle – BPA FREE – 500ml Details:Constructed from Eastman Tritan™ material which is a BPA-free material that’s tough enough to take on the dishwasherCap cover keeps drinking spout clean and hygienicClip-on hook for easy attachment500ml CapacityDishwasher SafeCoordinates with the everest sandwich box, snack containers and cutleryBPA Free – No PVC – Lead FreeAvailable in 3 colours – Blue, Green, Red 
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  5. Outdoor Sports Bottle Soft Water Bottle Water Cup Mountaineering Cycling Fitness Specification: Size: 300ml, 250ml, 170ml Color: Transparent Material: Plastic Function: Outdoor Sports Bottle Applicable groups: men and women are applicable Features: 1. This sports bottle durable, safe, reliable, convenient insurance. 2. Special flexible inner coating, and never fall off, more durable. 3. Food Grade (PP5 BPA Free) within the non-toxic water-based coating, no smell, health and safety. 4. Running a marathon is suitable for fitness riding mountain climbing and other outdoor activities. Package Included: 1 x water bottle
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