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Strategy First Uber Soldier 2



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1945. The power of an Evil Empire is coming to the end – unified war power of allies has nearly suppressed German military genius. But fascist Germany has always had a trump card more frightening than tanks and airplanes: secret and half-mystical investigations of the UberMacht, the mixture of science and ancient spells, which let enlist potent and threatening powers from the other world! Very far in the mountains of Tibet, in a secret laboratory they conduct monstrous experiments in raising bodies from the dead. A little bit more and legions of reanimated dead people will penetrate into the front line. They are ideal soldiers who do not feel pain and do not know fear! Karl Stolz, as the event has willed, has found himself on the side of the opposing powers, he once again gets the task of special significance. It’s necessary to find the base, camouflaged in the area of a legendary Agartha, the rest is jus t a matter of technique. One man in the field is a warrior! Features: - Improved graphics and physics; - Devilishly sly and subtle AI; - Well-known from the 1st part characters; - A real mass of new enemies; - More dynamic gameplay; - New weapon from the times of the Second World war, it has real prototypes; - New abilities of Karl Stolz – “Uber-sniper” with the effect of «slow motion»; - The system of bonus accumulation; - Dynamic multiplayer (11 levels).

Type Game Shooting