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  1. Music is a voyage of discovery. One that now goes much further with the creation of the ZOOM ARQ Aero RhythmTrak. The ZOOM ARQ Aero RhythmTrak is an all-in-one production and live performance instrument which includes an integrated drum machine, sequencer, synthesizer, looper, and MIDI controller with a built-in accelerometer. Even more, ARQ is freedom. With its wireless Bluetooth® Ring Controller, you can escape the booth, move the music, and get in front of the crowd. The ARQ consists of two powerful components— the Base Station (AR-96) and the detachable Ring Controller (AR-96c). The ARQ Base Station houses 468 drum/instrument sounds ("one-shot" sampled waveform sounds), 70 types of synthesizer sounds, and dozens of digital effects. Dual 1/4" line-level audio inputs enable phrase recording and looping. There are also stereo 1/4" line-level outputs, as well as a dedicated 1/4" headphone jack with its own volume control. A USB port allows connection to your computer, and an SD card slot lets you save patterns and loops, import prerecorded audio, and update firmware. The detachable Ring Controller communicates with the Base Station, as well as DAWs, via wireless Bluetooth. It offers 96 velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads for clip launching and playing drum sounds, instrument sounds, and sequences. Phrases and sounds can be played chromatically, or you can choose from dozens of preset scales in any key. Its unique Grip Detection automatically prevents accidental triggering of the pads under your hand. There are dedicated buttons at the top and bottom of the Ring for REC/PLAY/STOP, as well as Filter/Delay/Reverb/MASTER FX on/off. An onboard 3-axis accelerometer generates MIDI control messages to alter sounds and effects in real time. Its internal Lithium-Ion battery automatically charges when the Ring is placed on the Base Station. Not only does ARQ allow you to create incredible drum parts and patterns, you can also use the Ring Controller as a live instr
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  2. 3Play 4800 is the only multicamera live sports replay system that dramatically enriches the viewing experience for audiences engaging stadium and online fans with slow motion instant replay ingame highlights and social media publishing in every game.
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  3. 3Play 440 a complete integrated sports production system for mobile and regional producers who deliver small to midsized live sports.
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  1. Over the centuries the utilitarian walking stick transformed into an elegant accessory essential to a gentleman's de-rigueur fashion-statement. Its design, shape, and material conveyed one's taste and status. Some sticks hid a long, thin rapier inside, convenient for defence and duelling. Others held flasks, or compasses. The most popular, no doubt, had a wind-up watch set in the knob. The recreation of this Victorian walking stick is both a decorative prop and practical timekeeper. Features: -Walking stick.-Nautical collection.-Style: Models.-Material: Wood.-Best Suited For: Table.-Location: Indoor.-Collection: Nautical.-Distressed: No.Dimensions: -Overall dimensions: 88 cm H x 6.5 cm W x 6.5 cm D.-Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 88.-Overall Width - Side to Side: 6.5.-Overall Depth - Front to Back: 6.5.
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  2. Free Delivery Worldwide : Period Make-up for Studio, Stage and Screen : Spiral bound : Bloomsbury Publishing PLC : 9781408110430 : 1408110431 : 28 Feb 2009 : Striking make-up is a vital part of creating character for film, stage shows and TV. Every period in history has its classic make-up styles. The clear step-by-step instructions, tricks and techniques featured in this book make it your essential guide to re-creating them.
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  3. Finalist – 2008 Book of the Year Award by Foreword MagazineFinalist – 2008 USA Best Book AwardA Comparison of Martial Arts Training & Real-World Violence Experienced martial artist and veteran correction officer Sgt. Rory Miller distills what he has learned from jailhouse brawls, tactical operations and ambushes to explore the differences between martial arts and the subject martial arts were designed to deal with: Violence.Sgt. Miller introduces the myths, metaphors and expectations that most martial artists have about what they will ultimately learn in their dojo. This is then compared with the complexity of the reality of violence. Complexity is one of the recurring themes throughout this work.Section Two examines how to think critically about violence, how to evaluate sources of knowledge and clearly explains the concepts of strategy and tactics.Sections Three and Four focus on the dynamics of violence itself and the predators who perpetuate it. Drawing on hundreds of encounters and thousands of hours spent with criminals Sgt. Miller explains the types of violence; how, where, when and why it develops; the effects of adrenaline; how criminals think, and even the effects of drugs and altered states of consciousness in a fight.Section Five centers on training for violence, and adapting your present training methods to that reality. It discusses the pros and cons of modern and ancient martial arts training and gives a unique insight into early Japanese kata as a military training method.Section Six is all about how to make self-defense work. Miller examines how to look at defense in a broader context, and how to overcome some of your own subconscious resistance to meeting violence with violence.The last section deals with the aftermath—the cost of surviving sudden violence or violent environments, how it can change you for good or bad. It gives advice for supervisors and even for instructors on how to help a student/survivor. You’ll even learn a bit about enlightenment.
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  4. Divided Payment Available-Afterpay/Zippay. Water water everywhereand every drop to drink with the 8 Stage 16L Water Filter.Forget about empty plastic bottles forget about empty pockets rid yourself the hassle of bottled water foreverThis water filtration system is an easy way to enjoy mineral water in the convenience of your home or office. The built-in purifier lets you filter your own water without compromising your health or harming the environment.Affordable and convenient the water filter is easy to install and a breeze to clean. It is as simple a tap water filter as you will find online.The 8 stage filtration system is specially designed to purify your drinking water to the optimum level. The 8 stages assure your water is free of organic contaminants lead and all bacteria in addition to being softened pH stabilised. No more germs no more rust no more bacteria no more bad taste just drinking water at its finest and for a fraction of the cost of a bottled water addiction.Discover the benefits of convenient clean water all of the time. Get this home water filter now and start turning your tap water into pure water. There will never be a reason to go thirsty
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  5. Free Delivery Worldwide : Period Hairstyles for Studio, Stage and Screen : Spiral bound : Bloomsbury Publishing PLC : 9781408109885 : 1408109883 : 28 Feb 2009 : Every period in history has its classic hairstyles. If you need to create a period hairstyle for a film, stage production or fashion shoot, this book is a most trusted companion. With clear instructions and close-up photography showing how to create more than a hundred vintage styles this is a welcome resource for the dressing room.
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  6. 5 Stages Stainless Steel Pressure Pump 1800w 12600l/h
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  7. 5 stage Self-priming High Pressure Water Pump with Automatic Controller This unit has a marine grade motor housing, a stainless steel pump body and is forced-air cooled to reduce heat build-up. This powerful unit is suitable for indoor/weather protected use for general household supply, water transfer, pressure boosting(Not water from ponds, lakes, rivers etc) . Able to pump massive 12,600 litres per hour/ 210 litres per minute this pump is designed for pumping clean tank water which is connected to a system where the water flow is controlled with a tap. Some 2500 watt power draining monsters not only pump up plenty of water but they also pump up your electricity bill!!!! At 1800 watts this pump is much, much cheaper to run and will still pump plenty of tank water for garden irrigation needs. Features: 5 Stage Self Priming Auto Water Pump Stainless steel pump body Forced air cooling motor Built-In Thermal Protection cutoff Max. Pump Rate: 12,600 L/Hr POWER: 1,800 watts / 2.5HP Voltage/Frequency: 240V / 50Hz Max pump height : 58 meters Suction height: 9m Max pressure: 10.0 bar Pipe diameter: 1 inch Weight: 17kg Enamel coated corrosion resistant marine grade cast iron motor Adjustable pressure controller Voltage: 220/240V, 50/60Hz Max Current: 10A Frequency: 50/60Hz Protection grade: IP65 Max. water temperature: 60d Starting pressure: 1.5-3 bar Max power: 1.1kW Max working pressure: 10 bar Connection: 1in male Specifications: Brand: Hydro Active Material: Heavy Duty Stainless steel pump body Type: Self Priming Auto pump Power: 1800w / 2.5hp Unit Weight: 17kg Output: 210L/min (max) Voltage: 240V - 50Hz Bar: 10.0 bar (Max pressure) In The Box: 1 x 1800w Water Pump 1 x Automatic Pump Controller 1 x Instructions Manual Carton Dimensions 63 x 23 x 25cm
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  8. Follow-up to Highest Mountain, Deepest Ocean, this time exploring extraordinary comparisons in the human and natural world through stunning Victorian-style infographics.Have you ever wondered how a dinosaur would measure up against the Great Pyramids of Giza, if a hummingbird could outfly a jet plane, or how many atoms could fit inside a grain of sand? These are just some of the questions explored in this extraordinary book of comparisons.Detailed images drawn to scale, informative text and unexpected visual analogies will help the reader to comprehend just how fast, how strong, how small and how big things really are. With stunning Victorian-style artwork by award-winning illustrator Page Tsou, this visual feast of a compendium will surprise and delight inquisitive minds in equal measure. Peek inside and discover a beetle that is stronger than an elephant, meet the pterosaur that was bigger than a spitfire and explore the furthest reaches of the known universe…
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  9. Abu Salty Stage Light Casting RodsWhile fishing light is certainly not new by any stretch, who would have guessed its extreme proliferation and dominance in contemporary fishing. What this means for the average angler is that there is a huge variety and selection of kit for the light gear angler. Check the sheer number of rods manufactured for light work, it’s staggering. While this has been a boon for affordability, confusion reigns. Which rod should I choose? For those looking for a lightweight spinning rod of excellent quality, at an accessible price, it would be remiss of us not to point you in the direction of the Abu Salty Stage Light Casting Rod spinning models.Whatever your target species, these rods are magic for the rivers, bays, harbours and estuaries. They’re excellent whether you fish salt, fresh and ideal if you dabble in both. Kayak anglers will love them but you can fish them brilliantly from land or your favourite vessel.The blank is a powerful composite, majority graphite for lightweight feel. The hardware is outstanding. Fuji SiC guides with Alconite inserts, and the Fuji ECS/VSS graphite reel seat combine for top shelf performance. The slick styling will turn heads and compliment your overall fishing experience. It’s hard to pick a rival, but in all honesty, there is little need to compare and contrast. The Abu Salty Stage Light Casting Rod spin models will give you all you need, and then some. They’re for sale now and moving quickly. Get one in your shopping trolley now.
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  10. This two piece set combines a perfectly balanced knife with a 2 stage sharpener to maintain the razor sharp edge of the ice tempered stainless steel blade when needed. The Japanese crafted knife is made in one piece from specially formulated stainless steel (Cromova 18) with sand filled handle to create the balance that allows perfect cutting techniques. The matching Japanese made water sharpener is suitable for the 150 bevel. The two stages hone and then sharpen the steel blade for precise and even sharpening. The operation couldn't be simpler - fill it with water and pull the blade through the wheels.
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  11. Divided Payment Available-Afterpay/Zippay. Keep fit stay healthy and burn extra calories with this Genki 2HP Treadmill Gym Equipment with 8 Points Silica Gel Suspension. Equipped with a 2.0 HP Powerful motor this treadmill is definitely your perfect gym equipment at home. The speed range from 1kmh to 15kmh will suit you down to the ground. The large 5rsquorsquo LCD display screen with blue backlit enables you to clearly monitor your workout e.g. distance time calorie speed and heart rate etc. Made of tubular steel the frame is sturdy enough to make this treadmill for sale last for years while ensuring your safety during usage. The computer has 9 installed auto programs and the handlebar has 6 quick speed controls. This exercise machine also has MP3 connection with speakers. Plug it into your mobile phone play your favorite music and enjoy your running time on this electric treadmillnbspSpecially designed with 8 points silica gel suspension this treadmill protects your knees providing new amp safe running experience on the 420mm Anti-static flex-grip running belt. Featuring soft drop hydraulic lowering system you can fold it with no difficulty and store it securely when not in use. This Genki 2HP Treadmill Gym Equipment is your ideal one for safe and productive workout
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  12. The Lifestraw Go 2 Stage Replacement Filter for the LifeStraw Go 2-Stage removes 99.999999% of bacteria and 99.999% of protozoa , while also reducing chemicals, bad tastes and unpleasant odours. This filter uses a two-stage filtration process : an activated carbon capsule, and a hollow fibre micro-filter. The activated carbon capsule: Reduces bad odours and tastes Reduces chlorine Reduces organic chemical matter , such as pesticides, herbicides and VOC. This capsule purifies up to 100L and should be replaced every 3 months. Its microfiltration membrane technology then: Removes 99.999999% of waterborne bacteria Removes 99.999% of waterborne protozoan parasites Reduces turbidity (muddiness), filtering down to 0.2 microns. The LifeStraw Go filters up to 4000L of water in its lifespan. It\u2019s highly effective against waterborne diseases such as: Escherichia coli (E.coli), Salmonella, Cryptosporidium parvum, and Giardia lamblia. It also: Has no aftertaste , as it doesn\u2019t use iodine or iodinated resin chemicals Requires no power or batteries Is chemical- and BPA-free Meets US EPA drinking water standards Meets US FDA food grade standards. Replacement instructions: LifeStraw Go 2-Stage \u2013 unscrew the top cap from the LifeStraw Go 2-Stage Bottle. Gently remove and discard the used filter. Insert the new filter into the top cap and then screw the top cap back into the bottle.
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  13. Features: -Includes 2 doors and 1 drawer.-Material: Timber veneer.-Assembly required.-Unit Type: TV Cabinets.-Style: Traditional / Antique.-Finish / Colour: Dark Wood.-Made in Australia: No.-Storage Cabinets: Yes.-Standard Shelf Space: Yes.-Media Storage Space: Yes.-Storage Drawers: Yes.-Display Space: Yes.-Bookshelf Space: No.-Construction: Wood.-Television Application: Standard Tube 31-60; Standard Tube 61-90; Standard Tube 0-30; Flat Panel 0-30; Flat Panel 31-60; Flat Panel 61-90.-Distressed: No.-Primary Material: Wood -Primary Material Details: Manufactured wood and timber..-Number of Items Included: 1.-Pieces Included: .-Recycled Content: No -Total Recycled Content (Percentage): .-Post-Consumer Content (Percentage): .-Remanufactured/Refurbished: ..Dimensions: -Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 60.-Overall Width - Side to Side: 220.-Overall Depth - Front to Back: 45.7.-Overall Product Weight: 57.4.Assembly: -Assembly Required: No -Tools Needed for Assembly: ..-Installation Required: No -Tools Needed for Installation: ..-Additional Parts Required: No -Parts Needed: ..
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  14. The charcoal wedge studio sound absorption panel is high quality and reliable acoustic foam which is ideal for use with home theatres and recording studios to help flutter echoes while reducing excessive reverberations and reflections. This acoustic foam features a fire retardant design which is safe for use in many areas. It features a high density cell structure, and is able to help with improving vocal clarity and acoustics within a room. With it user friendly design, this foam is able to be easily attached to staples, screws, nails, tacks, Velcro, and glue, and comes available in a charcoal coloured appearance. Features 12 teeth wedge acoustic foam High density acoustic foam cell structure Helps to flutter echoes and reduce excess reflections and reverberation Improves vocal clarity and acoustics of your room Ideal for use in recording studios and home theatres Highly fire retardant Can be easily attached with staples, nails, screws, tacks, glue or Velcro Shape: Wedge Density: 25kg/m3 Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 5cm Area Coverage (per set of 20 Sheets): 1.8m2 Colour: CharcoalProduct Content 20 x Acoustic Foam
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  15. WHITE Sizes: L Features: Style: Men#x27;s Tee Colour: White Material: 100% Cotton Fit type: Regular fit Ribbed crew neckline Soft print to chest; Large soft print to back About the Brand: Polar Skate Co. are based in the city on Malmö Sweden. This skatewear brand was founded by Pontus Alv and produces high quality fashion forward apparel accessories and decks..
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  16. Regular and extra fast actions designed for maximum jig action and fish fighting performance incorporating super lightweight rod design and components. Abu Garcia Salty Stage rods are designed in Japan for the ultimate in micro and light jigging performan
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  17. Make a statement in your home with this fabulous wire side table. Featuring a radius weave pattern, this wire coffee table is contemporary and fun item, which will blend into a range of styles and spaces. This piece is completed with Zinc coating prior to powder coating which will prevent rust, for both indoor and outdoor usage. Features: -Water Resistant.-Weather Resistant.-Zinc Coated.Dimensions: -Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 46.-Overall Width - Side to Side: 38.-Overall Depth - Front to Back: 38.-Overall Product Weight: 3.
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