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  1. The NewTek TriCaster Mini HD-4i Bundle features the compact TriCaster Mini live production switcher along with a dedicated control surface and custom travel case. It is available to accredited educators and institutions and also comes with NewTek's LiveText and Virtual Set Editor software.The all-in-one multimedia solution that allows you to simultaneously broadcast, stream, and record live productions from virtually anywhere. The 16-channel switcher makes it easy to switch between four HDMI cameras, mix audio, add graphics and titles, and add advanced effects like virtual sets and animated transitions. Using the same intuitive and fully featured control software as the rest of the TriCaster professional line, the TriCaster Mini is suited for both new users and seasoned pros. For added convenience, the HD-4i model features a built-in 7 display for viewing the Program output, Preview output, or any input source signal. From the office, an event, or from anywhere...
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  2. The Sony SBAC-US30 USB 3.0 SxS Memory Card Readeris recognized by PCs as a Mass Storage Class ,sono special driver installation is requiredexcept for the SxS UDF driver needed to recognize UDF formatted memory cards. The SBAC-US30 is powered byUSB 3.0bus, sono AC adapter is required. The SBACUS30 card reader is also USB 2.0 backwards compatible. The Sony SBAC-US30 USB 3.0 SxS Memory Card Readerhas one ExpressCard Slot SxS Card Reader. The SuperSpeedUSB 3.0 Interface Card Readeris powered over USB interface.No AC adapter is required. Accepts Sony ExpressCard adapters forreading XQD, SD and MS media
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  3. ADJ’s myDMX 3.0 is a multi-platform DMX control software/hardware system (Windows and OSX Mac compatible). myDMX 3.0 has a new, robust hardware dongle and exciting new features to take greater command of your lightshow.MyDMX 3.0 - May 3, 2017 Edition Now AvailableUpdates:• Selected fixture tab saved when saving a show file• Added shortcut to select BPM mode (including Show Mode shortcut)• Enable different MIDI-mappings on all universes• Add full range MIDI/DMX triggering on channels (you can now choose to control through current preset range or 0-255)• Add option in MIDI mapping dialog to control the entire channel range when mapping a MIDI fader to a channel fader• Color bar added under each channel on the General tab•Updated version of the 3D Visualizer with support for multi-beam LED bars•Various bug fixesDownload this new software for MAC or PC from the “Downloads” section_______________________________________ADJ’s myDMX 3.0 is a multi-platform DMX control software/hardware system (Windows and OSX Mac compatible). myDMX 3.0 has a new, robust hardware dongle and exciting new features to take greater command of your lightshow. Out of the package,myDMX 3.0 software will run in Express Mode; 512 "Live" DMX channels & 60 "Stand Alone" DMX channels(No 3D visualizer,Easy Remote, 8 port contacts or Midi features).However, these features plusother upgrades, includingadditional Live & Stand Alone channelscan be purchasedat myDMX 2.1 and 3.0 interfaces will run in Full mode when running myDMX 2.1 software.If you already own myDMX 2.1 hardware, you can download the myDMX 3.0 software for free from the Downloads tab. Note: it will run in Express Mode. See above for additional details.SpecificationsMinimum System Requirements:• Computer working under Windows 7 or higher, or MAC OS X 10.10 or higher• 1 GHz speed processor• 2 GB Memory (RAM)• 1280*768 pixel screen• OpenGL 3.1 (for 3D)Best Performance System Requirements:• Computer working und
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  4. The Miktek MK300 Large Diaphragm FET condenser will impress the most critical listeners and inspire artists to create their best performance. The MK300 features a great capsule, superior electronics, and as with our other condensers, the MK300 includes as sweet output transformer. The microphone features three switchable polar patterns including cardioid, bidirectional, and omnidirectional. In addition, the MK300 employs a high-pass filter at 100Hz and -10dB pad for recording loud sound sources.The frequency response boasts a full bottom end and a crystal clear top end, yet at the same time, the midrange is honest and open. The microphone produces amazing results when recording acoustic instruments, guitar amps, or as overheads on a drum kit. But of course, the MK300 really excels on vocal applications.The MK300 utilizes a new custom Miktek capsule developed by Miktek engineers, featuring dual 1-inch diaphragms made using 5-micron Mylar with a 0.4-micron layer of evaporated gold. The diaphragm is precisely tensioned and mounted to a carefully tuned backplate to create the finished capsule.The MK300 features advanced circuitry in conjunction with a custom Miktek transformer and, together with the implementation of high-quality components including hand-selected transistors, offers a response reminiscent of highly sought after vintage microphones.The Miktek MK300 is designed to offer Miktek’s signature sound, now at an even greater value.The MK300 is packaged with a swivel mount, in a vinyl case along with the included shock-mount.
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  5. The 3-foot Hosa Speaker Cable combines high-quality components with world-class manufacturing to provide you with years of dependable use. Key Features The 3-foot Hosa Speaker Cable features oxygen-free copper conductors for lower resistance, as well as a black PVC jacket for flexibility and durability. The Cable features a 12 AWG x 2 OFC conductor, as well as a Neutrik speakON to same connector. The Cable is intended for high-current applications only, not line-level signals.Shop with
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  6. The set of 10 metro sound absorption panels is high quality, high density acoustic foam which is designed to help reduce excessive reverberations and reflections while helping to flutter echoes. This acoustic foam improves vocal clarity and acoustics within a room, and is a great choice for home theatres and recording studios. It is made with high fire retardant materials and is able to be installed and attached to any wall, ceiling or floor with the use of glue, nails, screws, staples, Velcro, and tacks. This acoustic foam is black in colour, and is designed with a user friendly egg shell shape. Features High density metro acoustic foam Helps to flutter echoes and reduce excess reflections and reverberation Improves vocal clarity and acoustics of your room Ideal for use in recording studios and home theatres Highly fire retardant Can be easily attached with staples, nails, screws, tacks, glue or Velcro Specafications Shape: Metro Density: 25kg/m3 Area Coverage (per set of 4 Sheets): 1m2 Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 5cm Colour: Black Product Content 10 x Acoustic Foam
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  7. The wedge sound absorption foam panel set is made of powerful and reliable acoustic foam which is designed to help with improving acoustics and vocal clarity in a recording studio or home theatre. This acoustic foam comes highly fire retardant, and is designed to help flutter echoes while reducing excess reflections and reverberations. It also features a high density foam cell structure, and is able to promote easy attachment to walls, floors, and ceilings with staples, nails, tacks, screws, glue and Velcro. Complete with a black coloured appearance, this foam is ideal for providing a professional look within any room. Features 12 teeth wedge acoustic foam High density acoustic foam cell structure for maximum noise absorption Helps to flutter echoes and reduce excess reflections and reverberation Improves vocal clarity and acoustics of your room Ideal for use in recording studios and home theatres Highly fire retardant Can be easily attached with staples, nails, screws, tacks, glue or Velcro Shape: Wedge Density: 25kg/m3 Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 5cm Area Coverage (per set of 20 Sheets): 1.8m2 Colour: Black Product Content 20 x Acoustic Foam
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  8. YouOKLight 3pcs AC 85 - 265V E26 / E27 3W 3 LEDs RGB Bulb
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  9. 3 LED RGB Crystal Stage Ball Light
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  10. This cable is designed to connect an audio device with a mini stereo phone output to pro audio gear with unbalanced phone inputs. It is ideal for connecting a portable media player, laptop, or similar device to a mixing console. Features Nickel-plated REAN®plugs for efficient signal transfer and superior durability 24 AWG Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) conductors for enhanced signal clarity 90% OFC spiral shields for a higher signal to noise ratio
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  11. This cable is designed to adapt a 5-pin DMX512 output to a 3-pin DMX512 input. 3-conductor cable omits optional secondary data communication from receiver to source. Features XLR connectors with internal strain relief for rugged reliability Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) conductors for enhanced signal clarity Hi-density OFC braided shield for superior EMI and RFI rejection
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  12. Listen in style with this retro, multifunctional 3-in-1 audio entertainment system. On-trend retro style Plays 33/45/78 RPM records and CDs Play other MP3 files through your smartphone Built in stereo speakers Built in FM radio Compatible with external sound systems that use coaxial digital audio input Not only can you blast all your favourite tunes from one handy device, you can also rip music from your records and CDs and save them straight to USB.
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  13. The VS123HD 3-port HDMI Auto Switch features three prioritized HDMI input ports. If the active HDMI source is turned off, disconnected, or otherwise lost, the switch automatically selects the next available HDMI signal as the priority output, ensuring the display is always receiving a signal.
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  14. Stream your music effortlessly to any stereo or standalone speaker, with the stunning TP-Link HA100 Bluetooth Music Receiver. This compact, high range device connects up to to any stereo supporting 3.5mm or RCA jacks - transmitting up to 20 metres away, within direct line of sight. Using any smart phone or tablet, the HA100 Bluetooth Music Receiver also is also compatible with NFC Tag for instant connectivity, and remembers up to 8 devices for automatic pairing.
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  15. Buffalo EQ, DI Guitar Pedal - Gen 3 The MOEN MO-BA GEN3 Buffalo is a DI pedal with a 3 band equalizer with swept mids. The Gen3 improves on the Gen2 with the newly added ground lift switch. The strong metal casing makes it perfect for use as a DI on stage, and the 3 band EQ is easy to use with 6 large controller knobs, and stompbox-style on/off switch. Low Low Frequency Knob Mid Mid Frequency Knob Freq Mid Frequency Sweeper Knob Hi High Frequency Knob Attn Attenuation Knob of Input Signal. Clockwise attenuates the singal. Volume Output Level Knob, affects to TOAMP/BAL/UNBAL/Headphone Included MOEN MO-PA 9v Linear Power Supply The Australian MOEN regulated 9v AC adapter / power supply is built for the MOEN range of guitar effect pedals, though can also be used with many other guitar pedals on the market. With 500mA of current this power supply can power many pedals at the one time with the use of a daisy chain cable. The MO-PA is a linear design and so there is far less chance of introducing noise when compared to a switch mode design. Features: Separate Equalizer switch is perfect for RHYTHM/SOLO Switching. Low/Mid/High and Mid-Tone Shift EQ-ing, wide adjustable tone Attenuation control for proper effect/pre-amp blending Output without Speaker Simulation for Monitor Amplifiers Speaker Simulation output (Balanced/Unbalanced) for live or recording Headphone out, makes an excellent personal practice amp Strong Metal Casing Ground lift switch Signal Flow: IN -> EQ(on/off by switch) -> clean buffer -> TO AMP IN -> EQ(on/off by switch) -> clean buffer -> AMP Simulation circuit -> XLR output & Unbalanced & Headphone outputs. Power Supply: Linear DC9V (included) or 9V battery (not included) Model: MO-BA | Manual | User Reviews | Although these pedals are designed for electric guitar, their analog design makes them compatible with most other electric instruments, including microphones. Visit this link for information about all types of guitar eff
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  16. SWAMP Balanced 3.5mm (Mini-Jack) to XLR(f) Cable Balanced XLR output to 3.5mm input This cable is wired with 2 conductors, and will carry a balanced signal between devices with a XLR(female) output and 3.5mm input. Important Note - this cable has 'balanced wiring', many users require 'balanced to stereo' wiring This cable is constructed with 'balanced wiring' or standard 'pin to pin' wiring. However, most users requiring this type of cable are connecting a 'balanced output', into a 'stereo input', therefore a different type of wiring is required to ensure the signal from XLR output, is taken to both the Left and Right channels of the stereo input. View our 'balanced to stereo' wiring version of this cable here. Quality Cable and connectors Using professional quality Yongsheng connectors, OFC conductors and a braided ground shield , this cable is designed to transfer your signal without interference and can withstand the rigours of constant use. Specifications: Conductor Gauge: 2x (0.12mm*20) Conductor Cores: 2x (0.12mm*50) Ground Cores: BRAIDED (0.12mm*2*16) Connectors: 3.5mm (1/8") - XLR(f) ( Yongsheng YS231L-B, YS164) Wiring: 3.5mm (Tip, Ring, Sleeve) - XLR (Pin2, Pin3, Pin1) Length: 150cm
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  17. Manfrotto 017 Caster Set for Light Stands for 3086, QL, 3351, 3360, 3361, 3362 - Set of 3 Only from Rubber Monkey
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  18. 9.SOLUTIONS Python Clamp with 3/8" Male Thread Only from Rubber Monkey
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  19. &p&3G&HD&SD SDI Recloking Video Distribution Amplifier &1in&3out& Supports up to 1080p60. HD&SDI distribution amplifier Inside cable equalizer && re&clocker&&p&
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  20. &p&Digital Forecast UHD M&DA SD&HD&FHD&6G&12G UHD Distribution Amplifier with Re&clocker and Equalizer &1 input & 3 outputs&&&p&
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    Free Delivery Worldwide : Quantum Groups : Hardback : Springer-Verlag New York Inc. : 9780387943701 : 0387943706 : 01 Oct 1995 : Here is an introduction to the theory of quantum groups with emphasis on the spectacular connections with knot theory and Drinfeld's recent fundamental contributions. It presents the quantum groups attached to SL2 as well as the basic concepts of the theory of Hopf algebras.
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    Free Delivery Worldwide : The Illogic of Kassel : Paperback : New Directions Publishing Corporation : 9780811221498 : 0811221490 : 09 Jun 2015 : First published in 2015 as New Directions Paperbook 1307.
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    Free Delivery Worldwide : Black Bird of the Gallows : Hardback : Entangled Publishing : 9781633758148 : 1633758141 : 05 Sep 2017 : Where harbingers of death appear, the morgues will soon be full. Angie Dovage can tell the mysterious new boy next door is more than he appears, but she can't imagine his presence signals a tragedy that will devastate her small town. But when a grotesque, otherworldly man tries to attack her and Reece comes to her rescue, everything changes.
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    SWAMP Small Band PA Package This PA package from SWAMP is an excellent choice for the solo performer, duo, and small band to use in a live application or in a rehearsal space. Included in the package is an 8 channel mixing Desk, 2 powered speakers with stands, 2 XLR microphone cables, an instrument DI and iPod cable. SWAMP PAJ12 2-way, Bi-Amped, 180W RMS Powered PA Speaker The PAJ12 is SWAMP's all-round workhorse PA speaker, with a bi-amped design with a clear, rounded, full range sound delivering power of 180W RMS (bi-amp configuration) and 250W at peak levels. Ideal for use as a FOH speaker in small pub or club shows, the slanted speaker box design also allows the PAJ12 to be used effectively for stage floor monitoring as well, with a precise mid range and flexible EQ control to ward off unwanted feedback. SWAMP S8-MK2 Mixing Desk - 4 XLR Mic Preamp Inputs - USB Audio Interface The SWAMP S-MK2 Series mixers combine excellent build quality and stunning sound performance in a compact, rack mountable design (19 rack mounts included). The desk includes on-board compressors for the 4 XLR channels, 3 band EQ, pre or post AUX sends and internal effects control. The S8-MK2 has 1/4 aux and XLR main outputs to send to your speakers, and a dedicated high quality Stereo USB output enabling you to record your performance or rehearsal straight from the desk into your computer. SWAMP Passive Direct Box A DI box is used for transforming a high-impedance, unbalanced instrument signal into a low-impedance, balanced output. It is ideal for connecting an acoustic guitar or keyboard to an XLR input on the mixing desk, ensuring a quality balanced signal level reaches your PA free of hiss or ground hums. Plugging a guitar or keyboard directly into 1/4 Line Level input is not recommended. A pair of Stylish Design Tripod PA Speaker Stand Constructed from 35mm steel tubing this is a strong and durable speaker stand designed for all PA and DJ speakers featuring the standard 35mm speaker stand hole. 3.5mm Mini-Jack to Dual 1/4 Jack Cable Used to connect an iPod / iPhone / Smartphone or laptop to the mixer, or alternatively, from the stereo outputs on the mixer, into a stereo 3.5mm line in jack on a PC sound card. Three SWAMP Balanced Microphone Cables - 2x 10m and 1x 5m Included are 2x long 10 metre XLR cables for connecting the two Main outputs on the mixing desk to the Line input on each of the powered speakers. Another 5 metre XLR cable is provided to connect the DI box to an input on the mixing desk . Package Includes: 2x PAJ12 180W RMS Powered Speakers 1x S8-MK2 8 Channel Mixer 2x Heavy Duty Speaker Stands 1x DB-1 Passive DI Box 1x iPod Cable 2x XLR Microphone Cables - 10 metre 1x XLR Microphone Cables - 5 metre
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