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Swimming Pool and Spa Supplies 7 in 1 33cc

  1. Poolrite pumps are made in Australia and have been recognized by their quality, durability and quiet operation.Features and Benefits:Clear pump cover provides a full view of its operationEasy access to the lint pot with swing-aside knobsLarge capacity StrainerGlass reinforced closed face impellerDiffuser for low noise operationCorrosion-proof resins used in all moulded componentsDouble insulated, heavy duty motorThermal overload protection mechanismsEasy plumbing thanks to quick connect unions on suction and discharge portsSuits residential and commercial installationsIP44 ratedSuction/output pipe size: 40 and 50 mmMade in AustraliaIdeal for replacing an SQ series Pump:This Pump is a direct replacement for the SQ series Pumps. It will fit straight in, without any plumbing required.
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  2. Onga's Bullshark is the result of adding performance features and higher grade materials to the proven technology used in the Hammerhead - the best selling pool cleaner in the world. With the Bullshark, Onga raised pool cleaning performance and durability to a new level, second to none. They transformed best into better. Made with the latest, highest grade premium materials in one of the most advanced factories in Europe, the Bullshark is the most durable suction pool cleaner in Australia. As the Bullshark uses Onga's Silent Flapper technology, it does not require replacing diaphragms. The Flapper is the only moving part and comes with a life-time warranty.Benefits:High Performance: Its sleek and compact design lets it travel around the pool in a fast and efficient manner, cleaning all areas including floor, walls, steps and sides.Silent Operation: Thanks to its Silent Flapper technology, it relentlessly picks up dirt and debris with no fuss.Highly Dependable: Its core technology has been proven on more than 2 million pools worldwide. Its design is minimalist and robust.Durable: Made with the highest grade components available in the world, this is the most durable suction cleaner in the Australian Market. It comprises of only one moving part, the flapper, which is covered by a life-time warrantyBest Value for Money: When price, performance and durability are taken into account, the Bullshark delivers better value for money than any other suction pool cleaner in the market hands down.Easy to Setup: Comes almost fully assembled out of the box. Just add the seal, and plug the hoses and it is ready to go.3 Years Warranty: backed by the largest pool equipment company in the world. The flapper, which is the only moving component, is backed with a life-time warranty.Suitable for all Pool Surfaces.Key Features:Silent Flapper: This sole operational moving part creates the kinetic energy that powers Hammer Head around your pool. It is a simple and dependable propulsion syste
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  3. Ease away foot aches and pain in the Foot Spa with TRU-HEAT from Homedics. Soothing bubbles, vibration massage, magnetic theory and soothing heating offer a 4 in 1 relaxation experience. Relaxing Foot Spa The built-in TRU-HEAT heater ensures the perfect water temperature to sooth your feet and maintain warmth. Bubble strips offer increased relaxation for your soles. Generous Size Suitable for large feet (fits up to UK size 12), the Homedics Foot Spa with True Heat includes an easy to pour water
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  4. Our unique ripple design eliminates water evaporation by over 98% Inbuilt UV stabilisation makes the Solar Cover Pool Blanket perfect for the Australian climate. So lightweight and easy-to-use that even the kids can handle it! Save on your household bills by minimising heat loss. Frees up your time with less cleaning required. Genuine 400 micron bubble
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  5. Stainless-steel design Three wide, non-slip steps Sturdy handrails Rated for weights up to 110kg Universal fit to all standard rectangular pools Easy DIY mounting
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  6. Another Fantastic item from BARILOCHE comes this 3-Step Pool Ladder. The 3-Step Pool Ladder is the perfect finishing touch to your home pool. Intended to aid swimmers into and out of the pool, this ladder is comprised of durable stainless steel, and will never rust or corrode because of harsh pool chemicals. Three plastic steps are firmly fastened to the steel poles, giving the swimmer an easy and safe entrance and exit, and these steps are slotted to provide extra grip for maximum safety. Assembly is required, and all necessary hardware as well as easy-to-follow installation instructions are included. The pool ladder is universal and is designed to fit all standard pools. You've got the pool; now don't forget the ladder! Make sure you and your guests enjoy safety and convenience along with the summer fun with the 3-Step Pool Ladder. Features of the 3-Step Pool Ladder: Stainless steel poles with 3 plastic slotted steps Universal; will fit all standard rectangular pools Ladder dimensions: 157 x 50 x 62 cm (L x W x D), 42mm diameter tubing Carton dimensions: 168 x 7 x 71 cm (L x W x D) Gross weight: 8.1 kgs / Net weight: 6 kgs Rubber Bumbers Assembly required; instructions included
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  7. Garden Hose 7 Pattern Nozzle
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  8. Bestway children's play pool with canopy and mist sprayer. Hours of fun!
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  9. Professional grade test strips Tests for: Total Hardness, Total Chlorine, Total Bromine, Free Chlorine, pH, Total Alkalinity, and Stabiliser (Cyanuric Acid). stip_tags
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  10. To ensure your pool stays clear and healthy it is recommended to test your pool water at least once per week. For the most accurate results, we recommend testing your pool water twice (once at each end) and taking the average of the two results.Note: For use with pools & spas using chlorine only Tests for: Free Chlorine, pH, Total Alkalinity and Cyanuric Acid / Stabiliserstip_tags
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  11. If you have a pool cover but are sick of having to pull it in and out of the water, then invest in a pool roller reel like this! Made from sturdy aluminium with a low friction crank wheel, reeling in the solar or pool blanket is a job 'done' in seconds. Just wind the blanket in and roll the roller out of the way with its not slip, sturdy base wheels. Will take up to 60 kilograms of weighted blanket and can adjust for blanket lengths of between 2.1 and 6 metres. Relax this summer, knowing when the family has finished swimming, its only a few minutes before your pool blanket will be back on and your pool will be protected from leaves and debris until the next swim! Note: Pool cover is not included. Features Stainless steel frame with full adjustability Adjustable length 2.1 - 6m Sturdy aluminium alloy telescopic poles Low-friction crank wheel Solid blanket security lock Non-slip spinning wheel design Easy operation and maintenance Comes with heavy-duty securing straps and buckles Specifications Material: Aluminium Length: 2.1-6m Loading capacity: 60kg Telescopic pole: 1.8m x 8pcs Weight: 11kg Colour: Blue Product Content 1 x Aluminium Pool Roller 8 x Blanket Clip 8 x Security Strap 1 set x Hardware Pack 1 set x Assembly Manual
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  12. Not just any island, one you can put up when you feel summer time beckoning, and deflate when the weather cools down. Great for pool parties or down at your favourite river, lake or lagoon. This ?????Bestway????? floating island comes with mesh bottom keeps you cool under the heat. Fill up the centre with water when you are on dry land and you have your own mini pool!Easily seats four with comfortable inflated padding through out. Imaine the fun you will have! It even comes with its own cup holders and coolers so you can enjoy a tropical cocktail or two with the family. What are you waiting for?! Features 4-person inflatable floating island Ideal pool, lake or river water toy 18.0 / 16.0ga. (0.45 / 0.40 mm) sturdy pre-tested vinyl Screw valve All-round grab rope with built-in grommets Premium construction with backrest Cool mesh bottoms 2 built-in coolers 4 cup holders Heavy-duty repair patch Specifications Brand: Bestway Size: 2.57 x 2.57M Max. load capacity: 360KG Number of users: 4 adults Package Content 1 x Bestway Inflatable Island 1 x Patch Repair Kit
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  13. Solar pumps are specially designed to be powered by solar panels alone, without the need for batteries, generators or mains power... pumping when the sun is shining - saving money & resources.The pump controller drives the high efficiency brushless DC pump motor, utilising the latest Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology to ensure maximum flow is delivered under all light conditions.The controller also protects the pump from frequent start up in low light conditions, overheating & running dry. Batteries can also be connected via the controller if you need the flexibilty of pumping on demand at any time.Package Includes:1200W Brushless DC Pool PumpMPPT Solar Pump Controller8 x 250W Solar PanelsSpecifications:Maximum Head: 19mMaximum Flow: 31 m3 per hourPump Power: 1200W 72vSolar Panels: 8 x 250wInlet / Outlet: 2.5 inch
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  14. Climb Wall Above/In Ground Auto Swimming Pool Cleaner Vacuum With Barraduca Diaphragm 10m Hose This pool cleaner is desinged for above/in ground pool Climb wall with barraduca diaphragm Barraduca diaphragm type of pool cleaner is latest design it last longer and does better job Clean walls as well. Anti stick design Speed regulator to adjust suction power Set up within 10 min Does not require any electricity as its function is operated by the suction of the pump come with a few connecters to suit most pool condition come with 10m long hose The pool pump need to be at least 0.50 hp (1000gal/h or 3m3/h) Only work on hard and smooth surface only, may not work on peddle or splash pool
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  15. BN Climb Wall Above/In Ground Automatic Swimming Pool Auto Cleaner Vacuum With 10m Hose This pool cleaner is desinged for above/in ground pool Clean walls as well. Set up within 10 min come with a few connecter to suit most pool condition come with 10m long hose The pool pump need to be at least 3/4 hp Only work on hard and smooth surface only
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  16. Replacement Polaris Screw, 6-32 x 1/2" SS Pan Head C32 for the Polaris 180 Automatic Pool Cleaner
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  17. Bolt-Hhd #8-32X1/2 In 10-Pack is a replacement part for your Hayward Makoshark2 Pool Cleaner.
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  18. Eighteen Pack of Reducers for Polaris Caretaker Cleaning Head (2 1/2 inch X 2 inch).
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  19. AA Manufacturing 2 inch T-Valve and Clip Assembly (1 of Each)Press In Style.Replacement for Magna Sweep, Quick Clean, California Clean, Turbo Clean, Auto Clean, and Smart Clean In-Floor Cleaning Systems.
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    Swimsport's Supavac / Supa Vac - It Cleans! It Empties! Underwater Vacuum and Ventury Pump The Supa Vac Pool Water Care Maintenance Kit allows you to quickly clean an average spa or splasher pool in just minutes. This underwater vacuum set uses your water hose and jet suction so no additional poles or pumps are needed.It can also be used not only to clean, but also to empty the pool or pond. Simply connect the supplied venturi attachment to the rear of the supa vac.Highlights:Suitable for Above & Inground  ground, splasher & paddling pool, Portable & inground spas, Fountains, ponds and water featuresVenturi designed vacuum cleaner takes no time to suck up all the bits lying on the floor.Can  be used to empty your pool using your garden hose when you need to refresh the water.2.5m long Drainage hose.Filter sock to collect debris.1.2m Telescopic pole in three easy to assemble sectionsGarden hose connection.Accesories included (see below)Quick Clean: Simply fit the Filter Sock to the rear of the Supa Vac with the retaining clip provided, connect your garden hose, turn on the tap, and the venturi action will quickly vacuum the dirty waste material into the attached filter sock.Easy Empty Supa Vac provides a simple solution to the problem of how to empty any pool, pond or fountain which does not have a pump, filter or discharge equipment. It is alo ideal for emptying spa pools which are not fitted with sufficient drainage equipment. Simply connect the Venturi Pump Attachment (supplied) and fit the drainage house (supplied) to the barbed fitting. Immerse the supa vac below the water surface and turn on the tap.Kit Contents: Supa Vac Underwater VacuumVenturi pump attachment. Filter Sock (to collect debris) Filter sock retaining clip. 2.5m Drainage hose (for emptying)1.2 m telescopic pole. Snap fit garden hose connection (Australian Standard)About the Supa Vac: This is the original Supavac, designed and manufactured by Swimsafe(tm), an Australian innovative company based in Brisbane. 
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    Save money, water, and the environment with our swimming pool solar coves. All our pool blankets are Smart-Watermark Approved and UV-Stabilised. Maximise your time enjoying your pool instead of cleaning it, by keeping leaf litter and bugs out and reducing the chances of your filter clogging with this 400 micron pool cover. Reduce Evaporation By Over 97% Genuine 400 micron technology means your pool cover will last longer than the thinner ones on the market. Plus it will provide greater heat retention and will be more effective in reducing water evaporation - by up to 97%!! Save Water Save On Chemicals Reduce your rate of evaporation and youll also reduce the amount you spend on chemicals for your pool. Win-Win! These heavy duty covers are made from the highest quality material which is salt, chlorine, and sun resistant. Features: Increase temperature by 4-6 degrees Reduce overnight heat loss Retains gained heat Provides insulation against cold overnight air temperatures Prevent indoor condensation Reduce water evaporation by over 97% Save over 50% on chemical costs Blocks leaves and dirt In The Box: 1 x Cover 7m x 4m Always use with the bubble side down. Bubble shape may vary. Store in the shade when not in use.
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    Maintain a crystal clear and sparkling pool or spa that everybody loves with the New Protege Self-Priming 1200W Electric Swimming Pool Pump. Thanks to its super-efficient IP55 1200W 1.6HP Electric Motor, you can save significant time and money - truly the industry's most energy efficient filtration pump.The Protege 1200W Electric Swimming Pool Pump takes care of cleaning, filtration and chlorine/salt distribution. It features a revolutionised removable strainer basket with a built-in thermal overload protection - as the water circulates and passes through the filter, it leaves your pool squeaky clean, free from leaves, hair strands, debris and other impurities.The Ultra series is designed to work in harmony with both your filtering unit and pool cleaner (Kreepy Krawly) and will power along throughout the day. The fine filter basket ensures debris does not enter the pump, ensuring trouble free operation and extended life of filter sand.PLUS! This latest Protege series feature a thermoplastic filter cartridge and tank body, engineered to stand-up to pool salt, chlorine and a host of other regular pool chemicals.As is the case with all Protege pumps, the Ultra series is constructed with longevity in mind and employs extensive use of corrosion proof materials along with all chemicals commonly associated with pool maintenance. The PS16 can refresh up to a 80,000 Litre pool in less than 3 hours, making it ideal for most Aussie backyards - meaning if the capacity of your pool or spa is <80,000 Litres (average pool size) the Ultra series is ideal.Designed for permanent installation, the Ultra series offers the very best in Set-n-Forget pool maintenance.Make no mistake, Protege are the online industry leaders with unparalleled quality comparable to that of pumps retailing for more than $800 - a bold statement backed up by an extensive 1 Year Warranty!.Whether you're updating an existing unit or completing a new installation, choose Protege pumps Ultra Series for year round peace of mind. BUY NOW!Protege - the leader in pump innovation.
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    The unique world-first hand-held cartridge filter cleaner Makes cartridge cleaning quick and easy. This patent pending device drastically reduces the time, effort and mess involved in cleaning cartridges. Eight fingers and 8 fan nozzles open and clean 8 pleats at one time. No Splash Back. Improved on/off switch & hose connection.A simple connection to your garden hose is all you need. Purpose made for cartridge filters, at the flick of a button it separates and cleans 8 pleats at a time.The separate fingers open the pleats and the 8 individual jet nozzles each spray a wide high-pressure radius of water to flush and clean both sides of the pleat in one single downward stroke! Reducing filter cleaning time by up to 50%. Saving water and giving you more time to enjoy your spa or pool.The downward stroke action and eight individual micro jets helps prevent any messy spray back. Keeping you clean as well!Highlights: Unique, world-first hand-held cartridge filter cleanerMakes cartridge cleaning quick and easy8 fingers to open pleats8 x 180 degree fan nozzles to flush and cleanNo splash backHandy on/off switchOperates using a standard garden hoseUses less water than conventional cleaning methods
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    Headed to the pool for a bit of fun this weekend? What better way to spend a hot summer weekend than to spend it in the pool. Be sure to take along the turtle Caddy Refreshments float when you head to the pool. This floating bar has a place to set drinks and snacks. You will never have to get out of the pool to stay hydrated or to grab a quick snack.Key Features:Attractive and convenient way to cool and serve everyone's favourite drink.The floating serving centre features drink pockets and a snack tray.Heavy-gauge vinyl construction.Size: 76cm
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