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Tannoy DC4T



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The Tannoy Revolution DC4T Speakers are a superior, full-range, floorstanding speakers with exceptional imaging and detail wrapped up in a beautifully finished, stylish cabinet. Tannoy's famous dual-concentric driver (in which the high-frequency tweeter is mounted within the centre of the low-frequency woofer) generates a superior stereo image by delivering a full frequency response from a single point. The Revolution DC4Ts exceptionally well-built, real wood veneered cabinets have a distinctive shape with gently angled, non-parallel sides and heavy internal bracing to eliminate the damaging effects of cabinet resonances on overall sound quality. However Tannoy don't only use the finest materials on the outside of the cabinet; the quality and attention to detail run all the way through. High quality crossovers featuring audiophile grade capacitors and silver plated internal wiring preserve the purity of the signal delivered to the drivers, ensuring you get the most accurate, satisfying musical results. With the DC4T's additional bass driver these compact floorstanders deliver music with the full scale and bass power sometimes needed to give a convincing performance, whilst keeping the clarity and detail that makes the Revolution range stand out from the competition.

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