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  1. Complimentary Shipping within Australia Dispatch from Brisbane within 1 Business Day International Shipping Available Express Shipping Available 60 Day ReturnsFeaturing the bare-handed, backwoods, animal-trapping skills of "Turtleman" Ernie Brown, In his third snapperlicious series Ernie and his crew is now busier than ever - protecting homes and businesses from new and wilder varmints including coyotes, llamas, venomous snakes, pigeons, skunks, raccoons and even bulls! Assisted by his crew of backwoods buddies, aptly named "Team Turtle" and featuring banjo-toting Neal James, the "Live Action" is at an all-time high, and Turtleman isn't leaving any stones (or ponds) unturned. And with winter quickly approaching, a little cold weather isn't going to stop this turtle team from seeking out critters in new and exotic locations.ActorErnie Brown Jr.ActorsErnie Brown Jr.Box SetNoGenreRealityNumber of Discs3OFLCPGPlayers LocalNoRetails Rating5.0Run Time440Second HandNoStock TypeMovieTV SeriesYesYear Made2014
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  2. Complimentary Shipping within Australia Dispatch from Brisbane within 1 Business Day International Shipping Available Express Shipping Available 60 Day ReturnsBrideshead Revisited is based on Evelyn Waugh's classic novel. Jeremy Irons stars as Charles Ryder, a disillusioned army captain who is moved to reflect on his languid days in the enchanted castle that was Brideshead, home of the aristocratic Marchmain family whose acquaintance Charles made in the company of Oxford classmate, the charming wild-child Sebastian.Anthony Andrews co-stars as the doomed Sebastian. Sebastian takes Charles under his wing but vows early on that he is not going to let Charles get mixed up with his family. But mixed up Charles gets. He becomes a friend and confidante, not to mention a lover, to Sebastian's sister Julia (Diana Quick). Meanwhile, the self-destructive Sebastian's life spirals out of control.Brideshead Revisited boasts a distinguished ensemble cast, including Laurence Olivier in his Emmy Award-winning role as the exiled Lord Merchmain, Claire Bloom as Lady Merchmain, and the magnificent John Gielgud as Charles' estranged father. Grand locations and a haunting musical score make this a memorable revisit of an irretrievable bygone era.ActorAnthony AndrewsActorsAnthony Andrews, Jeremy IronsBox SetNoGenreDramaNumber of Discs4OFLCMPlayers LocalNoRetails Rating5.0Run Time660Second HandNoStock TypeMovieTV SeriesYesYear Made1981
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  3. Winter Is Here The long winter is here. Throughout seven thrilling episodes, the penultimate Season 7 focuses on a convergence of armies and attitudes that have been brewing for years. As the season begins, Daenerys Targaryen--accompanied by her Unsullied army and emboldened by Dothraki/Ironborn allies and her lethal trio of dragons--has finally set sail for Westeros with Tyrion Lannister, her newly appointed Hand. Jon Snow has apparently consolidated power in the North after his spectacular conquest of Ramsay Bolton and the return of Winterfell to Stark control. In King's Landing, Cersei Lannister, bereft of any surviving heirs, has successfully seized the Iron Throne. But as these and other factions drive towards new alliances or (more likely) violent conflicts, the cold specter of another, apocalyptic threat--in the form of an army of undead White Walker--threatens to undermine the status quo and obliterate the outcome of these smaller, all-too-human rivalries. Includes Limited Edition Disc - 'Conquest & Rebellion' bonus, containing: •An animated companion to Game of Thrones •Written by show writer Dave Hill •Beautifully illustrated and animated •Narrated by fan favourite characters from the show •Clio award winning animation •The story of how the Seven Kingdoms became one •Run time: 45 mins
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  4. Join a quirky team of misfit coroners willing to put their forensic skills to the test! Relive some of your favorite Crossing Jordan moments from this Complete Collection available for the first time ever! Smart, conflicted and unconventional, Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh (Jill Hennessy) is a forensic pathologist whose obsession for solving homicides goes beyond the autopsy table. But the driving force behind her hard-core, unorthodox investigative style is the one crime she hasn't been able to solve - her mother's murder.
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  5. Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie - a.k.a. Flight of the Conchords - have been living in New York in the hopes of forging a successful music career. Unfortunately, despite their status as "New Zealand's 4th Most Popular Folk Parody Duo," fame and notoriety continue to elude them. Helping them navigate the strange new world of the Big Apple are Murray, their devoted manager and New Zealand's Cultural Attach; Mel, their obsessed (and only) fan; and Dave, the local pawn shop owner and de facto counsel for how to assimilate in America. Watch as Bret and Jemaine contend with unrequited love, inept criminals, prostitution, and epileptic dogs, breaking into song as they clumsily try to break into the New York scene.
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  6. The Workaholics DVD box set includes all 4 seasons of this Comedy Central's hit series that follows three friends fresh out of college who live and work together as telemarketers. Anders, Blake and Adam spend their days scheming together to avoid doing any real work and their nights looking for good times. Join the lovable threesome in this Collector's Set that brings together all hilarious 53 hysterical episodes from Seasons 1-4 into one wild fully torqued experience. So, let's get weird!
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  7. Westworld Season 1 4K UHD Blu Ray and Blu Ray Tin Set from DVDLand. The series takes place in the fictional theme park of Westworld, a technologically advanced, Western theme park populated completely by synthetic androids dubbed "Hosts", who cater to high paying visitors.
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  8. Restless (DVD) Only from Mighty Ape
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  9. Good Mourning Mrs Brown (DVD) Only from Mighty Ape
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  10. This awesome wood and glass shadowbox protects a limited-edition replica of Daryl Dixon's gruesome necklace of walker ears he strung together while he hallucinated a conversation with Merle. Recreated from the actual prop, only 1676 of these pieces were made by Gentle Giant. The case also contains a replica of actor Norman Reedus's signature, plus it's hand-numbered on bottom of box and on the included Certificate of Authenticity. Product Specifications Limited-edition prop replica of Daryl's walker ear necklace Officially-licensed AMC's The Walking Dead collectible Presented in a beautiful wood and glass shadowbox Edition Size: 1676 Hand-numbered on bottom of box and on included Certificate of Authenticity From Gentle Giant Ltd. Digitally sculpted using the actual prop Handcrafted by master artisans Contains a replica of actor Norman Reedus's signature Ears are attached to backing board with magnets so you can wear it and then put
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  11. Game of Thrones: Season 1 - Bluray Boxset
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  12. How I Met Your Mother Season 2 - 20th Century Fox (DVD)
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  13. In the early 1950s, Lionel Hardcastle, a dashing young Army officer fell in love with Jean Pargeter, a lovely student nurse. It was a whirlwind romance until Lionel was posted to Korea and they never heard from one another. Forty years later, they are reunited and finally tie the knot. Includes series 1-9. 11 DVDs, over 31 hrs. SUBTITLES-Only $9.90 delivery and insurance for delivery within Australia per order, regardless of how many products you order.
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  14. Critically acclaimed Upstairs Downstairs maintains its position as one of the most successful and watched dramatic series in television history. A multi award winner, this addictive period drama accurately portrays life as it was from Edwardian England, through World War 1 and into the Roaring Twenties. It follows the many personal dramas of the affl uent Bellamy family and their servants. 4 - 5 DVDs, 656 - 821 mins.-Only $9.90 delivery and insurance for delivery within Australia per order, regardless of how many products you order.
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  15. Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 or region free DVD player in order to play. The complete third season of the action drama series featuring a covert team of Special Forces operatives risking their lives on undercover missions in far-flung locations. Episodes comprise: 'Pandemonium: Part 1', 'Pandemonium: Part 2', 'Always Kiss Them Goodbye', 'Every Step You Take', 'Inside Out', 'M.P.s', 'Five Brothers', 'Play 16', 'Binary Explosion', 'Gone Missing' and 'Side Angle Slide'.
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  16. All 12 episodes from the fourth season of the Golden Globe-winning HBO period drama set during the 1920s Prohibition era. Atlantic County Treasurer Enoch 'Nucky' Thompson (Steve Buscemi) sets up a bootlegging business, hoping to get rich. As he progresses in his venture he crosses paths with politicians and mobsters alike but his lavish lifestyle soon leads the federal government to grow suspicious of his activities. In this series, Nucky comes up against Dr. Valentin Narcisse (Jeffrey Wright), a West Indian immigrant looking to take his share of Atlantic City, Richard (Jack Huston) tries to change his life for the better and Chalky (Michael K. Williams) is forced into hiding after a relationship with an aspiring singer goes awry. The episodes are: 'New York Sour', 'Resignation', 'Acres of Diamonds', 'All In', 'Erlkonig', 'The North Star', 'William Wilson', 'The Old Ship of Zion', 'Marriage and Hunting', 'White Horse Pike', 'Havre de Grace' and 'Farewell Daddy Blues'.
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  17. QLED Wall Mount helps QLED TVs hang beautifully on the wall, leaving almost no space in between. Gorgeous from all sides, your QLED TV can fit perfectly in your living room.1
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  18. QLED Wall Mount helps QLED TVs hang beautifully on the wall, leaving almost no space in between. Gorgeous from all sides, your QLED TV can fit perfectly in your living room.1
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  19. An epic, post-apocalyptic, supernatural drama set 25 years in the future after a war between mankind and an army of fallen angels has transformed the world. Dominion follows the perilous journey of a rebellious young soldier who discovers he's the unlikely saviour of humanity. This special five DVD set brings you every episode from this epic series.
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  20. Please note this is a region B Blu-ray and will require a region B or region free Blu-ray player in order to play. A series following the life of Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) who falls in love with a vampire named Stephan (Paul Wesley) but the plot thickens when Stephen's vicious brother comes back to town cause havoc. Both brothers have feelings for Elena and it is soon discovered that she is a descendant of their past love Katherine Pierce. Includes every episode from series 1-3. Actors Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Steven R. McQueen, Kat Graham, Candice Accola, Zach Roerig, Michael Trevino, Matthew Davis & Sara Canning Certificate 15 years and over Year 2009 - 2012 Languages English
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