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In 'My Boyfriend', players can put their personalities into the game and then seek out their perfect boyfriend, learning how best to win his heart. Earn extra pocket money by carrying out a variety of jobs around the town and spend it on a new look, 2 tickets to a concert, or whatever you think will most impress your dreamboat. Learn new sporting and musical skills to catch hi s attention and snare his heart. With over 60 different missions and loads of mini games, 'My Boyfriend' is a unique new game for the Nintendo DS where players play out their very own love story. Create the love story of your dreams and choose from 5 amazing guys. Which gorgeous guy is the one for you? Charm, chat up and chill out with each different guy. Will you find your true love? Features: - Put on your coolest outfit and make-up and dance the night away! - An active life is a healthy life! Have fun working out with your friends. - Meet up with your best friends to catch up on the latest fashions and hot gossip! - Enjoy this fun time - with a lot of flirting, relaxing and fun waiting for you.

Type Game Simulation