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THQ Penguins of Madagascar Dr Blowhole Returns Again



THQ Penguins of Madagascar Dr Blowhole Returns Again Nintendo Wii Game

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Dr. Blowhole is out to take over the world and only Team Penguin can foil his diabolical plans! Jump into an all-new adventure with 3 unique game episodes and over 12 exciting levels. Lead Skipper, Kowlaski, Rico and Private as you commence super-secret missions in, under and outside of the zoo, culminating in the grand finale in Dr. Blowholes Lair. Brand New, Original Story - Dr. Blowhole, the diabolical dolphin, is back with his lobster minions and a new plan for world domination and its up to Team Penguin to stop him from his wave of destruction. Strategic, Fast-paced Action - Solve perilous puzzles, build crazy contraptions, nimbly navigate hazards and rescue Marlene, Mort, and the rest of the zoo crew in your mission to save the world. Penguin Power! - Utilize each penguins unique abilities to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles. Use Skipper to assemble the team, Rico to regurgitate explosives, Kowalski to build devices and Private to squeeze through tight spaces the possibilities are endless! Mini-games - Play through a multitude of wacky mini-games, including Ninja Knock-Down, Mort Bowling and even a dance-off with everyones favorite lemur, King Julien.

Type Game Puzzle