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THQ Saints Row Double Pack



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This town is about to blow up big. Move into Stilwater and see what kind of trouble you can cause with this double-pack of Platinum Hits games in the Saints Row franchise. As an added bonus, gain early access to the Saints Row: The Third Initiation Station. SAINTS ROW 1: Under threat from rival gangs and corrupt officials, the 3rd Street Saints must conquer the city of Stilwater or face destruction. From the spectacular opening battle to regain control of the local hood, Saints Row offers the freedom to explore StilWater, a living, breathing city. Players are free to engage in the multitude of different activates at their leisure, all while building up respect in a gameplay-rich world. Build enough respect and the 3rd Street Saint's lieutenants will trust the player with more dangerous missions. SAINTS ROW 2: Several new upstart gangs have been able to sweep in and make their mark on Stilwater. At the same time, a multi-national conglomerate known as the Ultor Corporation has become a pivotal player in city politics, pumping millions of dollars into rebuilding the metropolis. As leader of the Saints, you'll have to do whatever it takes to protect the members of your gang from new enemies, including the Ultor Corporation and rival gangs.

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