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Spongebob's Boating Bash for DS/DSi is a unique racing game combining demolition style boat/car action with the mobility of the DS/DSi platform. Set in the familiar environments of Nickelodeon's Spongebob universe, racers enjoy the ability to play as one of nine characters, customize the boat of their dreams and put themselves to the test across a variety of courses. The game features arcade style racing action, a wide range of courses, 4-player multiplayer support in wireless single and multi-card mode and unique features and play options available to DSi owners. Features: - Line up for a Demolition Party Bash where you can pick up and play with up to three friends anytime in multiplayer mode and compete to become the last man … ER boat standing. - Bash, crash and demolish your way through SpongeBob’s world competing in loads of hilarious arenas. - Customize your boat with over 100 different options. - Choose and drive as your favorite SpongeBob character-9 in total. - Develop wacky driving skills avoiding obstacles and hazards, and yes, even driving backwards. - Unique functionality — specific to the DSi — allowing players to insert images and backgrounds into the game via the DSi's digital cameras

Type Game Kids