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The legacy continues with WrestleMania XIX only for the Nintendo GameCube. All-new gameplay mechanics deliver a true in-ring grappling experience with deeper move sets and a more stategic reversal system. Choose among an updated list of top WWE Superstars each with realistic abilities including strength, speed, and stamina. Become a legend and defy Vince as you battle your way through five stages and over 25 missions in an effort to destroy his Empire. Team up with Stephanie McMahon along the way as you enact "Sweet Revenge" in your journey to win back your status in the WWE. Features: - Single-player story mode: play in an all-new story mode and battle through 25 missions as you get revenge on Vince McMahon for throwing you out of the WWE - New gameplay system: all-new countering mechanisms and expanded move sets including strong and weak grapples - All new Superstars attributes: All Superstars will share their real-life abilities based on strength, power, and speed. Each Superstar will have different ratings across three different attributes that will affect their in-ring performance. - All new location-specific damage: Target your opponents' legs and arms and head and make them submit. New animations will sell the pain and showcase the damage. - New environments: battle through unique environments including a shopping mall, constructions site, and a shipping port - Deeper create-a-Superstar mode - Updated roster: featuring the high-flying antics of Rey Mysterio, the legendary Shawn Michaels, and the genetic freak Scott Steiner - Blood: at the fans' request, WrestleMania XIX will be the first next generation WWE game featuring blood - Superstar models: brand new life-like models for each and every Superstar

Type Game Fighting, Action