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TopWare Interactive Xpand Rally PC Game

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Get your motor running in Xpand Rally, a fast paced racing game where you take on 120 rally drivers from around the world on 60 different tracks that cover everything from Europe's historical streets to the lush tropical backdrop of Africa. In each race the tracks become more and more difficult and the opponents get more and more aggressive, so buckle up and keep your foot firmly on the gas. Features include five different terrain types, 70 races, eight grades, 35 rally cars, 800 parts to enhance the rally cars with, as well as a number of modes: Career, Multiplay, and Single Race. Features: - Tuned up versions of over 20 world cars; possibility of enhancing the cars according to the strategy of the player; different options to vary the cars' characteristics to match the tracks; over 60 different tracks in different parts of the world; picturesque and vast terrains built on chrome engine technology; dynamic weather conditions changing the tracks characteristics; vivid and moving environment surrounding the tracks built on the 3D Chrome engine technology; realistic and pleasant driving model.

Type Game Racing