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TurboCad 17 Professional Home & Student Edition



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TurboCAD Pro is an advanced general purpose CAD product for design, drafting, detailing, and modeling. TurboCAD Pro appeals to numerous professionals and others interested in power mechanical and architectural design capabilities at an attractive and affordable price. TurboCAD Pro features are extensible by upgrading to the Platinum Edition as well as by adding any of a number of plug-ins. In addition, there is an SDK for those wishing to extend its functionality in a custom manner. TurboCAD Pro includes all the basic drawing and modification tools needed to draw nearly anything you can imagine. TurboCAD Pro's powerful tools for 2D or 3D design include 2D parametric constraints, 3D solid and surface modeling, robust photorealistic rendering ray tracing, lighting and materials, and extensive CAD and graphics file interoperability. TurboCAD Pro advances productivity with tools that allow for design, modification, presentation, and documentation in an integrated fashion. And because we know that most people use a number of tools or collaborate with others frequently, TurboCAD Pro is designed to provide excellent workflow to and from other applications. TurboCAD Pro reads and writes .DWG and .DXF files from R14 through 2010 including AutoCAD Architecture extensions. This broad range of support helps to maintain your intellectual property investment by supporting older files, models, and parts. It also makes it easy to access parts from vendors or posted on model exchange sites like the Google 3D Warehouse.

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