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  1. A lighter version of Live Gamer HD. The capture card, without the grandeur, is still fully capable of recording and streaming smooth, synced, and lag-free 1080p gameplay for hardcore PC gamers like you.
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  2. AVerMedia PCIe C027 DarkCrystal Pro HD Video Capture Card, this card allows you to capture HD Videos via HDMI or Component Video In!
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  3. Watch Live Digital TV on your Android device; No Internet Connection Required; Compact and Portable Design; Easily Slips into your Pocket; Electronic Program Guide (EPG); Automatic TV Channel Search; Recording - On Demand; Flexible Antenna options for Superior Reception
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  4. Dual Core Processor; Android™ Operating system(4.2.2); Full Web Browser; AM Logic 8726-MX 1.5Ghz Chipset, MALI-400MP; 1GB RAM; 8GB Storage; Built in Wi-Fi & LAN (RJ45); High Definition Digital TV Tuner with Record function; Record to USB - up to 500 hours of recording on a 1TB HDD (via External USB Hard Drive - not supplied). Record 1 program while watching another from same network.; Access the latest Digital Channels; Pause & Rewind Live TV; Electronic Program Guide - EPG; Multiple Outputs; HDMI & Composite; Digital Audio Output; Multimedia Playback: MKV, DivX, AVI, VOB, MP3, WMV, JPEG & more (Movies, Music & Photos)[Even more available via 3rd party Apps]; USB 2.0 Host for Firmware Update, Closed Captions, Auto & Manual Channel Search, Favorite Channel List, MEPS Compliant, Parental Lock, 3D Compatible with 3D TVs
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  5. The RT-1570 not only offers conventional radio reception for FM and DAB stations (including DAB+ where available), but features internet radio streaming and audio playback from a media server.Internally the RT-1570 features one of Rotel's renowned toroid transformers with separate windings for four independent power supplies: two for the DAC circuits and a third for the filter and output stages. The filter/output circuits also include slit-foil capacitors specifically developed for this model. The fourth power supply supports subsidiary circuits including the CPU and display. All of these circuits feature independent regulation and filtering as befits an audiophile product.The Wolfson DAC offers the advantage of differential outputs to maximise performance, in conjunction with selected components for the signal path, filter circuits and output stages.In addition to receiving FM and DAB (DAB+) stations, the RT-1570 will accept a range of audio codecs, including MP3, FLAC, and AIF, with resolution and sampling rates up to 24-bit / 96kHz. This versatility means that most internet radio services and very high-resolution audio files from your media server will be reproduced in their native format and resolution.The RT-1570 can easily be incorporated into multi-room systems via RS232 and controlled with the likes of Crestron or AMX. The 'Rotel Link' is a straight-forward plug-and-play method of controlling compatible products, including our amplifiers and CD players. The RT-1570 also includes a 12V trigger for simple system on/off control.
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  6. Free-to-watch HD TV for Xbox One! Watch and pause Live Free-to-air HD TV on your Xbox One. Free-to-air HD TV is free and uses a TV antenna for reception OneGuide Integration with local TV listings Stream live TV to your phone, tablet and PC Voice control (with optional Kinect) Also works with Windows 10Xbox TV has OneGuide: a built-in TV guideHauppauge Digital TV Tuner for Xbox One has these features: Over-the-air TV receiver for your Xbox One. Watch and pause live Free-to-air HD TV Enjoy your favourite local over-the-air TV channels on your Xbox One TV monitor Connects to your Xbox One easily via USB (USB extension cable provided for easier installation) Antenna included (10 mile antenna, see here for details on antenna upgrades) Includes an activation code for Hauppauge’s WinTV 8 application for Windows 10. Watch TV on your Windows PC, in a window or full screenTV Standards Free-to-air HD TV (requires a TV antenna for reception) Free-to-watch Digital cable TV (DVB-C) which is available on some cable TV networks Xbox One TV Tuner System Requirements Xbox One: Any Xbox One model for the UK or Europe or AsiaPac Internet connection Windows PC: Microsoft® Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 or Vista or Windows XP with Service Pack 2 WinTV v8 application available as a downloadDigital TV Tuner for Xbox OneModel number: 01640Package Includes Hauppauge Digital TV Tuner - Hi-Speed USB adapter with improved over-the-air TV reception Portable antenna* USB extension cable Activation code for the new Hauppauge WinTV v8 application for Windows Quick installation guide
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  7. Hauppauge DUAL Dual Tuner PCI-Express TV tuner for your Desktop PC.WinTV-HVR-2215 features NEW: the HVR2215 supports DVB-C and DVB-T2 Dual digital or Analogue TV receivers for DVB-T or Analogue PAL. Watch and record two High Definition DVB-T or Analogue TV programs at the same time. Watch and record all DVB-T formats like MPEG2 or MPEG4 with AC3 or AAC/HE-AAC audio (Depends on your local broadcasting std), including the high definition 1080i format. Dual built-in hardware MPEG-2 encoders for recording analog cable TV, for the best system performance. Watch and record two cable TV programs at the same time. When recording analog cable TV, the dual built in hardware MPEG-2 encoders let your PC run at full speed! Built-in antenna splitter allows you to make one connection to either cable TV or DVB-T antenna, and watch and record up to 2 channels. New feature! Now with on-board IR remote control with dual IR blasters to control set-top-boxes! Includes Hauppauge WinTV v7 HD with Extender software to watch, pause and record TV on your PC or stream Live TV on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Macs plus Windows 7 based PCs. WinTV v7s built-in TV scheduler to record your analogue or Freeview digital HDTV programmes to disk. Connect to a satellite or cable TV set-top box with the built-in Component video (SD) or S-Video or composite connectors. Windows Media Center compatible.DVB-T over-the-air digital TV features: Dual DVB-T free-to-air digital TV tuners. Supports all DVB-T formats, up to the highest definition 1080i format. Watch one DVB-T digital TV program while recording another DVB-T program to your PC\\'s hard disk using high quality MPEG-2. TV recordings will typically consume 5 GB of disk space per hour for DVB-T high definition. Built-in antenna splitter allows you to make one connection to a DVB-T antenna for watch and record up to 2 channels.Two analog tuners and hardware encoders: Dual built-in high quality hardware MPEG-2 encoders, so your PC continues to run a
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  8. Manufacturer SKU: QUADHD
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  9. This is the Silicondust TECH4&8DT&2x4 model designed for commercial use with more technical features than the standard model.
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  10. This is the Silicondust TECH4&2DT model designed for commercial use with more technical features than the standard model.
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  11. AVermedia A867R AVerTV Volar HD Nano USB TV Tuner, Remote Control included
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  12. Elgato Game Capture HD60
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  14. AVerMedia AVM-H727-3D AVer3D CaptureHD DVB-T TV Tuner H727 3D (Avail: In Stock )
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  15. AVerMedia A835 AVerTV Volar Green HD DVB-T TV Tuner A835
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  16. Axis MA1 AM/FM Stealth Bulkhead Antenna
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  17. Pioneer AN-DAB1 DAB+ Antenna
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  18. The eco-friendly AVerTV Volar Green HD adopts concealed connector to decrease the damage possibilities, and the compact exterior remains the usability of adjacent USB ports. Besides, the equipped remote control and portable mini antenna, which has strong signal receiving ability, provide you complete control of PCTV viewing.
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  19. Four tuners on one half height PCI Express board. WinTV-quadHD will fit in both full and half height PC's. Watch, pause or record up to four Freeview HD (DVB-T2), Freeview (DVB-T) or digital cable (DVB-C) TV programmes at the same time Includes a Hauppauge remote control, with 1 meter IR receiver cable. Includes the WinTV v8 application, which give you TV-in-a-window or TV full screen, plus picture-in-picture.
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  20. Get ready to welcome the next big thing! AVer3D CaptureHD comes with the latest AVer MediaCenter 3D allowing you to watch and record live 3DTV on your PC. Even better, if you cannot wait until 3DTV get broadcasted, the exclusive see3D technology can transform all the 2D live TV, recordings and movies into fantastic 3D feast!
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    Features: Advanced TV Application - Watch ATSC TV on Android Phone/Pad with USB OTG Rewind and Fast Forward live TV shows with Time shifting recording Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and Supporting HDTV Receiving Automatic TV channels searching Create favorite channels for convenient watching High sensitivity under low signal broad casting area HiDTV for Android application software Specifications: Input Signal: 75 Ohm Digital TV Antenna Input Receive Frequency: TV 54-862 MHz ATSC compliant 8-VSB De-Multiplexing: Max No. Section filtering: 32PIDS Engine: Software Stream capture: PES & TS Recording Format: Video Format: MPEG2 MP & ML Audio Format: MPEG2 Audio Layer I & II / AAC System Requirements: Android 4.1 or above Android device have OTG functionality Android device with a 1 GHz or faster dual-core CPU Some phones or tablet computers can't support Device to receive ATSC tv please refer to the Pad TV Tuner Compatibility List below Package Included: 1 x ATSC TV Tuner 1 x Antenna 1 x Wrist Strap 1 x User Manual
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    USB 2.0 Digital DVB-T HDTV TV Tuner Recorder DVB-T DAB FM Radio Antenna NoteThis item is an authentic parallel-import and items will be shipped from our suppliers warehouse and may take 1 to 2 days processing after payment confirmation. Parcel will be sent out by International Registered Post Courier Service and may take 4 to 10 working days for delivery. Please click Dpex if 12 character or UBI if 21 character to track. If this product requires a charger An Australian Certified Charger will be provided with this product instead of the original charger.Selected product only
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    WHAT IS SOFTWARE DEFINED RADIO (SDR)? In traditional hardware radios, the mathematical operations required to decode and process radio signals are performed using analogue circuitry. Recently, computers have become powerful enough to perform the required mathematical calculations in software, hence the term software defined radio. This has led to advanced radios that previously required complicated analogue hardware now being able to be implemented easily in software. This has reduced the cost of advanced radio capabilities such as wideband tuning and waterfall displays. WHAT IS THE RTL-SDR? The RTL-SDR is an extremely cheap software defined radio which is based on DVB-T TV (Digital HD TV) USB receiver dongles that have the RTL2832U chip in them. It was discovered by hardware hacker Eric Fry, Linux driver developer Antti Palosaari and the Osmocom team who were developing their own SDR that the RTL2832U chip had a mode which enabled SDR. Today, by using custom software drivers, a commonly used cheap RTL2832U can then be turned into a sophisticated SDR with features that would have until recently cost in the hundreds to thousands of dollars. Of course, the performance of these dongles will not match a dedicated SDR, but they perform extremely well for the price, and almost all hobbyist projects that can be done with expensive radios or SDRs can also be done with the rtl-sdr. A wideband SDR opens up many interesting possible projects and avenues to explore. Some applications of the RTL-SDR include the following, some of which will be discussed in more depth in the project tutorials chapter. Functions: Listening to unencrypted Police/Ambulance/Fire/EMS conversations. Listening to aircraft traffic control conversations. Tracking aircraft positions like a radar with ADS-B decoding. Decoding aircraft ACARS short messages. Scanning trunking radio conversations. Decoding unencrypted digital voice transmissions. Tracking maritime boat positions like a radar with AIS decoding. Decoding POCSAG/FLEX pager traffic. Scanning for cordless phones and baby monitors. Tracking and receiving meteorological agency launched weather balloon data. Tracking your own self launched high altitude balloon for payload recovery. Receiving wireless temperature sensors and wireless power meter sensors. Listening to VHF amateur radio. Decoding ham radio APRS packets. Watching analogue broadcast TV. Sniffing GSM signals. Using rtl-sdr on your Android device as a portable radio scanner. Receiving GPS signals and decoding them. Using rtl-sdr as a spectrum analyzer. Receiving NOAA weather satellite images. Listening to satellites and the ISS. Listening to unencrypted military communications. Radio astronomy. Monitoring meteor scatter. Listening to FM radio, and decoding RDS information. Listening to DAB broadcast radio. Use rtl-sdr as a panadapter for your traditional hardware radio. Decoding taxi mobile data terminal signals. Use rtl-sdr as a true random number generator. Listening to amateur radio hams on SSB with LSB/USB modulation. Decoding digital amateur radio ham communications such as CW/PSK/RTTY/SSTV. Receiving HF weatherfax. Receiving digital radio monodiale shortwave radio (DRM). Listening to international shortwave radio. Looking for RADAR signals like over the horizon (OTH) radar, and HAARP signals. Package Included: 1 x 100KHz-1.7GHz full band UV HF RTL-SDR USB Tuner Receiver/ R820T+8232 Ham Radio 1 x USB Cable 1 x Antenna
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    Specifications: FM radio: 87MHz-108MHz, select WFM. Medium wave broadcast: 526.5kHz~1606.5kHz, AM. Short wave broadcasting: 3MHz~30MHz, AM. Airport tower frequency: 118MHz-135.975MHz, AM Civil interphone frequency: VHF:136MHz-174MHz is NFM UHF: 400MHz-470MHz is NFM Amateur radio communication: short wave SSB: 10MHz below commonly used single sideband LSB; 10MHz above, often on the single side with USB. Ultrashort wave radio: generally use NFM system, the frequency is 50-54MHz, 144-148MHz, 430-440MHz Note: Dear customers, here is a link for you to download the instruction and its software drive: CLICK HERE TO GET Hope it helpes:) Thank you. If you did not download the software from the link, please come to our online chat and ask for the software, we will send you the software asap. Thank you:) Features: -Listening to unencrypted Police/Ambulance/Fire/EMS/aircraft traffic control conversations. -Tracking aircraft positions like a radar with ADS-B decoding. -Scanning trunking radio conversations, cordless phones and baby monitors. -Decoding unencrypted digital voice transmissions. -Tracking maritime boat positions . -Decoding POCSAG/FLEX pager traffic. -Tracking and receiving meteorological agency launched weather balloon data. -Receiving wireless temperature sensors and wireless power meter sensors. -Listening to VHF amateur radio. -Watching analogue broadcast TV. -Sniffing GSM signals. -Using rtl-sdr on your Android device as a portable radio scanner. -Receiving GPS signals and decoding them. -Using rtl-sdr as a spectrum analyzer. -Receiving NOAA weather satellite images. -Listening to satellites and the ISS, unencrypted military communications. -Radio astronomy. -Monitoring meteor scatter. -Listening to FM radio, and decoding RDS information. -Use rtl-sdr as a panadapter for your traditional hardware radio. -Decoding taxi mobile data terminal signals. -Use rtl-sdr as a true random number generator. -Listening to amateur radio hams on SSB with LSB/USB modulation. -Decoding digital amateur radio ham communications such as CW/PSK/RTTY/SSTV. -Receiving digital radio monodiale shortwave radio (DRM). -Looking for RADAR signals like over the horizon (OTH) radar, and HAARP signals Package Includes: 1 x Ham Radio Receiver 1 x USB cable 1 x Antenna More Details:
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