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Ubisoft Imagine Detective Adventures



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Fill the shoes of an undercover high school detective - solve fun and sometimes thrilling mysteries and uncover the biggest mystery of all, your father’s disappearance. Learn about your weekly case in an exciting opening scene, solve each case by playing smart and varied mini games and close each case by posting your findings on your blog. Key Features: - Take part in a thrilling adventure - You play as Vicky, a smart, adventurous, and tech-savvy teenager - Learn about life at high school - There are 6 cases, 1 case per week, and one big mystery to uncover throughout the game - Develop your investigative skills - Solve 1 big case per week through numerous mini-games - Play numerous mini-games to find clues (48 different mini-games in total) - Use your wit, your feminine 6th sense, your photographic memory and your karate skills - Master high-tech tools - Use your scooter to move from one place to another - Collect toys as you complete cases - Reveal your discoveries on your blog - Publish your findings in your own personal blog and increase your traffic - Play with your friends - Analyse the clues sent by friends or blog readers

Type Game Platformer