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Imagine Journalist, developed by Visual Impact, allows the player to make her way up from a local newspaper reporter to being an anchor on her own national TV Show. To get the latest scoops, she will have to keep her eyes and ears open. By tracking information out in the field, recording interviews and taking pictures, she will then collect the information to write articles and reveal the latest information to her audience. Features: Make a great career as a journalist: - Start as a columnist for a local newspaper and end as an international reporter, heading your own TV show - Get your own press pass - Use all a journalist’s tools: note pad, handheld recorder, photographic & video cameras - Catch your 1st scoops on bicycle, end up with a helicopter Discover varied fun activities of a magazine’s journalist: - Go out in the field to make interviews of local inhabitants but also stars, politicians & athletes - Attend press conference and make your way among other journalists - Take the best pictures to illustrate your articles - Arrange magazines’ covers Disclose great news on air: - As TV news’ presenter, deliver the information at the right pace - Record celebrities when playing a special correspondent - Release radio program on air, right on time

Type Game Simulation