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Protect wildlife in your own nature reserve. Travel to the un-spoiled plains of N'Saloba on the adventure of a lifetime! Run your own nature reserve. Buils pens, plant trees and ensure the animals have everything that they need Take care of the endangered species in your reserve by getting rid of poachers, healing them when hurt and caring for their cute babies. Explore your reserve on foot or in a hot air balloon, whilst counting the animals that live there and taking spectacular pictures. Features: - Help with the creation of the nature reserve - Manage the construction of the reserve, develop and customise the sanctuary - Drive around the territory and discover new unregistered parts of land - Build and customise the landscape of the park - Greet visitors and take them sightseeing in the reserve - Preserve the purity of the area, protect the animals and get rid of the poachers - Fight against poachers and their damage on the environment - Save, cure and nurture injured animals - Look after baby animals - Explore and learn more about endangered species - Use the Aerostat to fly over the area and inventory all the different species, such as giraffes, elephants, gorillas and lions - Approach and photograph the animals without scaring them away - Refer to identity worksheets to know how best to take care of each animal

Type Game Simulation