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This game will allow players to improve themselves and learn in an interactive and stimulating way. My French Coach is a game that allows you to improve your French vocabulary & develop your ability to express yourself with confidence & persuasion. Features: - 1000 interactive lessons designed with French teachers, 10,000 words and 400 phrases - Track your progress with charts showing your performance learning the language - Intuitive point-and-click interface makes it perfect for anyone of any age - 3 difficulty levels - 4 different personal coaches to choose from - Save the data of 3 people so the whole family can play - 6 Core Training Exercises: - Missing Letter - Find the missing letters. In harder levels words have an incorrect letter, replace it with the correct letter. - Split Decision - Choose the correct definition for a given word. - Pasta Letters - Spell out words from letters sinking in a soup. In easy levels, letters are displayed in the right order before being mixed in the soup. In harder level, only the definition will be displayed and you will have to figure out the word which needs spelling. - Block Letter - In this Tetris like exercise spell any of the listed word with the blocks. When a word is correctly completed, it's blocks are removed. - Word Shuffle - Choose the correct definition for a given word. You will then be given a new list of words and must find the correct word for the definition. - Safecracker - A word is the code to a safe. Using the definition you must write the correct word as fast as possible to beat your opponent.

Type Game Educational