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Ubisoft Petz Dog Superstars



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Features: - Care for your puppies and train them to discover their talents - Each puppy is different just like in real-life: care for him, bond with him and train him to discover his talents, was he born to become the king of skateboarding or the champion racer? - Train your puppies in fun activities and watch them reach their full potential - Activities include skateboarding, obstacle course, teaching fun tricks but also catching the Frisbee or the ball - Discover your puppies' funny and unexpected behaviours - If your bulldog is clumsy and not very athletic and is not very good at catching the Frisbee, watch him run into a tree - If your Chihuahua doesn't have a good balance, he will keep falling from the skateboard - Send you newborn puppy to the Petz Nursery game and vice versa - Breed two talented dogs together to have a talented baby puppy and use wireless to send your newborn puppy to the Petz: Nursery for more intensive care and to play with other baby animals at the Nursery - Show off your Star puppies to your friends on the web or via wireless - Post the pictures of your pets showing off their skills on the website or send them to your friends - Improved, more realistic graphics - High-quality and realistic graphics that gives you the most realistic experience - Watch your pets interact in realistic looking environments

Type Game Simulation