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Ubisoft Rabbids Alive and Kicking



Ubisoft Rabbids Alive and Kicking Xbox 360 Game

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The Rabbids have already invaded the past, the world, your TV, and the moon. They've invaded our daily lives for years, and you've never really considered them to be a serious threat. You just never imagined that they could even possibly be ... real. Well, you were wrong!! They really do exist! With Raving Rabbids: Alive & Kicking and Kinect, you will see them with your own eyes... Rabbids will come to life right in your own home, coming out from the floor and interacting with you through ridiculous and humorous physical challenges. Go face to face against the Rabbids with all your friends by jumping, rolling, twisting, contorting, slapping, and dancing in the the craziest and most insane moves and situations ever imagined in the series through tons of new mini-games. Watch as the Rabbids mess with your life in front of your very eyes! Features: - Rabbids take control of Your Microsoft Kinect! Fly (or try to), jump, roll, slap, dance, sing, burp, etc freely to stop the Rabbids invasion! - Rabbids redefine the party game genre on Kinect for the very 1st time on Kinect play up to four players simultaneously in a flood of customizable game modes and turn your living-room upside down with friends and families. - Pimp your Xbox Avatar & Join the Rabbids community! - Unlock tons of Rabbids accessories from T-shirts to costumes and turn your Xbox Avatar into a fashion victim! - Collect and share your pictures, scores and trophies thanks to Kinect Share connectivity.

Type Game Platformer