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Ubisoft Scrabble 2009 Edition



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- Choose between traditional Scrabble and Duplicate (used in Scrabble competition). - Play fun word minigames such as Scrabble Hold'Em (bet against your opponents on the best word you can do) and set new records. - Enter a single-player campaign to learn the Scrabble basics and improve yourself. Evolve through the storyline, defeat your opponents and find all the tiles to open the mysterious Babel Scrying Tablet. - Scrabble features a very adaptable yet powerful AI. Compete against 6 characters with different personalities and Scrabble expertise: you can train yourself with a more forgiving opponent or challenge an expert! - Multiplayer: Play Scrabble against friends, family and online opponents. Scrabble on Wii takes advantage of the Wii Remote controls and allows 4 players to compete with your friends and family through a variety of minigames and, of course, classic Scrabble. - Play the exclusive Wii Scrabble Soccer! Play a twisted Soccer game where balls are letters and goals are letter racks. Form the best possible word from the letters you have caught! Throw difficult letters into your opponents' goal to prevent them from winning! - Wii Balance Board: Play an exclusive word minigame using the features of the Wii Balance Board (sold separately).

Type Game Puzzle