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Developed in collaboration with fitness experts, Your Shape personalizes a fitness program to your body type, goals and schedule. The game comes with a motion-tracking camera in the package. Plug the camera into your Wii and you’re ready to go! The camera scans your body so your every move can be detected and guided. Jenny McCarthy is your in-game workout buddy--she will motivate, inspire, and guide you as you work to reach your goals, while keeping things fun (and funny) along the way. Since the game detects your movements, Jenny can coach you as you work out to ensure you’re doing the exercises correctly. Fitness has never been this personalized or this much fun! - Unprecedented Personalization – A full body scan diagnosis, fitness test, and your personal goals combine to create the most personalized workout plan possible. Your unique plan is developed to help you reach your goals within the time that you have. With Your Shape, you can easily create a multi-week program that adjusts as you progress. And each workout flows seamlessly so your heartbeat is up from beginning to end. - Get the Most Out of Your Workout – The proprietary camera technology projects your image onto your TV, then displays motivational visuals on-screen that adapt based on the rhythm and tone of your workout, so each workout is fresh and exciting. Your coach is by your side helping you perform the exercises. As you exercise, your coach will give you verbal and visual feedback to make sure you get the most out of every minute you invest in your workout. And, if you’re having trouble, the game offers tutorials on all of the exercises – your coach will show you exactly how to perform the move correctly.

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