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  1. UNIDEN UM423AM AM MARINE RADIO 27MHZ 2 YEAR WARRANTY The watertight UM423AM Marine radio is ideal for all harbour bay and river communications Equipped with dual speakers for better sound clarity the UM423AM has one speaker at the front of the unit and a second speaker built into the microphone handpiece The radio housing is fully watertight and certified to meet the worldwide JIS6 waterresistance specification It has a rugged waterproof and submersible speaker microphone meeting the world JIS7 specification and includes Channel Select OneTouch Ch88 and Dual Watch Select Keys Alert nearby vessels using the Siren Alert feature with connection of an optional PA speaker The UM423AM has 4 Watts Maximum Output Power and 10 AM Marine Channels allowing you to choose from all the Inshore Boating Radio Service channels to transmit or receive messages The Extra Large LCD Display and Keypad is backlit for easy viewing at night or in low light situations The microphone and controls are made out of non slip rubberised material making it comfortable and secure to handle Designed in Japan specifically for rugged Australian conditions Unidenrsquos UM423AM radio offers outstanding performance for all those who enjoy being on the water Designed and Engineered in Japan Built for Rugged Australian Marine Conditions 2 Year Warranty Dual Speakers One speaker is mounted at the front of the unit allowing better sound clarity and the second speaker is built into the microphone hand piece 4 Watts Maximum TX Output Power 10 AM Marine Channels Allows you to choose from all the Inshore Boating Radio Services channels to transmit or receive messages Watertight Radio Housing Meets the worldwide JIS6 waterresistance specification which means the radio is able to withstand powerful water jets without damage Rugged Waterproof and Submersible Speaker Microphone With Channel Select OneTouch Ch88 and Dual Watch Select Keys Meets the worldwide JIS7 waterproof specification submersible to 10 metre depth
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  1. Shimano Tag-Em boat rods – Saltwater Fishing rods for boat fishing offshoreGetting out on the blue water and chasing the likes of tuna, sharks, or Blue, Striped and Black Marlin needn’t be the exclusive niche of the super wealthy. It’s nice to know we can all get equipped for the battle of all fishing battles without having to compromise on things like boat rod performance. The Shimano Tag-Em boat rods offer a host of awesome features without having to endure heart failure at the checkout.An E-Glass blank is the backbone of every rod in the range of Shimano Tag-Em boat rods. Then, depending on the model(s) you choose, you will enjoy inclusions such as Custom EVA grips, Pac Bay/Carbon Butt Assemblies with a few of the models also featuring Pac Bay Bent butts. Guides are either Pac Bay, fuji or a combination of the aforementioned, with the TAGDEEP including a Swivel Tip. Most models are one piece. Check the list below for the 2-piece models. Whatever you choose, you’re equipped, relatively inexpensively, to handle the oceans biggest and meanest.The superb range and accessible price point allows you to select one or you could go all out and grab a number of models to keep in the boat so you can immediately refine your rig specifically for target or technique. Don’t hit a patch of whatever game fish and wish you had this rod or that rod. Buy it now and keep it in the boat so you are covered for all situations. That’s the beauty of the Tag-Em range; all the beauty and the performance without the heart-breaking price tag.Grab a selection of Tag-Em boat rods for sale now and deck out your boat. Make sure you grab overhead and spin models. Variety is the spice of life. There’s even an electric reel specific model for the deep drop angler. 
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  2. Divided Payment Available-Afterpay/Zippay. OGL Boat Seat Folding Swivel BlueWhiteThis seat is a must have for anyone on a boat. Having a boat is great you can explore the high seas and go on adventures but you will need a few things to get comfortable. One of the things you need is a proper chair everyone needs a place to sit and relax here and there. The right seat will do the trick the marine folding seat is built to withstand all weather conditions UV treated the seat is resistant to mildew and fading. Built with a swivel base for convenience and press studs and straps for safety and security this seat will keep you safe and comfortable for your adventures in the high seas.Adjustable Pedestal In order to safely secure your seat in a boat you need a seat pedestal. This pedestals will keep you and your seats secure. The seas can get turbulent at times and it can be hard to hang on. Luckily this pedestal can be bolted down to stay in place. The Height is adjustable for everyonersquos comfort. Designed to fit standard swivels for easy fits to seats and boats. The right seat pedestal will keep you on your seat amidst the waves.
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  3. ‘The Boat raises the bar for Australian writing.’ PETER CRAVEN, Heat ‘Nam Le is . . . a disturber of the peace. ‘Consider the subjects of his stories- a child assassin in Colombia (‘Cartagena’), an ageing New York artist desperate for a reconciliation with his daughter (‘Meeting Elise’), a boy’s coming of age in a rough Victorian fishing town (‘Halflead Bay’), before the first atomic bomb falls in Japan (‘Hiroshima’), The suffocations of theocracy in Iran (‘Tehran Calling’). This astonishing range is topped and tailed by accounts of the uneasy reunion of a young Vietnamese writer in America with his ex-soldier father, and by the title story – the escape of a group of exhausted refugees from the Vietcong in a wallowing boat. ‘One might be permitted to think, after all this high seriousness and intensity, Nam Le can’t do funny. But this criminally talented 29-year-old can do that as well.’ BARRY OAKLEY, Australian Literary Review ‘Stunning’ The Times ‘A fearless new Australian voice that accepts no geographical limits- these are stories of leaping power and the most breath-taking grace and intimacy.’ HELEN GARNER ‘Wonderful stories that snarl and pant across our crazed world . . . an extraordinary performance. Nam Le is a heartbreaker, not easily forgotten.’ JUNOT DIAZ ‘The fiction debut of the year.’ JAMES LEY, Australian Book Review ‘The best book debut of 2008.’ New York Magazine ‘The runaway literary success of 2008.’ Weekend Australian
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  4. Bring the beach to your backyard with the Rovo Kids Boat Style Sandpit. Your kids will be sure to ditch their devices for countless hours of imaginative play outside!With fun nautical cues, kids will take control of the steering wheel and exercise their wildest fantasies! It also features a built-in bench seat which is ideal for parents who are keen to spend some quality time.The Rovo Kids Sandpit features sturdy construction, and comes complete with a protective sheet to prevent ground moisture from seeping in.   Give your kids a cool place to set sail this Summer with the Rovo Kids Boat Style Sandpit.
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  5. Penn Ally Boat Fishing RodsIf you’re looking for a workhorse to take the lions share of the heavy work on your boat, look no further than the Penn Ally Spin Boat Rods. This series is the perfect combination of durability and performance, where robust construction is the core theme, yet sensitivity is still maintained.The model range is excellent. The PAL561015SP will be ideal for hunting massive Reds and other back busting reef dwellers. Step it up to the PAL562437SP, rated to 37kg, and you’re pitting yourself versus the like of big Tuna, Sharks and powerful GT’s. Just make sure you have a decent Spin reel to match.The Ally series is feature filled. The ergonomic EVA grips are shaped to provide a fantastic connection to the angler. The composite blanks have solid tips (STT) that ensures your Penn Ally Fishing Rod will deal with the blows expected on the tight confines of a boat. Sensitivity comes via the (GCC) or graphite core construction, and line management is overseen by Stainless guides with ceramic inserts, ideal for both mono and braid.Selection criteria is simple. What are you hunting? What class of line do you wish to use? Do you prefer a little more sport in fishing lighter? Or are you after the sorts of fish that care less that you are strapped to a steel cable winch.Penn Ally Spin Boat Rods for sale now have your heavy boat application covered. Grab one or a selection.  Your guests will be most impressed by your boat fishing rod arsenal.
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  6. Fin Nor Firepower 7' Boat Spinning Combo has a bait teaser rod 5-10 Kg with 4000 size fire power reel
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  7. Divided Payment Available-Afterpay/Zippay. Renew the look of your boat with this set of super comfy swivel boat seats. This set of marine boat seats are equipped with swivels so you face any direction you choose. Built to last through any weather this pair of boat seats are constructed out of sturdy moulded plastic coupled with a UV resistant PVC cover. Paired with alloy hinges and powder coated steel settings this set of folding boat seats can conveniently folded away when not in use.Stylish blue and white in colour this pair of marine boat seats will match any boat design. So impress yours boating companions and refresh the look of your boat easily with these seats order your set of Swivel Boat Seats today
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  8. Sail boats, row boats, ferry boats and speedboats: find them all and discover how they work in this fun-filled picture book. Then take a cruise on an ocean liner, crewed by our favorite animal characters, in a jolly rhyming journey.
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  9. Divided Payment Available-Afterpay/Zippay. Add the brand new Pair of Fishing Boat Seat Extra High Back with Swivel Base Blue to refresh your boat. Getting bored with your out-of-date ocean seats Want to have a more comfortable sedentary experience while sailing at sea Our folding boat seat must be an ideal choice for you.nbspMade of UV-treated and marine-grade vinyl it is built for all weather conditions. With the help of extra high back and extra deep seat you will be amazed at this premium boat seat once you sit on it. The use of molded plastic enables you to easily fold away the ocean seat. Two swivel bases will come to you so you donrsquot have to spend extra money to buy them. Swivel base allows to rotate in any directions randomly while press studs and straps guarantee the secured positioning. Alloy hinges and stainless steel settings enhance its durability and will last you for years of use. Last but not least never need to worry about installation problems because our pair of folding boat seats fit any standard pedestals
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  10. Smoke billows up. Cool water flows. Whose boat is that? Do you know? This nonfiction ode to boats features six kinds of workers and their boats-a patrol boat, a tugboat, a car ferry, a lobster boat, a lifeboat, and a fireboat-with important parts properly labeled. The answer to each inquiring refrain lies under a gatefold, engaging the reader in an informative guessing game. With lyrical (and factual!) text by New York Times-bestselling author Toni Buzzeo, and the stylized art of Tom Froese, this sturdy board book is perfect for curious and playful young readers.
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  11. Fin Nor Megalite 6' Boat Combo 2Pce 4-7 KG
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  12. Set Of 2 Swivel Folding Marine Boat Seats Grey Blue
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  13. Live Fibre Overhead Rods – Boat Fishing Rod – Heavy (Choose either model RLF16, RLF18 or RLF19)When Wilson envisaged the Live Fibre range they had no intention of leaving the overhead anglers out of the mix. The result is an amazing composite, lightweight yet profoundly strong and powerful, and very well placed to hit the offshore waters for some trolling, reef fishing or serious bottom bouncing.The  fishing rod composite blank provides the best of both worlds, giving you the sensitivity of carbon with the power of glass. The blank has its origins in the aerospace world from where the technology for the carbon component was adapted. The glass is semi-unidirectional, providing focused torque and power, with limited twisting and therefore no power bleed. This is what you want when you are toughing it out with aggressive blue water species like Mackerel and Tuna that will rarely turn to the boat without some very serious convincing.Live Fibre Overhead Rod lengths are perfect for the boat, and for all intent and purpose, they’re a boat rod. For those that chase large fish such as Mulloway from piers or wharfs, the rods listed below will also prove very effective. Top end anglers who chase big Trevally from the long high piers will also find them very useful.Pricing will put a smile on your face we’ve no doubt, as the Live Fibre Overhead Rods are delivered, with all this top shelf technology, for a very accessible price here at Fishing Tackle.
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  14. Take the classic origami paper boat to the next level with the PowerUp Boat. Fold a sheet of waterproof paper, add the propeller and launch it across the open waters for up to 10 seconds. A bathtub and pool toy that’s educational and fun!This kit contains everything you and your kids need to build a powered paper boat! Once you have put your boats together, you can put them on water and watch them be propelled around! Learn how to build your origami boat while following the included step by step instructions. Then attach the little wind-up motor and accessories and you are ready to explore the limits of your imagination! Accessories include an anchor, flag, and pirate. Each of them can be attached to your paper boat.Watch your boat as it cruises and sails across a pond, pool, or your bathtub! Leave the boat out to dry after play time and it will keep its shape and be ready for the next adventure!PowerUp Boat – Powered Paper Boat Conversion Kit Includes:Quick connect windup motor 2 Dupont® waterproof paper templatesFlag Pirate figurine Anchor (for balancing) No batteries required!Great for the bathtub or swimming poolAges 8 and up
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