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Uniden GNS8360



Uniden GNS8360 GPS Device

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The GNS 8360 is stylish and powerful. It even has an in-built Early Warning Safety System to alert you of fixed speed cameras and red light cameras therefore providing a high level of nationwide protection for loved ones and your license. Featuring the latest SIRF III GPS Chipset for powerful and fast performance, the new GNS 8360 delivers nationwide coverage of all streets, suburbs and points of interest, giving voice and visual guidance to any destination. It comes pre-programmed with over a million points of interest including restaurants, banks and post offices. Users can also store their own destinations. For drivers who travel to more than one location in a day, multipoint route planning allows for multiple destinations to be programmed in advance. This allows drivers to go from one map to the next, taking the fastest and most direct route. Predictive keyboard text also reduces the destination search time and if drivers make a wrong turn in a pre-programmed destination, the system will recalculate directions immediately.

GPS Type Automobile
User interface Touch Screen