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  1. Today's toys for tomorrow's drivers, the range of SIKU toy models is as fascinating and varied as the real world of vehicles. For generations SIKU has fascinated children and adults alike with its high quality die-cast vehicles.
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  2. Hitec Hs-5086wp Metal Gear Set (Not For Sale, Only For Your Repair Service) - (HT5349)
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  3. Casey Camper Van by WOW Toys is a fantastic friction powered camper van with realistic engine sounds! Hey guys who’s excited about coming to join me, Casey Camper, on my cool adventures? I like to hit the surf on my regular surfing holidays and I think nothing beats a good BBQ on the beach with friends after a hard day surfing! Everyone needs to chill out and enjoy the sunshine, and that’s what they do when I’m around. I’m a motorised camper van with some fab features too! Open my roof to find my friends chilling on their bunks, take out the picnic table, match and sort luggage or even have a hop scotch competition on my groovy pull out playground! My set includes me, my best friends, Pete and Lilly, our pet dog called Sammy, his removable dog basket, his dog bowl, a removable picnic table and two luggage items. Functions and Features: Motorised camper van with realistic engine sound Opening roof with holiday home interior Removable items and fi...
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  4. The John Deere Lights and Sounds 7340 Tractor is a fantastic replica for the kids! It features removable rear dual wheels, working cab lights, an opening hood, and removable weights in front. This tractor is the perfect size for indoors or out. Plastic exterior is easy to open at the hood, and the rear cab window also opens  so the interior steering wheel can be accessed. Kids will love the lights and sounds!   Requires 3x AAA batteries (included). Ages:3+ Code: 35633
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  5. TXJuice Stunt Buggy Xtreme - ON SALE NOW Xtreme 360 Tumbling and Spinning Action with this RC Buggy! The TX Juice Stunt BuggyXtreme performs wheelies, jumps, spins and other extreme stunts. This buggy is full function wireless remote control. Two modes of operation - just press the "juice" button to activate a mutitude of exreme stunts automatically, or revert to manual operation to perform your own stunts! It's all about the button! Press the juice button for extra power and amazing stunts. An extra feature, the light-up wheels, look incredible at night! 1.5 metres per second per second acceleration! Perform spins, jumps, wheelies and other xtreme stunts! Full function wireless remote control. Spring loaded shocks for multi-terrain driving action. Light up wheels for use at night! Free tips and tricks video - see instructions for online access Age range: 6 Years to 99 YearsBatteries: 4 x AA and 1 x 9V (not included)Box Size: 22 x 27x 27 cmTX Juice RC products all featu...
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  6. TXJuice Stunt Plane Xtreme - a perfect plane for beginners and experienced pilots alike! Press the "juice" button for incredible stunts, including full barrel rolls! EPP construction (light crash and bash resistant). Full RC functionality, with up/down, left/right and full speed ahead! Long range flights (up to 150 metres). Press the juice button for amazing loop the loop action! A perfect plane for beginners and experienced pilots alike! Simple one button press for incredible stunts including loop the loop! Full R/C functionality - up/down, left/right and full speed ahead! 2.4 GHz control gives incredible long range. The plane's Lithium polymer (Li-poly) batteries re-charge directly from the handset. Age range: 8 Years to 99 YearsBatteries: 4 x AA (not included)Box Size: 30 x 9 x 23 cmTX Juice RC products all feature the Juice button. PRESS TO ACTIVATE!!The exclusive button on all TX Juice RC handsets unlocks our ground-breaking, innovative or patented features inc...
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  7. TX Juice Ai Copter has a unique Artificial Intelligence system making this one of the easiest to fly RC heliopters in the world today! Just press the "juice" button to activate auto-launch and land. Your Ai Copter will take off and hover approximately 1 meter from the ground, waiting for you to take full control with the joystick! The built-in-proximity sensor detects solid surfaces beneath to minimise crash landings. Patented ground detection system! Can never crash on the floor! This Infra-red controlled helicopter is the first to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in helicopters, making for an incredible user experience, more like video games than traditional remote control products! AI Button Functions:Press once for auto-take-off - Copter takes off hovering in mid-air until you are ready to take manual control. Press again to auto-land the copter. Sensors and flight:The AI start has in-built proximity sensor, ensuring it cannot crash on to the floor beneath. Cont...
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