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Unleash sheer hell in this exciting House of The Dead-style shooter from developer Dream On. You are Rob Steiner, jailed for life for a murder you didn't commit, and you now find you have the chance to escape, but wait! There is something very wrong? a sense of evil is lurking around every corner! From maximum security prisons to research facilities, swamplands to airports, you can pick up your shotgun and blast your way through this action packed zombie-fest. Play alone or with a friend thanks to the DS Wi-Fi Co-op Mode too. The main objective of Dead'N'Furious is to recreate the arcade style gameplay and atmosphere made famous by the likes of House of the Dead and Time Crisis. The gun controller is replaced by the stylus on the touchscreen. You shoot the zombies by aiming and tapping the screen. When the gun is out of ammo, simply drag and drop more ammo to your gun to reload. The game features several paths for the player to choose, each resulting in a unique ending.

Type Game Action