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Propel yourself into explosive action, with Final Armada, as you take control of the Aggressor a power-ful and sophisticated transforming combat vehicle of mass destruction. Fight your way through swarms of enemies as you confront a powerful Alien race that has devastated the colony world Taro-469! Foil the Naz’ha, expose the hidden secret of the Lazarus Crystal, save Taro-469 and become the ultimate hero! Explore the Monolith mobile base as Lieutenant Zake Andersen. Interact with other characters to learn tactics, acquire vehicle upgrades and face numerous simulation challenges. Command your wingman in battle to unleash devastating special attacks on anything that stands in your way. Play bonus missions that allow you to take control of turrets and aerial units in the struggle to free Taro-469. Join forces with or take on your friends in both cooperative and death match game modes. Features: - With both wheeled and hover modes the Aggressor vehicle gives the player realistic multi-mode physics and strategic choices for vehicular combat. - Earn numerous vehicle upgrades by collecting alien Nano-techs dispersed in levels throughout the game. - Issue commands to your wingman for aerial cover and unleash super attacks on your foes. - Explore three unique free roaming alien environments as you blast your way through 20 action-packed missions.

Type Game Action