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TimeShift empowers players with the gift of time manipulation, including the ability to slow down, stop and rewind the world around them, allowing them to move freely while opponents and game objects are frozen in time. Featuring complex time control puzzles as an integral part of gameplay, TimeShift takes first-person action games in an entirely new direction. Time control elements never before seen in a first-person shooter players can slow, stop and reverse the flow of time, affecting the world and enemies around them while moving freely through frozen worlds. Time shifting obstacles will challenge the players to think in four dimensions in order to overcome difficult scenarios and defeat challenging enemies. Choose from a wide array of unique weapons from varying time periods, including plasma guns, hybrid grenades, full action pistols and the dreaded Swarm Cannon. Play more than 35 combat missions, each one featuring time shifting elements and challenges standing in the way of completion. The game also features online multiplayer options that allow players to use their time shifting powers against other human adversaries.

Type Game Shooting