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VKworld G1 Dual 16GB 4G Mobile Cell Phone



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The best way to sell something is by offering a good quality for a low price, many companies know this since its basic marketing. Design, benefits, and price are the things that customers are looking for when they’re looking for a smartphone; if you’re looking for a new smartphone, then today is your lucky day, keep reading to find all about a smartphone that counts with an amazing set of specifications for a ridiculously low price; we’re talking about the VKworld G1. Something that we really love about the VKworld G1 is the re-incorporation of a notification LED that will let us know when we have an SMS, a missing call or any other type of notification. Thanks to this we won’t have to unlock our phone to see if we have a notification or not; it was kind of disappointing having to unlock your phone to see you didn’t have any notifications.

Data Capabilities Bluetooth, Wi Fi, 3G, 4G
Features Camera, Dual SIM
Storage GB 16
Operating System Android