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Wacom Intuos Photo Pen and Touch Small Graphic Tablet



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Let your pictures tell a story in a way they never have before with the Wacom Intuos Photo Pen & Touch Small. This device gives you the freedom to edit and add to your photos on a simple touchpad and have your photos telling more than a thousand words. Key Features Simply plug your Intuous into a USB port to turn your computer into a photo editing studio. The Intuos comes with a helpful creative package that includes free downloadable creative software, online tutorials and online services that will help you do your best work in no-time. A battery-free pen allows you to edit and add to your photos with conveniently placed function buttons and drawing density defined by the amount of pressure you apply. Use your fingers to navigate around your artwork, scrolling, zooming and isolating at your leisure, providing you innovative versatility and control. Compatible with Mac or PC this device is simple to use and offers truly great contemporary photo editing functionality.

Connectivity Connectivity USB
Operating System Mac