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Work Hero Vacuums

  • Work Hero SC900 Vacuums

    The Work Hero SC-900 Carpet Blower is a powerful commercial machine that is designed to quickly dry large areas of carpets and upholstery. The unit has two sets of handles and is on wheels for easy maneuverability. While ideal for large areas, the 3 speed settings and variable output makes the…

  • Work Hero CD2 Vacuum

    The Work Hero CD2 is a reliable commercial vacuum cleaner, and includes 10L capacity, a Gulper floor tool and a Cloth filter bag as standard. Ideal for those who need a reliable vacuum for their shop or workplace. There are many useful features built into your cleaner and we recommend that you…

  • Work Hero YLW7720LSS Vacuums

    This 20L commercial vacuum can also be used for domestic purposes, and is designed for everyday use. Includes a two-piece stainless steel rod, combination floor tool and also wet pick-up floor tool. ideal for small businesses or Dads DIY area in the house! Technical Specification SKU :…

  • Work Hero YL6218 Vacuums

    The Work Hero 10L dry canister vacuum is a lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and durable machine that is perfect for areas that are too big for a standard vacuum. Designed for commercial and industrial use, this vacuum can also be used in standard houses, retail stores and home offices. Technical…


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What to look for when buying your next vacuum cleaner Vacuum cleaners have changed a lot over the years, with new technologies such as bagless storage, lightweight stick designs and even robot vacuums increasing both the efficiency and convenience of the otherwise tedious chore. You can still buy vacuum cleaners that use bags, and while some people swear by them for one reason or another, ultimately they end up being more unwieldy than the alternative and, although sometimes cheaper, will cost you in the long run with replacement bags. Manufacturer’s like Dyson are highly sought after, with their innovative cyclone technology, futuristic designs and compact units. However, these vacuums are almost always expensive, so you’ll definitely want to be waiting it out for a sale. Alternatively, you can try a robot vacuum like the iRobot Roomba that will intelligently and automatically vacuum your home and charge itself when it’s done.