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Description:A giant cyclone has sucked up millions of fish from the sea, bringing about a complete ecological disaster. Your mission, as the sole player of Aqua Panic, is to save the fish and help them back to the water. Massive tanks of water have been hastily assembled all over the world so that all the fish can be returned to the sea. As the slimy, scaly ones start falling back to Earth, you must make sure they land safely and soundly in these tanks, and from then on, your goal is very simple: you have to lead as many fish as possible to safety, and that means to the sea! You can use various tools - plants, bombs, harpoons, ventilators and fishing nets to control the flow of water and rescue the fish. In each level, you will find different objects with which to interact, such as ice bridges, snow clouds, sea urchins and poison mushrooms. There are many different kinds of live predators in Aqua Panic to keep you on your toes too. Some of them arent that nasty, but some can be very dangerous, such as the ones which sleep until water touches them and they awaken.There are two different modes of play in Aqua Panic: Adventure mode is where you can progress at your own pace as the levels increase in difficulty; and Free Mode enables you to replay any level you may have unlocked in Adventure mode. Free mode offers you the chance to buy additional tools before you begin a level, just to make your watery job a little easier.Information:Number of players: 1Development Company: EkoSoftware House: EkoVideo Dimensions: 2DPublisher: Neko EntertainmentPoint Of View: Side-on, Scrolling

Type Game Platformer