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The world is ending, and it's your job to create a brand new one. Not exactly an easy task really, is it? Besides finding all the clay to actually build such a thing, you need to know exactly what kind of things a world requires for a stable life. Trees, animals, water, that sort of thing. Ah, but what kinds of animals? What kinds of substances and materials? With the help of the Book of Prophecy, you can fulfil your mission by recording data on everything that is worth keeping from your current world and saving it for when the new one is created. In Avalon Code, this quest is carried out by either a male protagonist called Yumil or a female character named Tia. A unique premise for an RPG though, eh? You don't see many of those these days. With the minds behind Rune Factory, Harvest Moon and the studio behind the Final Fantasy III and IV remakes on Nintendo DS creating this title, however, you can be sure of an interesting story coupled with some new gameplay mechanics. In fact, as you play through the game and collect information on monsters, inhabitants and locations, you can alter the course of your game in many different ways. Filling the Book of Prophecy influences a whole range of parameters from enemy stats to the strength of your weapons. The rules of battle can be well and truly changed when you have the right knowledge of the land, its monsters and your inventory.

Type Game Role Playing