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XSeed The Last Story Limited Edition



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Ruri island is the last safe place in the world, it's magical canon keeps the warring nation's fleets at bay, yet it attracts a vast amount of monsters flocking to it. Elza is one of the orphans who seeks a living as a mercenary soldier, although he has found a family with his troops, he nonetheless longed for a more stable life. His chance to rise above his status came when the count of Ruri-island hired his troops for some dangerous missions, if he could impress the count enough, he could become one of the knights. And in the first mission, he was sent to a mysterious cave, there he acquired a mysterious power... The game spots robust online and single player modes. The monsters are massive, so you might want to gather a group of warriors online to take them down. You can also see who is the strongest warrior by engaging in some player vs player fights. The Last Story simply promises to be epic. Limited Edition includes: - A copy of the game. - An exclusive SteelBook cover decorated with beautiful artwork. - A "The Elements Of The Last Story" package which includes: - The Premium Soundtrack CD, which features a 7-track selection of music from the game composed by Nobuo Uematsu who has also collaborated with Hironobu Sakaguchi on many of his previous iconic RPGs. - The Illustrations art booklet.

Type Game Role Playing