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XSGames Crazy Mini Golf 2



XSGames Crazy Mini Golf 2 Nintendo Wii Game

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Designed in collaboration with crazy golf champions, Crazy Mini Golf 2 is a larger-than-life party game that mimics the action and excitement of this popular sport. This sequel supports the Motion Plus adapter for the most realistic and accurate putting movement. Totally fluid instant feedback, wherever you swing your putter, your on-screen character follows; lift, turn, twist, swing, every detailed swing of your putter is accurately replicated in realtime (this works for both left and right handed players.) In the game, you create your own unique avatars to play in game using the NuYu character editor. There is no limit to the amount of crazy characters you can create, with buckets of customizable features ranging from hairstyles, clothing, hats, glasses and much, much more! Develop your career as a pro or challenge your friends in the Multiplayer mode featuring game play designed specifically to get players together for a fun experience. You can also play to beat your previous records or the current champions. The more skilled a golfer you become, the more challenge there is to keep beating your old records! Features: - 72 larger-than-life holes with bright colourful interactive levels - Four exciting new courses including Funfair, Ice Age, Halloween and Egyptian Pyramids. - Engage in single player or multiplayer tournaments to see who is the ultimate crazy golf champion? (up to 4 Wii Remotes at once) - Special focus on the competitive Multi-Player experience. Play with up to 4 friends or family. - Single-Player Tournament Mode – Hone your skills in the single player challenge. - Fully immersive Wii Motion Plus technology turns the Wii Remote controller into a virtual putter. - Intuitive control design that brings the game to life like never before for both casual and more advanced players.

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