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Smiley World Island Challenge



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Join Smiley and friends for the adventure of a lifetime. Marooned on a desert island, you must participate in various challenges to overcome the dangers and perils of the island while collecting rewards and treasure. Explore the island and meet the natives (some friendly and some not so friendly) who may help or hinder you as you progress through the many games of skill, logic and reactions. Action, adventure, danger, mystery, exploration and discovery are all on the menu when you play the Island Challenge. Features: - Play 14 action packed arcade style games that vary from games of skill and reactions to full-on side scrolling platform sections. - High replay value is provided by achieving High-Scores to earn all the Bronze, Silver and Gold medals and ultimately win the Smiley Trophy. - Play the Island Challenge on your own or compete against friends in a 2 to 4 player party. - Go head-to-head in the exciting and highly competitive 2-player Duel mode. - Collect Smiley Coins and use them to pay tolls that will unlock secret routes and access to the platform games filled with treasure.

Type Game Puzzle