This restaurant grade pizza oven is on a huge discount ahead of Black Friday

A person removing a cooked pizza from the Gozney Roccbox in Olive colourway
(Image credit: Gozney)

Our colleagues over at TechRadar test a lot of kitchen appliances and the Roccbox from Gonzey is the best portable pizza oven by a considerable margin. It’s also a pretty compelling home pizza oven thanks to thicker-than-usual insulation and a generous 19mm cordierite pizza stone floor that allows you to cook back-to-back pizzas for large groups. So it’s pretty awesome to get it on a 20% discount.  

The Roccbox comes with a gas burner attachment that heats the oven in under 10 minutes at the turn of a knob and allows you more control over the oven temperature. This makes it easy to use and perfect for people starting out.

The oven gets up to 500º Celcius to allow you to cook restaurant level 12-inch pizzas in minutes. Many portable ovens require at least a few minutes to heat back up after cooking, so the fact that the Roccbox can do multiple pizzas one-after-another with no down time means you can cook a huge volume in a short timeframe. This makes it an excellent option as a home pizza oven. 

The Gozney Roccbox is one of the better priced gas-fired options already, with a full RRP of $799, but the 20% discount takes $160 off that asking price. The Roccbox has everything you need to get going straight away, but you might be tempted by the 20% savings also offered on selected accessories.

Gozney Roccbox | $799 $639

Gozney Roccbox | $799 $639 (save $160)

The 20% discount brings this portable pizza oven down to the same price as the cheapest restaurant level portable pizza oven available. The Gozney Roccbox is faster, safer and makes the best pizzas of any portable pizza oven, so also being the cheapest (temporarily) makes it a difficult offer to look past. This offer ends December 14, 2023


You can read the full Gozney Roccbox review on our sister site TechRadar to see what accessories were the most useful, or if you’re after the absolute best pizza possible at home you might be interested in the larger Gozney Dome home pizza oven. 

Alongside its discount, the Gozney Dome also has a gift with the purchase ahead of Black Friday that includes a free cover and placement peel worth $278.

Joel Burgess
Online editor