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  • Getprice News: Daily Deals
    Getprice News: Daily Deals At Getprice we want to do more than be your number one price comparison site, from now on we're bringing you daily deals from our huge range of retailers. Here are the best deals we've found today: Apple AirPods Pro | AU$329 (RRP AU$399; save AU$70)   Today’s offer is the amazing Apple AirPods Pro with charging case, discounted by a smooth AU$70 through Kogan. If you’re an owner of an iPhone, you'll love these newly designed earbuds that will perfectly fit your ear and block out the outside noise as you glide through the day. Head on down to Kogan’s online store by clicking the link to score this tasty deal Beats PowerBeats Pro | AU$293.99 (RRP AU$349.95; save AU$55.96) Feel no pain, only gain with the Beats PowerBeats Pro! Immerse yourself with the impressive sound and deep bass with these stylish earbuds as you lift your next set. If you’re more of a runner, you won’t ever have to worry about losing a bud as they are designed with a hook to secure them in place around your ear. Step up your game with a pair today, available through Kogan’s online store in the Black Fitbit Versa 2 + free Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) | AU$298 (RRP AU$408.95; save AU$110.95)   For a limited time only, Amazon is tossing in the 3rd Generation Echo Dot (RRP AU$79) for free on every eligible purchase of the Fitbit Versa 2 – that’s a combined saving of AU$110.95! Both gadgets have Amazon’s Alexa built-in, so you’ll have access to a smart voice assistant in your home and right on your wrist. Offer ends August 23.   Huawei P30 Pro (4G, 256GB/8GB) | AU$1,200 (was AU$1,600; save AU$400) When it comes to smartphone cameras, the Huawei P30 Pro is in a league of its own – boasting 40MP + 8MP + 20MP + ToF (time-of-flight) sensors, the P30 Pro’s photographic capability is truly amazing. Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars by our friends at TechRadar, the P30 Pro is available in an array of mesmerising colours and packed with an impressive 256GB of internal storage and 8GB of RAM, making it an excellent choice for those after a high quality smartphone with an impressive camera. If you’re wondering, this model does have Google Play store and Google services as it was released prior to Huawei being placed on the US ‘entity list’. The Huawei P30 Pro is currently discounted by 35% on eBay,  saving you a massive AU$400 from the device’s RRP! GoPro Hero 7 Black | AU$399 (RRP AU$529; save AU$130)   Been dreaming of becoming the newest vlogging sensation? Turn that dream into reality with the GoPro Hero 7! While this is not the latest model, it definitely still holds it’s quality with HyperSmooth technology to record steady footage and the ability to shoot in 4k at 60fps – a very good starting point for any aspiring internet celebrity. Grab yours today through The Good Guy's while it's still at this great price   Amazon Echo Show 8 | AU$129 (was AU$229; save AU$100) Amazon has discounted the new Echo Show 8 by an incredible 44%! On its 8-inch screen, you can control your compatible smart home devices with your voice or the touchscreen display. You can also play your favourite tunes, stream movies and shows through Prime Video and much more. Head on down to the Amazon store to score yours today.   Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones II | AU$349 (RRP AU$499.95; save AU$150.95)   One of the most popular headphones on the market, the Bose QC35 II is currently on sale directly through Bose’s Amazon store. These favoured headphones have top-notch noise cancellation technology and are incredibly comfortable. Bose also has incorporated Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support for added functionality.   Ecovacs Deebot 710 | AU$399 (RRP AU$649; save AU$250) The Ecovac Deebot 710 is a decent and affordable robot vacuum cleaner that has been discounted by a massive AU$250! It has Google Home and Amazon Alexa enabled, so you can link it to other smart home devices and tell it when and where to start cleaning, all without getting off the lounge. To make this offer even more appealing, you can score a free water tank when using the code DEEBOTD710 at checkout Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 | AU$397 (RRP AU$549; save AU$152) Smash through those fitness goals and be summer ready with the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2! This amazing wearable has 39 workout modes and a heart rate and ECG sensor so you can work up a sweat and know exactly the amount of calories you’ve burned. It also comes with a handy health app that monitors your stress and sleep so you can actively practice mindfulness to be your higher-self.   XPS 13 2-in-1 Laptop  | i7 / 16GB / 512GB | AU$2,323.98 (was AU$3,098.98; save AU$805) Get your hands on the Dell XPS 2-in-1 laptop and save a massive $805!  This gorgeous Ultrabook has a 10-generation Intel Core i7 processor and 16GB of system memory. It also packs an incredible 512GB of storage too, so this machine is a great choice if you're in the market for an exceptional laptop at a fair price. Bose QuietComfort 35 II | AU$349 (RRP AU$499; save AU$150) Available in black and silver directly from Bose with a pretty darn good 24% discount is the ever popular QuietComfort 35 II. Each set is available for AU$379 but if you head over to Amazon, you could pocket some extra cash, score a 30% discount and snag one of these great headphones for just AU$349. Amazon Echo Show 8 | AU$159 (was AU$229; save AU$70) Amazon has discounted the new Echo Show 8 by an incredible 31%! On its 8-inch screen, you can control your compatible smart home devices with your voice or the touchscreen display. You can also play your favourite tunes, stream movies and shows through Prime Video and much more. Head on down to the Amazon store to score yours today   Samsung Galaxy S20 (128GB) | AU$1,249 (RRP AU$1,349; save AU$100) To infinity and beyond! The Samsung Galaxy S20 is discounted by a cool AU$100. This pocket rocket may be the baby of the family, but this newest addition to Samsung’s flagship family still packs a punch with the latest smartphone tech. This great deal is available in the stylish Cloud Pink colour option so you can stand out from the crowd. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 | AU$444 (RRP AU$799; save AU$355)   Be ready for your return to the gym with the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, now discounted by a cool 44%. Working out won’t be as hard thanks to this nifty wearable’s 39 workout modes and heart rate and ECG sensor. It also comes with a handy health app that monitors your stress and sleep so you can actively practice mindfulness to be your best self. Ready, set, get going with the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 today and save a massive AU$355!   Dyson V7 Motorhead cordless vacuum | AU$399 (was AU$599; save AU$200) Sick of lugging around your bulky vacuum cleaner? Well we have just the deal for you – the Dyson V7 Motorhead cordless vacuum is currently discounted by a whooping 33% through Catch! This magic stick has a 30-minute battery life (6-minute on max mode), a strong suction power and also doubles as a useful handheld vacuum. Pay a visit to Catch and save AU$200 on this essential household device. Sony WH-1000XM3 | AU$346 (RRP AU$449; save AU$153) The best headphones money can buy are currently discounted by an amazing AU$153 through Amazon. If you want the best-looking and most comfortable headphones, and you're all about audio quality, these are the cans for you. Offering a whopping 30-hours of battery life, these headphones will impress even the most critical audiophile. The discounted WH-1000XM3 is available in White directly through Sony’s Amazon store. They’re also available in Black for only AU$378. Apple AirPods (2019) with charging case | AU$202.40 (RRP AU$249; save AU$46.60) If you missed last week's AirPod bargain, there’s no need to fret as you can still score a pair of the popular Apple AirPods with a charging case for only AU$202.40 – that’s a decent saving of AU$46.60. While it’s not the biggest discount we’ve seen, this is your chance to snap up the stylish earbuds at 18% off the RRP. Just enter the code P15LIGHT at checkout to make them yours. Nintendo Switch Lite | AU$294 (RRP AU$329; save AU$35) It’s not a huge reduction in price but if you’re keen on grabbing yourself the smaller, lighter and handheld version of the original Switch, then head on down to Amazon’s online store to secure yourself a Nintendo Switch Lite for 11% off the RRP. You can get the grey, turquoise and yellow colour options at the price of AU$294. Dell Vostro 15 3000 | i7 / 8GB / 512GB / MX230 | AU$1,279 (RRP AU$2,139; save AU$860)   If you're in the market for a business laptop on a budge, the Dell Vostro is the perfect mid-range claimshell that has been discounted by a whopping 40%! Designed to get you through your work day with ease, the Vostro also has a discrete graphics card that will help when it comes time to switch off. While the MX230 isn't a powerful GPU, it will run some basic gaming when you require a little distraction. A 40% discount sees a cool AU$860 slashed off the RRP, and you can use the checkout code EOFY5 to score an additional 5% off. That brings the final price down to just AU$1,215  
  • Best espresso coffee machines
    Which espresso coffee machine? The most popular models in Australia for 2019Getprice reveals Australia's most-wanted espresso coffee machines. Find the best model for your needs here!If you’re in the market for a coffee machine, there are several major brands to choose from in Australia. The most popular include Breville, Delonghi and Sunbeam, but more niche brands like Smeg are also readily available. If you want a coffee machine with pods (ie, one that uses coffee capsules purchased direct from supermarket shelves), there are several Nespresso brands to choose from as well. The market is lousy with options, so it’s easy to become confused.The most popular machines are manual, or semi-automated: unlike the coffee capsule Nespresso machines, these require manual handling of coffee grinding (unless it’s built in!) and, sometimes, a little bit of know-how concerning the flow of coffee. Some machines will measure the flow of coffee automatically, but some users prefer to determine this themselves. Our selections, bar one Nespresso unit, tend to be variations of semi-automatic devices.Below is a list of five of the most popular coffee machines, according to our internal data. Most are mid-range, but it’s important to consider what you want from a coffee machine before making a purchase. Do you want a coffee machine with grinder in-built? And do you want this grinder to be adjustable? Do you want to make two coffees at once, and do you want to be able to adjust the taste and strength of your coffee? These are the most pressing questions, though you may also want to get more specific: do you want the built-in water tank to deliver filtered water that can purify your brew? And on the matter of the grinder, these come in two main varieties: the burr grinder or a blade grinder. The former simply cuts your coffee into pieces with a blade, and the ensuing heat can affect the taste. A burr grinder tends to be more expensive, but doesn’t generate as much heat and therefore, has less effect on the taste.Of course, the most important factor is the quality of the ensuing coffee. This usually relies on whether the machine is being handled correctly and the quality of the coffee beans. Capsule coffee machines are perfectly sufficient for many, but many more prefer a more hands-on approach, as they have more power over the resulting brew. Most coffee machines come with a soft learning curve, but once this is surmounted it’ll be well and truly time to ditch the instant coffee entirely.That said, if its pure convenience and minimal mess you’re after, a capsule machine will likely be most appealing: a coffee can be made in mere seconds, depending on the machine, whereas an average espresso machine will normally take a few minutes, from the moment you grind the coffee until the moment the milk is adequately warmed and frothed.Without further ado, below are five of the most-popular coffee machines in Australia in 2019, according to search popularity on Barista Express BES870RRP: $949.95 | More info: Official Breville product pageThis mid-range espresso machine is the most popular on Get Price, and it’s easy to determine why: from grinding to milk frothing, the unit comes with everything you need short of actual coffee beans. The grinder boasts “dose-control”, meaning it’ll grind the precise amount of coffee into your wand, whether single or double shot, and it uses digital temperature control to ensure your beans are being squeezed for all they’re worth. The steam wand is perfect for generating micro-foam (handy for the latte artisans out there), but generally speaking, this is a machine for people who want cafe-quality coffee at home, but don’t want too much hassle involved.Compare prices for the Breville Barista Express BES870Sunbeam EM7000RRP: $899 | More info: Official Sunbeam product pageThis popular Sunbeam has all the home espresso features you’d expect: a milk frother, a wand with both single and double shot floor filters, and a gauge that indicates the optimum temperature for your milk, as well as the coffee pressure. It boasts “thermoblock technology” which helps heat up the unit’s water much quicker than, for example, a standard fare electric jug. Constructed with die-cast metal and stainless steel housing, it comes with a cup warming tray and a three litre water compartment. It may lack of grinder, but this will be a bonus for coffee enthusiasts who want a more specific type of grind than is usually offered built-in on an espresso machine.Compare prices for the Sunbeam EM7000DeLonghi Magnifica S ECAM 22.110.SBRRP: $899 | More info: Official DeLonghi product pageThis stylish and compact espresso machine is loaded with features: you wouldn’t know it at a glance, but the Magnifica S has a coffee grinder secreted in the back, with conical steel grinders and easily adjustable grinding levels. It also uses a tubeless system designed to eliminate remnant coffee powder, resulting in a fresher taste. This machine is especially good for anyone not wanting to deal with wands: it supports both single and double shots, and two singles can be made at the same time. It comes boasting a milk frother, and its heating system focuses on temperature precision. The trip dray can also be removed and thrown into the dishwasher, making this machine a fairly low-maintenance proposition.Compare prices for the DeLonghi Magnifica S ECAM 22.110.SBSmeg ECF01CRAURRP: $499 | More info: Official Smeg product pageSmeg is a respected Italian brand, and their products tend to be very high-end. That said, this minimalist, 1950s styled coffee machine is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it’s quite affordable. What you get is three filter types - 1 cup, 2 cups and paper pods - and a one litre water tank, which can be fitted with an included water filter. It has an anti-drip system as well as a metal milk frothing lever. You’ll only be pumping out one cup of coffee at a time with this model, as its clearly designed for the space (and fashion) conscious. That said, Smeg manages to fit a fully-featured coffee machine into a very narrow footprint, and all you’ll need to buy is a coffee grinding to sit alongside.Compare Australian prices for the Smeg ECF01CRAUBreville Nespresso Creatista Plus BNE800BSSRRP: $799 | More info: Official Nespresso product pagePod coffee machines, aka Nespresso machines, are of enduring popularity, and this model is among the most popular on Get Price. Using coffee capsules purchased separately, this is really all about convenience: it has a three second heat up time, and it’s possible to choose between 11 milk temperatures and eight different texture types. It can fit between eight and twelve capsules at a time (depending on their size), and all of these options are selectable on the unit’s top interface. If you’re as space conscious as you are time conscious, this machine is 40cm deep and 17cm wide: quite small by the measure of espresso machines.Get the lowest price on the Nespresso BNE800BSSDiscover more Australian espresso coffee machines at Getprice's Coffee Makers homepage
  • Best air fryers of 2020 in Australia
    Best air fryers of 2020 in Australia Keep the flavour and get rid of the fat with these top air fryers  Air fryers have become popular kitchen appliances nowadays because of their ingenious way they crisp up our favourite foods without deep frying, meaning we can have our fried cake and eat it too. Air fryers work by using hot air combined with as little as a teaspoon of oil (as opposed to the liters required in a standard deep fryer) to produce the delectable crisp crunch we all know and love. For those who doubt the capability of these glorious machines, it’s true that an air fryer will not produce the exact same results as traditional frying methods, but with a decent air fryer model, it’s not far off.  As well as the numerous health benefits that come with using less fat and oil, it’s really a no-brainer to enjoy your favourite foods without the guilt.  HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST AIR FRYER FOR YOU To select the best air fryer for you, there are a couple of things to consider. First off: capacity. The size of the machine will depend on the size of your household – you don’t want to buy an appliance that is too small if you’ve got a large family, resulting in you having to make multiple batches to feed your brood.  The second is functionality – with a plethora of air fryer choices on the market and a variety of sizes to choose from, the deciding factor will eventually come down to its capabilities. Are you after only a basic air fryer model or do you want to go for the whole shebang with something that can bake, grill, reheat, steam and allow you to control the temperature to get the perfect result. To get you started, we’ve listed some of the best air fryers on the market that are sure to suit your needs – size, price and functionality have all been considered to help find the right one for you. Healthy Choice AF1000 Air Fryer RRP: AU$199.95 | Official Healthy Choice product page First off the block is the Healthy Choice AF1000 Air Fryer – a great choice for the budget conscious. This fryer has a high speed air circulation system for quick and even cooking as well as fully adjustable temperature controls which will produce superior-tasting goods every time. With its non-stick finish for easy clean-up and 10L capacity that can fit a whole chicken, your next meal will not only be fast and hassle free but healthier, too.  Click here to find the best Healthy Choice AF1000 prices in Australia Philips HD9742 Premium Air Fryer RRP: AU$399 | Official Philips product page Next up is the highly popular Philips HD9742 Air Fryer – rated 4.5-out-of-5 by users, this premium fryer certainly seems worth the investment. Philips’ appliance boasts Twin TurboStar technology that is utilised not only to fry your favourite foods, but also remove the fat, making it one of the best and healthiest ways to fry food for you and your family. In addition, this fryer has a QuikClean basket with non-stick mesh, four preset settings for popular dishes and a Keep Warm mode so your food will never go cold. With all these features plus more, is there any wonder the Philips HD9742 Air Fryer is one of the most sought-after fryers on the market?  Click here to find the best Philips HD9742 prices in Australia Tefal Easy Fry Classic Air Fryer RRP: AU$199 | Official Tefal product page With its median price-point, the Tefal Easy Fry Classic Air Fryer is the perfect middle ground between premium and budget and would suit those who don't want to skimp on quality but also refuse to splurge. This fryer features ‘Air Pulse’ technology that Tefal promises will cook crispy fried food with little-to-no oil. In addition to this, the Easy Fry Classic not only frys but also grills, roasts and bake your favourite treats – a perfect all-rounder kitchen appliance.  Click here to find the best Tefal Easy Fry Classic prices in Australia Ninja Air Fryer Max RRP: AU$349.99 | Official Ninja product page Most people know Ninja for creating fabulous blenders that are perfect for a morning smoothie, but did you know that they also make air fryers? The Ninja Air Fryer Max lets you cook a variety of snacks, sides and full meals with 6 nifty functions that include air fry, roast, bake, reheat, dehydrate and max crisp. It also has a super-hot max temperature of 240C with fast air-flow calculation to evenly cook and crisp frozen food to perfection within minutes. Click here to find the best Ninja Air Fryer prices in Australia Philips HD9216 Air Fryer RRP AU$239 | Official Philips product page Finishing off our list is the Philips HD9216 Air Fryer – also known as ‘Original’ or ‘Daily Collection’. This was the first of many Air Fryers from Philips and whilst its newer sibling is bigger and has more features, the HD9216 still holds itself strong and is promised to deliver the desired crispy results with every use.  Philips have designed the HD9216 with Rapid Air technology which circulates hot air around a metal mesh cooking basket, requiring little or no oil as it fries, bakes and grills. It also comes with pre-set cooking times of up to 30-minutes and an auto-off function (for safety), along with a “ready” sound indicator so you won’t burn your meal.  If you’re not impressed by all the fancy features of the Philips HD9742 and are after a basic but solid air fryer that will do the job justice, then the HD9216 Original is for you. Click here to find the best Philips HD9216 prices in Australia Click here to compare more Air Fryers on Getprice

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