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  • Best air fryers of 2020 in Australia
    Best air fryers of 2020 in Australia Keep the flavour and get rid of the fat with these top air fryers  Air fryers have become popular kitchen appliances nowadays because of their ingenious way they crisp up our favourite foods without deep frying, meaning we can have our fried cake and eat it too. Air fryers work by using hot air combined with as little as a teaspoon of oil (as opposed to the liters required in a standard deep fryer) to produce the delectable crisp crunch we all know and love. For those who doubt the capability of these glorious machines, it’s true that an air fryer will not produce the exact same results as traditional frying methods, but with a decent air fryer model, it’s not far off.  As well as the numerous health benefits that come with using less fat and oil, it’s really a no-brainer to enjoy your favourite foods without the guilt.  HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST AIR FRYER FOR YOU To select the best air fryer for you, there are a couple of things to consider. First off: capacity. The size of the machine will depend on the size of your household – you don’t want to buy an appliance that is too small if you’ve got a large family, resulting in you having to make multiple batches to feed your brood.  The second is functionality – with a plethora of air fryer choices on the market and a variety of sizes to choose from, the deciding factor will eventually come down to its capabilities. Are you after only a basic air fryer model or do you want to go for the whole shebang with something that can bake, grill, reheat, steam and allow you to control the temperature to get the perfect result. To get you started, we’ve listed some of the best air fryers on the market that are sure to suit your needs – size, price and functionality have all been considered to help find the right one for you. Healthy Choice AF1000 Air Fryer RRP: AU$199.95 | Official Healthy Choice product page First off the block is the Healthy Choice AF1000 Air Fryer – a great choice for the budget conscious. This fryer has a high speed air circulation system for quick and even cooking as well as fully adjustable temperature controls which will produce superior-tasting goods every time. With its non-stick finish for easy clean-up and 10L capacity that can fit a whole chicken, your next meal will not only be fast and hassle free but healthier, too.  Click here to find the best Healthy Choice AF1000 prices in Australia Philips HD9742 Premium Air Fryer RRP: AU$399 | Official Philips product page Next up is the highly popular Philips HD9742 Air Fryer – rated 4.5-out-of-5 by users, this premium fryer certainly seems worth the investment. Philips’ appliance boasts Twin TurboStar technology that is utilised not only to fry your favourite foods, but also remove the fat, making it one of the best and healthiest ways to fry food for you and your family. In addition, this fryer has a QuikClean basket with non-stick mesh, four preset settings for popular dishes and a Keep Warm mode so your food will never go cold. With all these features plus more, is there any wonder the Philips HD9742 Air Fryer is one of the most sought-after fryers on the market?  Click here to find the best Philips HD9742 prices in Australia Tefal Easy Fry Classic Air Fryer RRP: AU$199 | Official Tefal product page With its median price-point, the Tefal Easy Fry Classic Air Fryer is the perfect middle ground between premium and budget and would suit those who don't want to skimp on quality but also refuse to splurge. This fryer features ‘Air Pulse’ technology that Tefal promises will cook crispy fried food with little-to-no oil. In addition to this, the Easy Fry Classic not only frys but also grills, roasts and bake your favourite treats – a perfect all-rounder kitchen appliance.  Click here to find the best Tefal Easy Fry Classic prices in Australia Ninja Air Fryer Max RRP: AU$349.99 | Official Ninja product page Most people know Ninja for creating fabulous blenders that are perfect for a morning smoothie, but did you know that they also make air fryers? The Ninja Air Fryer Max lets you cook a variety of snacks, sides and full meals with 6 nifty functions that include air fry, roast, bake, reheat, dehydrate and max crisp. It also has a super-hot max temperature of 240C with fast air-flow calculation to evenly cook and crisp frozen food to perfection within minutes. Click here to find the best Ninja Air Fryer prices in Australia Philips HD9216 Air Fryer RRP AU$239 | Official Philips product page Finishing off our list is the Philips HD9216 Air Fryer – also known as ‘Original’ or ‘Daily Collection’. This was the first of many Air Fryers from Philips and whilst its newer sibling is bigger and has more features, the HD9216 still holds itself strong and is promised to deliver the desired crispy results with every use.  Philips have designed the HD9216 with Rapid Air technology which circulates hot air around a metal mesh cooking basket, requiring little or no oil as it fries, bakes and grills. It also comes with pre-set cooking times of up to 30-minutes and an auto-off function (for safety), along with a “ready” sound indicator so you won’t burn your meal.  If you’re not impressed by all the fancy features of the Philips HD9742 and are after a basic but solid air fryer that will do the job justice, then the HD9216 Original is for you. Click here to find the best Philips HD9216 prices in Australia Click here to compare more Air Fryers on Getprice
  • Must-Have Workout Equipment
    Must-Have Workout Equipment The Getprice team has put together a list of the essential workout equipment you will need to stay fit and healthy while in self-isolation. As the number of coronavirus cases increases around the globe, more and more people are starting to self-isolate and looking at ways to not only keep themselves entertained, but maintain their fitness and mental health. With gyms closed for the foreseeable future, stores across the nation are beginning to see a huge spike in fitness equipment sales as people either prepare themselves for a potential lock-down or look to find their daily workout adrenaline dosee. If you’re looking to jump on the fitness bandwagon and use this opportunity of isolation to get into shape but not sure where to start, we have put together a list of the essential gym equipment you’ll need to get you started and the exercises you can do with them. 1. Fitness Ball (Exercise Ball) A fitness ball, also known as an exercise ball, is constructed of soft elastic and varies in diameters but can range anywhere from 35 to 85 centimeters when filled with air. This ball has numerous benefits – not only can it assist you in a work out, you can also use one to sit on at your home or office instead of the standard desk chair. It has been proven that using a fitness ball instead of a chair burns extra calories, improves posture, and can tone core muscles.   Exercises A fitness ball can be used for a wide range of exercises (which you don’t need a gym for) that will keep you fit and healthy. Some of these exercise include:  - V sit-up - Knee tuck - Overhead ball squat - Wall squat - Balance push-up - Single-leg bridge The above are just a few of the many exercises you can do with a fitness ball.   Sizes  There are varying different sizes of fitness balls; here is a breakdown of what size ball you should get based on your height: - Short height (between 5 ft- 5.5ft):  55-centimeter ball - Medium height: (between 5.6ft and 5.11ft): 5-centimeter ball - Tall height: (between 6ft and 6.3ft): 75-centimeter ball.   Click here to find the best fitness ball prices in Australia 2. Training Bench A training bench is a piece of equipment that resembles a normal bench but is designed to assist weight training. Training benches are very common as they enhance your strength-conditioning and are incorporated into many workouts – if you walk into any gym, you’ll be sure to find a training bench.   Types Training benches come in a variety of designs – fixed horizontal, fixed inclined, fixed in a folded position, with one adjustable portion, with two or more adjustable portions, with racks to hold bars, etc. There are plenty of manufacturers that produce this product so depending on the vendor and your budget, you can find a varieity of different benches that will suit your needs.   Exercises Many of the exercises performed with a training bench involve the use of dumbbells but there are a few you can do that don’t require any weights. Here is a list of exercises you can do with a training bench: - Bench press with dumbbells - Incline bench press with dumbbells - Dumbbell pullover - Dips - Concentrated curl   Click here to find the best training bench prices in Australia 3. Dumbbell  A dumbbell is a type of free weight that is used in weight training. Dumbbells come in a wide range of different types and can be used individually or as a pair.    Types Surprisingly, dumbbells come in many varieties – to make it easier to choose which is the best for you, we have narrowed it down to the most popular sets on the market today:   Fixed Dumbbells A fixed dumbbell is one which cannot be increased or adjusted. It’s by far one of the most common dumbbells you’ll find in the gym as their set weight makes it easier to transition between exercises by simply putting the dumbbells back to exchange for another pair to suit your workout. One of the downsides to fixed dumbbells is that you might need to purchase many to suit your workout routine (especially if your intention is to increase muscle). The lightest dumbbells often start at 1kg and incrementally increase by 1-2kg – you could potentially be looking at purchasing a lot of weights. However, these dumbbells are a good starting point, especially for those who only wish to use them to assist with burning extra calories during workouts.   Hex Dumbbells Hex dumbbells are essentially fixed dumbbells that are shaped like a hexagon on each side of the hand-grip instead of being round. This makes it possible to be placed on the floor without them rolling around. As with the regular fixed dumbbells, you cannot adjust the weight so if you’re looking to steadily gain muscle mass (which requires you to increase weight) these might not be the best option for you.   Adjustable Dumbbells Adjustable dumbbell weight can be changed based on your need – a great option if you’re looking to become the next Arnold Schwarzenegger. These dumbbells come in three main parts: a dumbbell bar, weight plates and a lock to hold plates still. One of the biggest advantages of adjustable dumbbells is that they don’t require a lot of space or weights, you can simply add or subtract a couple of weights to best suit your workout. These dumbbells save space and money but make it trickier to transition from one exercise to another because you have to adjust your weight each time.    Exercise - Goblet Squat - Dumbbell clean - Bent-over row - Dumbbell bench press - Cross body hammer curl - Step-ups   Click here to find the best dumbbell prices in Australia 4. Jump rope The thought of a jump rope might bring back nostalgic memories from your childhood when you'd be playing on the school yard with your friends, but it doesn't have to remain a thing of the past – it’is actually a great way to warm up and burn extra calories (not to mention they're really fun)!   Types Jump ropes come in different coatings, threads and sizes depending on what you intend to use if for and in what setting. These types include: Outdoor Jumping If you’re looking to skip outside on a rough surface (like concrete) it is important to choose an outdoor rope that comes with a PVC cord or shatterproof beads for more durability.   Speed Jumping You can find many jumping ropes built exclusively for speed – made popular because of the double under technique used in CrossFit gyms. Because they’re lightweight and the rope is thin, these speed ropes are incredibly fast but may be a bit difficult if you’re a beginner.    Workout / Gym Ropes If you’re just after a jump rope to use at your home or local gym, search for a rope that has comfortable handles, a thick PVC cord and can easily be adjusted to suit your height.  Thick cords are beneficial as they are easier to use and will get you into the rhythm of jumping faster. They also don’t tangle so you won’t be opening your gym bag to a woven PVC mess.    Exercises Get your heart pumping with these simple (yet effective) exercises you can do with a jump rope: - Basic Jump - Alternate foot step jump - Boxer step jump - High knees - Rope jacks   Click here to find the best jump rope prices in Australia 5. Kettlebell  The kettlebell is a cast iron or cast steel ball with a handle attached to the top. Kettlebells are generally used for performing specific movements that are designed to build strength and endurance.   Types  There are different types of kettlebells, however, for the purpose of this article, we are only going to focus on the ones you are most likely to purchase for your home gym. Cast iron The most common type of kettlebell is constructed out of cast iron – this is your typical-looking kettlebell that has a handle wider than the bell itself. You will commonly see the cast iron kettlebell in both gyms and homes as they’re extremely versatile.    Exercises Now that you're looking at getting your very own kettlebell, you can begin to do a range of killer workouts that are sure to keep you fighting fit. Here’s a few to get you started: - Kettlebell swing - Kettlebell thrusters - Kettlebell clean and press - Kettlebell snatch - Kettlebell shoulder press   Click here to find the best kettlebell prices in Australia  
  • Best dryers in Australia 2020
    Best dryers in Australia 2020 Say goodbye to damp clothes and hello to warm and cosy with the best dryers on the market to suit your needs and budget. We’re currently in the middle of winter, which means that the cold, misty days and increased rain clouds which dampen our freshly washed clothes are making them take longer to dry.  If you’re ready to invest in a new dryer but not sure which one to get, we’ve taken the guesswork out and have done the research so you don’t have too – creating a nifty list of the top dryers on the Australian market for 2020. HOW TO BUY A DRYER There are three different types of dyers: condenser, heat pump and vented. Condenser dryers are by far the most popular and work by condensing the moisture collected during the hot air drying process and storing it in a removable container that must be emptied regularly.  Heat pump dryers are similar to a condenser as they both use a heated element dry clothes. However, a heat pump dryer uses a lower temperature to dry the load, reducing electricity costs and offering better protection of your garments.  Vented machines are usually on the cheaper side and use the same hot-air drying process, however, instead of water being collected in a container, the moisture is pumped directly out into the air. There are two main advantages to having a ventured dryer: you never have to empty a water container and your laundry will remain moisture-free. Over the past decade, dryer technology has dramatically improved in ways which increase energy efficiency, safety and reduce cloth shrinkage. Most modern dryers are now automatic, using sensors that measure the amount of moisture in the clothing and switch off once they’re dry – a great feature to look out for when purchasing a dryer.  Now that you know the different types of dryers, we’ve listed our favourites on the Aussie market for this year to suit all needs and budgets. Fisher & Paykel DH8060P1 Dryer RRP: AU$1,699 | Official Fisher & Paykel product page First off the rank is the highly regarded Fisher and Paykel DH8060P1 – this heat pump dryer has a 8kg capacity and is designed for larger households of up to three to four people. One of the best features of this dryer is the option of 13 different drying cycles based on the type of item being dried (say goodbye to shrinkage). The DH8060P1 also has a 7-star Energy Rating, which makes it one of the best energy-saving dryers on the market.  Click here to find the best Fisher & Paykel DH8060P1 prices in Australia  Haier 5kg Vented Dryer HDV50E1 RRP: AU$499 | Official Haier product page  The Haier 5kg Vented Dryer HDV50E1 is the best dryer for those on a budget. With the low RRP of AU$499, this dryer is designed for couples or small households and uses sensors to monitor the temperature and moisture level of clothing for optimum results – talk about smart technology! The HDV50E1 also comes with a wall-mounting kit and bracket as well as a two-year manufacturer warranty.  Click here to find the best Haier 5kg HDV50E1 prices in Australia Bosch WTW87566AU 9kg Heat Pump Dryer RRP: AU$2,999 | Official Bosch product page Geared to get down to business, the Bosch WTW87566AU is a top-of-the-range premium dryer that packs a hefty price tag but is worth investing in if you’ve got a large family. The WTW87566AU features 13 drying programs suited to everything from delicates to sportswear. This impressive appliance is also the king of energy efficiency, boasting a 9-star Energy rating that is sure to keep the power bills down. Whilst the RRP is eye-watering, we’ve seen retailers sell the Bosch WTW87566AU for a little as AU$1,899. Click here to find the best Bosch Heat Pump Dryer prices in Australia Simpson SDV656HQWA 6.5kg Vented Clothes Dryer RRP: AU$699 | Official Simpson product page Not the cheapest on our list but Simpson is a well known brand and its model, the SDV65HQWA, has been voted no.1 in Canstar’s most favoured dryers by Aussies.  In this 6.5kg vented clothes dryer, you’ll find an anti-tangle reverse tumbling action that results in even drying every time. It also includes a durable stainless steel drum, SensorDry drying, a delicate setting and a wall mount option.  Click here to find the best Simpson SDV656HQWA 6.5kg Dryer prices in Australia LG DVH9-09B Heat Pump Dryer RR: AU$2,299 | Official LG product page Last but not least is one of LG’s top-shelve dryers, the DVH9-09B Heat Pump Dryer. This 9kg dryer is equipped with LG's Inverter Compressor and heat pump technology giving it a 9-star energy rating, offering both energy savings and optimal clothing care. In addition, the DVH9-09B features a clever Auto Cleaning Condenser that removes lint and dirt, ensuring your dryer runs both optimally and hygienically. Plus, certain LG washing machines with ThinQ technology can be paired up with this dryer, enabling it to automatically set the best dry cycle based on the last wash in your connected LG front load washer – smart, hey?  Whilst the RRP is not for the faint of heart, we have seen retailers reduce the asking price of up to AU$500. Click here to find the best LG DVH9-09B prices in Australia Click here to compare more Dryers on Getprice

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